Renaissance time line


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Renaissance time line

  1. 1. Renaissance Time line From 1398~1642
  2. 2. Christopher Columbus 1451~1506 He was an explorer and he was the first Europeans to discover the new land America by traveling around. It made an impact on discovering the new land because that time I think every one wanted to find the new land for the living or for the trade. After Christopher Columbus discovered the South America they had a war with the natives and south Americans started to not like the Europeans and they ruined their culture.
  3. 3. Nicolas Copernicus 1473~1547 He invented the telescope and found out that the moon was going around the earth and the earth was orbiting the sun. After he published the book “Revolutions of the celestial spheres. The telescope impacted us today because if not invented then every one today will not know that the earth was orbiting the sun. Also maybe everyone today might still think that the sun was orbiting the earth if he didn’t invented the telescope.
  4. 4. Galileo Galilei 1564~1642 He improved the telescope to make the quality more better from the original telescope Copernicus made. Also he made discoveries in astronomy and physics. He spread around the world Copernicus’s idea. He improved the telescope better to make sure Copernicus’s ideas were spread around the world. If Galileo didn’t spread the idea even he had the right idea of the universe than maybe every one will still think that Copernicus’s idea was wrong.
  5. 5. Leonardo Da Vinci 1452~1519 He drew some sketch of the flying machines that looks similar with the plains and helicopters that we are using today. It impacted us today because he was the first person to sketch the flying machine. He could not made the machines because there was not enough ingredients and the technology to build the machines at that time.
  6. 6. Henry the 8th 1491~1547 He broke the rules of the religion, that they cant have more then 1 wife and divorce. After that he had lots of power so he made a new religion, the religion he made was able to have more then 1 wife. It impacted us today because he broke the rules of the religion and the new religion he made is still existing until today.
  7. 7. Martin Luther 1483~1546 He was Christian and Augustinian monk. He nailed his 95 theses in front of the church door. 95 theses is about 95 things of the church that he thought it was wrong. He didn’t understand why the peoples had to give money to the pope to forgive them. It impacted us today by creating the protestant church that they don’t have to pay money for to go haven when they die. It also lets the people to have many religions. If he didn’t wrote 95 theses then maybe we are still paying money to forgive us.
  8. 8. Michelangelo 1475~1564 He was t person like Leonardo. He was a artist and he made sculptures too. He made people think about the art’s more deeper. He influenced by classical art and he created figure that are forceful and show heroic grandeur. I think he impact us today for the arts because he was famous at the human body in painting and sculpture. I think the reason of the greatness of the painting now is all because of Michelangelo and other artist.
  9. 9. John Calvin 1509~1564 He was the perfect author of the famous theological book that ever got published. He was influenced by French followers of Martin Luther. It impacted us today because of god in predestining the fate of all believers, referred to today as “Calvinism”. But he thought that people should enjoy god’s gifts. Also he wrote that it should not be “Forbidden to laugh, or to enjoy food, or to add new possession to old”. Peoples changed their thought’s by the sentence.
  10. 10. William Shakespeare 1564~1616 He was an English poet and playwright. He was often called England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon”. He wrote the play “Romeo and Juliet” and other histories, comedy and tragedy. We all now most of his plays or stories. It impacted us today because he wrote the great stories that everyone still enjoys to read his stories or watch it.
  11. 11. Johannes Gutenberg 1398~1468 He invented the printing press typography around 1440 and he made it to make it easier to repeat the same thing every time. He was the first European to use movable type printing. His printing press impacted us today because the printer we are using to print our work is actually from the printing press. If he didn’t invented the printing press then it might got invented later or maybe it didn’t even got invented, if it was invented later then we might be still using the printing press and not the printer we are using now.
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