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08 hum-renaissance timeline-17taikanu

  1. 1. By Taikan Y8B
  2. 2. • Introduction:Dante(Dante Alighieri) was born in mid-June of 1265.He was an Italian poet, political writer. He is mostfamous for writing "Divine Comedy" which was thepoem that explained the journey of Dantes nine sinsof hell.• How it made a lasting impact on the world today: Because "Divine Comedy" pictured such a clearvision of hell, it made people fear it and want tobelieve in Catholicism, which was a religion that had A portrait of Dantea lot of power during the Renaissance. And in thepresent day, people still believe in afterlife, and thereare still a huge number of people in the world whobelieve in Catholicism. This poem is also valued as one of the greatest worksof world literature because it explained the afterlife inboth imaginative and allegorical ways. And since thispoem was written in Tuscan, it helped establish the picture of Dante presenting the “Divine ATuscan language, which is a language spoken in Comedy” standing next to hellTuscany, Italy. In Tuscany, people still uses this
  3. 3. • Introduction:The black death was one of the mostdevastating pandemics ever in humanhistory. It occurred during both themedieval times and the Renaissance.It reached Europe in the 12th centuryand lasted until the 15th. It reduced thepopulation of Europe by 50 percent.• How it made a lasting impact on the world today.Because this disease was spreadingacross Europe and killing millions of A painting of the Black Deathpeople, it motivated scientists to make spreading and bring damage to cities.better medicines and care, anddeveloped the effectiveness of healthcare to what we have now.
  4. 4. • Introduction:Joan of Arc was born in 1412, and she is known as apeasant girl who heard voices from god. She lead theFrench army into important victories against theEnglish army during the "Hundred Years War" whichwas a war that lasted more than a hundred years. Butthen, she was captured by an ally of the English army,and there she was suspected of heresy and being a Joan of Arc leading the armywitch, transferred to the city of Rouen, and was burnt at of Francethe stake.• How it made a lasting impact on the world today:Her trial was one of the most significant and movingtrials in human history. Her death gave historians andus a clear idea of what the inquisition trials were likeduring the Renaissance, since she was a famous saintat that time and everything that happened, including Joan of Arc inevery word of what the inquisitors and Joan of Arc said. Prison
  5. 5. • Introduction:Christopher Columbus was born in betweenAugust and October of 1451. He is known as anexplorer, colonizer and navigator, and has sailedvoyages across the Atlantic Ocean and"Discovered" America.• How it made a lasting impact on the world A portrait of today: ChristopherBecause Christopher Columbus found America, Columbuspeople from Europe started to move and livethere, and that lead to conflict between theEuropean settlers and the native Americanpeople who were originally there. Nowadays,America has two types: The "African Americans" picture of Awho are the descendants of the native Columbus’ flagship Santa MariaAmericans, and now a lot of the citizens of
  6. 6. • Introduction:Michelangelo was born on 6th of March 1475. Heis famous for being one of the best artists wholived during the renaissance. He was a painter,sculptor and architect, who created great workssuch as the sculpture "The statue of David" andplanning the construction of the dome of "St.Peters Basilica" A portrait of Michelangelo.• How it made a lasting impact on the world today:Because Michelangelo’s works was amazinglybeautiful, they became sources of inspiration forartists after him. And one of his works, the A photo of St.construction of the dome of “St. Peter’s Basilica”, Peter’s Basilica.the building now has many tourists visiting everyday, to take a look at the beautiful paintings on
  7. 7. • Introduction:Leonardo Da Vinci(born April 15, 1452). Known asa great artist, inventor, mathematician and ascientist, he have accomplish work such as thepainting "Mona Lisa" and designing the firstaircrafts, robots, machine guns, and tanks.• How it made a lasting impact on the world today: Self-Portrait of DaBecause of this invention, warfare has developed Vincithroughout the world, causing wars to becomemore intense. This can be seen as a negativeimpact, since tanks are weapons, which aredesigned to kill or hurt people, and that issomething we don’t want. Tanks are now a hugepart of today’s warfare, and if Da Vinci didn’t invent Da Vinci’s design of the first tankthem, maybe there wouldn’t have been so many
  8. 8. • Introduction:Niccolo Machiavelli(born 3rd may 1469), isknown as an Italian historian, diplomat,philosopher, humanist and writer, and hadwritten books such as "The art of war" andmost famously known for writing "The Prince". A portrait of Machiavelli• How it made a lasting impact on the world today:His ideas written in his book "The prince"which was written about leadership hasinfluenced, sometimes in a bad way, decisionsmade by leaders all around the world. One ofhis famous quotes are “The end justifies themeans” which is a thought that the result is the Front cover of the bookonly thing that matters. This perhaps “The Prince”.influenced dictatorship, where the dictator will
  9. 9. • Introduction:Martin Luther, who was born in the 10th of November,1483, was a German Priest who pinned his "Ninety-five Thesis" on a Catholic churchs wall, which claimedthat punishment from god cant be avoided by money.He also have translated the bible from Latin to alanguage which was more accessible for the people of A portrait of Martinthat time. Luther• How it made a lasting impact on the world today:Martin Luthers actions formed a religion called"Lutheranism", and still has over 73.8 million peoplewho believe in that religion and his beliefs are stillbeing taught today. And universities that expressedMartin Luther’s teachings which were built during theRenaissance still remains today, and one of them iscalled Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg,and still has over 17500 students today. Martin Luther Pinning the Ninety- five thesis on a church door
  10. 10. • Introduction: Copernicus is widely known as a mathematician,astronomer, and physician, who claimed to Europe thatthe sun stays stationery and the earth goes around it,which was the direct opposite to what the Catholicchurch believed, and was brought to the inquisition as asuspect of heresy. But he didn’t receive any punishment,unlike others such as Galileo who was imprisoned and A portrait oftortured for the rest of their lives. Copernicus’ book with Nicolaushis theory written on it was published not long before his Copernicus.death.• How it made a lasting impact on the world:His theory was the starting point of the world’s modernastronomy. His work became a landmark in the history ofscience, and is referred to as the Copernican revolution,and he basically was the start the scientific revolution ofthe 16th and 17th century. Many scientists who cameafter Copernicus made their theories based on Front cover of Copernicus’ bookCopernicus’s, and thanks to him, we today understand
  11. 11. • Introduction:William Shakespeare was baptized in April 26,1564, and was a famous poet and playwright, andwrote about 38 plays altogether. He wrotemasterpieces such as "Hamlet", "Romeo andJuliet" and "Julius Caesar". His plays wasn’tpublished until 18 years after his death. It was Portrait of Williampublished by two of his friends. Shakespeare• How it made a lasting impact on the world today:The plays Shakespeare wrote, such as Hamlet,had such expressive feelings in the characters,such as overwhelming rage. These writings havebecome the first steps of English literature,influencing many writers who were born afterwardssuch as Johann Goethe, who is referred to “TheShakespeare of Germany”. He also raised theexpectations of what could be accomplishedthrough characterization, plot and genre in writing,developing literacy and taking it to the next level. Shakespeare’s playsHis works are still published, translated into the published
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