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Media Evaluation Question 2 Media Evaluation Question 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Evaluation #2How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancillary texts?
  • Our main aim of the project was to show people why they shouldn’t “jump to conclusions” about other people but at the same time, how easy it is to do it. In order for us to do this we had to lead the audience into judging our character “Sam”, who actually turns out to be the helpful one. We hope to teach the audience a moral lesson. In order to achieve this in our advertising products, we had to have a sense of mystery to our them and to set up the idea of prejudice using stereotypes for our character, however, we didn’t want to reveal too much of the plot. In order to produce our advertising products, we needed to look at professional products and then take inspiration from them in order to create ours. We included the soundtrack and dialogue from our filmbut only lasting 16 seconds, this allows a bit small part tolisten to, but will leave the audience into wanting to hear more. The sound track through the voiceovers are usually found in trailers, we didn‟t do this in our trailerand so we decided to apply it to our radio trailer instead. I believe we successfully set out what we said we would do, which was not involve much of the story, but include parts so people want to find out more. I couldn‟t find any radio trailers as they are rare to find, however I made a short one that included our soundtrack, a narrator and some dialogue from our film. ed
  • I decided to add the title of our film as the mainfocus of the poster as it is an important factor toour film. I used capital letters and bold font so it stood out to the audience. In order to add mystery to the poster, I used a black and grey background which references to dark/mystery in the plot. I planned to do the trailer in black and white too which links in with our black and white scenes in the actual film. This coin backs up the phrase at the bottom of the poster and stops the poster being too plain, I like how reflects from the black background colour. This informs the audience that it‟s coming soon, but does not reveal the actual date, this may excite the audience trying to find out when the film is realised. This phrase adds mystery to the audience to what the film is going to be about, this is asymbol for our moral message we setting across to our audience.
  • In order to create a professional looking poster like the ones I have researched, Ineeded to apply the same font. Here is an example of the font used at the bottom of a film poster, this particular one is from Harry Potter. Steel tongs is a font which is very similar to the fonts that are used on professional film posters, we downloaded this font and applied to our final poster. The text at the bottom of the poster always includes important people who have been involved in the post-production andproduction process of the film and also extras. Examples on what is written about likethe writers, the producer, the cast, what the films might be based on, who wrote the scripts, who designed the costume, and who produced the film.
  • We used repetition of the phrase from our teaser poster in our final poster as well as the symbol of the coin to show that they all link up. Itagain, emphasises the point we are trying to get across to our audience. The same background is in our final poster too, same as the teaser, this continues themystery and no character is in the posters apart from the character posters we have released. The dark and mysterious posters lead the audience to think there is a dark character, once the character in the black appears, they may automatically judge them into being the bad character. This is important that we lead the audience to think this as if they don‟t, the moral message is not as powerful at the ending.
  • These actors are well-known, which istypical of character posters as theaudience would recognise them and ifthey like their usual films, they mightgo and see this one too.
  • I placed the character in the background of the poster asshe is in the background of the film until the very end. The place of the character adds to the mysteriousness about her which we are trying to achieve. Her position in theposter also may make the audience think she is a trouble maker. It is important we put her in the same clothes as the audience would recognise her when she appears on screen.I kept to the black and white back ground, however, I put the character in colour to show she is central to the plot and draws attention to her against the background. Thebackground is a location in the film which I thought would be good to use as they can see the some locations before viewing the film. My character poster is portrayed through my characters perspective which also hints to the moral of our story. This is a play on words to the title but also hints about her character as she is telling the audience not to jump to conclusions about her.
  • The title in our film The text appearing appears on the on the screen in screen just like the this film is “type edit in confrontation writer” this is used of the girl in the as the effect suits hoody of our film. their office job role. Sound is added to These are also similar as the text used, is done to reveal Type writing sound is make the title‟s more information to the audience of the plot, instead of the added to make the text appearance on common use of the narrator for the whole film or for trailer. effect more effective screen more and realistic on screen. effective.Jumping to Conclusions Hangover Part 3 Here is an example of rhythmic editing- the soundtrack used on the trailers match with the movement of the text appearing on the screen.
  • Jumping to Conclusions White House Down We included text into our trailer, like the White House Down trailer. Using short sentences, split between action from the movie, informs the audience to what our film is about and will make them interested and want see the final film. However, unlike the text in our trailer (combined with the chosen clips that play along side them) the text sets up the first impression of our character “Sam” which was important as we need to set up the impression of the „villainous‟ type figure in order for the moral lesson to be learnt. Another way of doing this was through the clips we used. We edited them at a fast pace (conventional of all trailers) to capture the audiences immediate attention. We also used to present the trailer in black and white which related back to our posters and also a part of our film, this also adds the mystery that we wanted to show as well as built tension.
  • In conclusion, I believe we set out what we were trying to achieve in our advertisingproducts as we were able to reveal the intimidating moments of Sam to set her up tobe playing the “bad character role” in the film. We didn‟t want to show too much, andby just adding parts of Sam‟s actions and appearance in for example in the trailerand character poster we were able to do that. Our moral message was able toappear in not only teaser posters but mainly in our radio trailer as we were able toimport direct dialogue from our film which made it more effective. We researched intoprofessional advertising products to get idea‟s of our final product.