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Presentation of Reliance Commercial Solutions

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    Water Heaters
    Over a million residential and commercial water heaters in Ontario
    First to introduce new technology: solar water heating; drain water heat recovery
    HVAC Equipment
    Over 12,000 Rental HVAC customers
    Over 700 service technicians across Ontario
    Security and Monitoring
    Over 300,000 subscribers
    National program from coast-to-coast with 4 monitoring stations and 600 employees
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    Call Centre
    Call #s are both inbound and outbound
    Call centers located in Oshawa, Toronto and Montreal
    Service level is industry-leading
    Quality Assurance
    Network of qualified licensed technicians provides guaranteed support
    Quality audits include service, installation and call centre
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    [General Notes]
    The net take away from this slide should be that repairing or replacing that hot water tank will be inevitable and expensive. As much as possible, the sales representative should make reference to the prospects actual equipment, ie. “8 year lifespan and you are a 6 years now…”
    [Speaking Notes]
    You might not think it, but Water heaters are actually fairly complicated pieces of equipment, hundreds of separate parts that work together to ensure you are getting consistent hot water
    Water heaters don’t last for ever, in fact they last on average about 8 years
    Over those 8 years, you are likely to have an avg. of 3 service calls
    Have you ever had the hot water heater serviced? Who serviced it for you? How did that go? They generally aren’t very fast are they?
    So again, there is lost revenue due to “down time”
    If you had to replace the tank we just looked at, you are roughly looking at $X. On average they range from $8k to $12k. So yes, it’s a complicated, expensive piece of equipment.
    [Presentation Notes]
    There are 5 bullet points, the slide will advance to the next slide on the click after “Average replacement…”
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    [General Notes]
    We’ve set up on the last slide that repairs and/or replacement will be necessary  now we reveal just how expensive this can be if you are NOT renting your hot water heater. Sales representative should, where possible reference specific parts that may have been pointed out on the tank inspection, ie. “Remember that gas valve I showed you…”. This should be the first mention of “renting” the hot water heater.
    [Speaking Notes]
    Let’s take a look specifically at some of those parts, and how much on avg. they cost for repair
    You only pay for repair if you own the tank, if you rented the tank, the costs would be considerably less, in fact FREE.
    Renting the hot water heater, means that Reliance takes care of servicing the tank, and all the costs associated with that.
    [Presentation Notes]
    Click once to bring up the chart, walk through the costs, then click again to reveal the “free”.
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    [General Notes]
    This is the punch-line slide. Where the rep. reveals that Reliance is the solution to the challenge of business continuity related to hot water needs.
    [Speaking Notes]
    Renting through Reliance makes sense for lots of reasons in fact
    Ultimately the Reliance rental program will help your bottom line in a few ways
    4 hr service guarantee – that’s a significant difference from the average we talked about
    100% coverage, that’s everything, no strings
    Because it’s new and well maintained equipment, it’s not going to surprise you with unexpected costs, and it’s higher efficiency, so you’ll end up paying less in ongoing energy costs
    From a cash flow perspective, renting gives you a predictable monthly payment – a number you can count on with no surprises.
    [Presentation Notes]
    This is set up to explain features and benefits left to right across the screen.
    Spend the time on this slide to explain the program, the prospect should understand the program and the features and benefits after this slide.
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    [General Notes]
    Show this slide if equipment qualifies, if not skip over it.
    In order to skip it quickly, all bullets appear on one click – so only two clicks to proceed to the next slide.
    [Speaking Notes]
    This is a really unique program that no one else offers.
    Based on your tank being relatively new, rather than install a new one, and waste good equipment, we’ll buy your equipment from you
    [Presentation Notes]
    Skip through quickly if not applicable.
    Stacking money animation will appear automatically, no need to click. To move to the next slide, click once you see the cash starting to fall.
  • Reliance Commercial Solutions

    1. 1. Reliance Commercial Program Improved Business Continuity. Guaranteed!
    2. 2. © Reliance Commercial Solutions 2009, All rights reserved.2 More than Just Rental Water Heaters Water Heaters • One of the largest rental water heater providers in Canada • Over 1.2 million customers and growing HVAC Equipment • Full service heating and cooling business • Sales, service, financing and rental • Providing rental HVAC since 2002 • Over 12,000 customers and growing • Over 18,000 pieces of HVAC equipment rented Security & Monitoring • Reliance Protectron Services - second largest Canadian security company
    3. 3. © Reliance Commercial Solutions 2009, All rights reserved.3 Our Commitment to You The Best Service in the Business. Guaranteed! Call Centre • Over 3.5 million calls each year • 174 agents, 24/7 coverage • 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds or less Quality Assurance • In-house Product Quality Management team • Over 30 Reliance Quality Advocates • Ongoing quality audits Superior Service Capability • Emergency service • One of the largest networks of licensed technicians in Canada
    4. 4. © Reliance Commercial Solutions 2009, All rights reserved.4 The Reality Water heaters break down the undisputed facts • Very complex, with 500 separate parts • 8 year average lifespan • Average replacement cost of commercial water heater is $8,000 –$12,000 • Average service response time offered by other service providers [including manufacturer] is 2-7 business days • Average 3 service calls during these 8 years
    5. 5. © Reliance Commercial Solutions 2009, All rights reserved.5 The Costs Repairs can add up fast – making renting the best option Examples of typical repair costs Cost-to-Repair Owned Equipment*: Renting From Reliance: Gas Valve Replacement $477 FREE Aquastat Replacement $258 FREE Ventor Motor Replacement $972 FREE Heat Exchanger Replacement (for boilers only) $2,211 FREE * Based on manufacturer’s retail cost. Costs do not include labour.
    6. 6. © Reliance Commercial Solutions 2009, All rights reserved.6 The Solution is Reliance Reliance gives you … • 4 hour service response guarantee – 24/7/365 • 100% coverage for all parts and labour • Customized Solutions • 1 predictable monthly payment So you can enjoy … • Business continuity • No repair bills or capital outlays • Increased efficiency and ongoing energy savings • Predictable cash flow management Rent with Reliance and protect your bottom line
    7. 7. © Reliance Commercial Solutions 2009, All rights reserved.7 Buy Back Program Extra cash that can go right to your bottom line • Only available with Reliance • Water heaters less than 6 years old or boilers less than 8 years old • Reliance will buy YOUR equipment • Benefits of renting and no costs of ownership • Extra cash for your business
    8. 8. © Reliance Commercial Solutions 2009, All rights reserved.8 How Will Renting From Reliance Help My Bottom Line? Renting from Reliance Commercial Solutions minimizes business interruption, reduces operating costs and eliminates risk with: • No upfront costs Leaving your capital free to invest in your business • Significant tax savings Compared to ownership improving profitability • High efficiency solutions To help you reduce your energy use • Predictable monthly rates To help you better manage your cash flow, “no surprises” • Guaranteed Service –24/7/365 • One easy number 1-866-RELIANCE