Significance of Mobile Computing in the Airline Industry - Whitepaper


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This paper proposes a mobile based application that can serve as a companion for travelers. The proliferation of powerful devices and technologies has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Internet and mobile devices have connected people in a way that were never possible before.

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Significance of Mobile Computing in the Airline Industry - Whitepaper

  1. 1. Significance of Mobile Computing in the Airline Industry Rajesh Ravichandran NIIT Technologies White Paper
  2. 2. CONTENTS Introduction 3 Flag Pole 3 Friends' Map 3 Rising Demand for Mobile Applications 4 Critical Functional Issues 4 Shaping a Mobile Future – Stormy Sky and a Silver Lining 4 • Planning a trip 4 • Adding/Editing a Trip Location 4 Quick View – Work Flow Model 4 The Road Ahead 5 About the Author 6 NIIT Technologies 6
  3. 3. TRANSPORTATION TRAVEL CARGO PACKAGING TRANSPORTATION TOUR GUIDE TRAVEL TRAVEL TRANSPORTATION CARGO CARGO LOGISTICS TRAVEL JOURNEY GUIDE TRANSPORTATION CARGO JOURNEY CARGO GUIDE LOGISTICS TRAVEL Introduction In today’s increasingly challenging business environment, it is vital for enterprises and individuals' are to be connected seamlessly. • Flag useful information available on the network. After collecting a certain number of flags, they can enjoy a great deal of offers and privilege discounts on flight tickets, car rentals and hotels. The proliferation of powerful devices and technologies has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Internet and mobile devices have connected people in a way that were never possible before. Enterprises should now aim at using these powerful devices Flag Pole can also use the highest ranked locations to suggest the most popular preplanned itinerary while planning a trip. sensibly to generate more revenue and provide increased Friends' Map customer satisfaction. In comparison with other industries, the When a traveler starts using the application, a location based list of airline industry stands to benefit a lot more by the effective usage friends is displayed as a map. The list is populated by accessing of mobile technology and devices. Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts of the people. Frequent travelers can find a valuable personal assistant in Friends Map as it According to a recent interesting statistic revealed by the Bureau of helps them check on their friends present at the place of visit. Transportation Statistics (BTS), the total number of aircraft revenue departures performed during Jan 2010 was 63,000 and during Jul Friends Map is a simple to use map viewing application with 2011, it was a whopping 82,000. Another survey conducted by the intuitive one-touch interface. It guides the users through all the BTS reveals that "The U.S. airlines carried 58.9 million scheduled hassles of planning and booking tickets. domestic and international passengers in December 2011, 0.6 percent more domestic passengers and 0.3 percent more international passengers than in December 2010. Increase in passenger travel has thus resulted in a system wide increase of 0.5 percent from December 2010." This statistical information conveys that the number of travelers flying across the world is increasing at a rapid pace. Improving their overall travel experience is a necessity rather than a luxury. This paper proposes a mobile based application that can serve as a companion for travelers. Rising Demand for Mobile Applications Three forces – technology convergence, ease of use and 24X7availability – are driving the demand for mobile devices. Access to information anywhere and anytime for real-time decision making has empowered consumers to use mobile devices in multiple ways. A comprehensive analysis of the travel industry has revealed that there are not manytravel companion applications/devices to guide people during their travel. Travelers (especially international tourists Flag Pole and business travelers) across the globe need a self-learning, Flag Pole creates a closed network of app users. Users can: interactive app, (hereafter referred to as Paper Plane) that can • Post ideas related to unseen places in the city. serve as a one stop shop for booking tickets, budgeting, receiving • Develop itineraries and share them with other users. hot spots to visit, and a free cookie flag pole system. 3
  4. 4. Critical Functional Issues Planning a trip Critical challenges faced by the airline industry to execute To understand this concept, let us consider an example. Say, a comprehensive and effective mobile strategy are: traveler wishes to go from Delhi, India to Paris, France with a fixed • Address the entire travel cycle • Consistent user interface • Robust architecture to support high volumes of data • Availability of application on multiple platforms budget in mind, he would specify an amount (total budget), the desired location (Paris) and the travelling time (say 6 days). Paper Plane would then recommend • Travel methods (airline along with the booking options, local transport like ferries, buses or trains after reaching Paris), • Places to visit (apart from famous destinations such as Eiffel Shaping a Mobile Future – Stormy Sky and a Silver Lining The mobile revolution presents both opportunities and challenges Tower or Louvre de museum, based on Flag Pole destinations), • Restaurants and hotels (for direct booking). The app will offer “preplanned” itineraries based on the user’s budget or the ability to pick individual locations of interest. for the airline industry. It is driving the industry towards creating an environment with heightened expectations for instant information and knowledge. Adding/Editing a Trip Location If a user wishes to change the location, find a different mode of transport or a place to visit while travelling, he/she can choose The concept of Paper Plane provides travelers with innovative services through mobile web apps that enhance the overall user experience. First time Paper Plane users enter basic information from a query of preloaded locations or can enter a budget that will suggest places to visit. Real-time updates give users the flexibility to acquire real-time information and make adjustments on-the-fly. such as budget limit and desired location. Once the required information has been entered, Paper Plane provides users with the shortest commute route, recommended places to stay (within the specified budget), and the ‘must see places’. On subsequent usage, the smart app provides its users with a pre-planned itinerary, a list of popular tourist destinations, places to stay etc. all within the recorded budget. The “preplanned” itineraries provided to the user are based on the following three things: i. Most popular locations using a “Flag Pole” system ii. Artificial Intelligence (AI) determined Quick View – Work Flow Model Some of the key challenges faced by the travel industry before implementing dynamic packaging are: • Travelers manually visited multiple independent web sites or travel agencies to plan their trips or vacations • Customers spent long periods of time to register on multiple sites or finding out the best agency available in the market iii. Budget optimized • Enter Destination, time, budget (in local currency) Friendly UI • Review and book your preferred airline and hotel Paper Plane works on adaptive algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence technology. This algorithm changes its behavior based on the resources available. The app thus, continuously monitors the usage and helps users in estimating the budget for Budget Planner with AI the current travel. Paper Plane intends to work in two modes: Planning a trip or adding/editing a trip location. Flag Pole with an eye • Get intuitive suggestions for flight, hotel, places to visit, restaurants, and others • Get suggested based on your overall budget for the trip • Enter locations you feel would be better to visit and win exciting prizes • Use a map to knoe which friend is around you 4
  5. 5. The Road Ahead Across the globe mobile technology is transforming the future of air travel. Mobility is no longer an option, but rather a critical business requirement to unlock productivity and achieve competitive advantage. To achieve this vision, airlines have to invest in mobile applications by partnering with specific mobile manufacturers and then popularize them. Organizations that delay embracing the inevitable proliferation of such applications may find themselves hamstrung by inflexible legacy systems. By taking a measured path, companies around the world can charge a nominal fee for using the Paper Plane application. They can also advertise through their own websites, social media forums, and travel agencies. This will not only encourage the airline industry to provide a complete travel experience but will also make traveling enjoyable. 5
  6. 6. About the Author Rajesh Ravichandran is Business Analyst at NIIT Technologies Ltd. He has over 5 years of experience in the airline industry. His expertise includes airline business know-how with specialization in passenger solutions and services; complex business analysis; requirement gathering and gap analysis. About NIIT Technologies NIIT Technologies is a leading IT solutions organization, servicing customers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It offers services in Application Development and Maintenance, Enterprise Solutions including Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing to organisations in the Financial Services, Travel & Transportation, Manufacturing/Distribution, and Government sectors. With employees over 7,000 professionals, NIIT Technologies follows global standards of software development processes. Over the years the Company has forged extremely rewarding relationships with global majors, a testimony to mutual commitment and its ability to retain marquee clients, drawing repeat business from them. NIIT Technologies has been able to scale its interactions with marquee India clients in the BFSI sector, the Travel Transport & Logistics and Manufacturing & Distribution, into NIIT Technologies Ltd. Corporate Heights (Tapasya) Plot No. 5, EFGH, Sector 126 Noida-Greater Noida Expressway Noida – 201301, U.P., India Ph: + 91 120 7119100 Fax: + 91 120 7119150 extremely meaningful, multi-year "collaborations. NIIT Technologies follows global standards of development, which include ISO 9001:2000 Certification, assessment at Level 5 for SEI-CMMi version 1.2 and ISO 27001 information security management certification. Its data center operations are assessed at the international Americas ISO 20000 IT management standards. NIIT Technologies Inc., 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway 5th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30338, USA Ph: +1 770 551 9494 Toll Free: +1 888 454 NIIT Fax: +1 770 551 9229 Europe NIIT Technologies Limited 2nd Floor, 47 Mark Lane London - EC3R 7QQ, U.K. Ph: +44 20 70020700 Fax: +44 20 70020701 Singapore NIIT Technologies Pte. Limited 31 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #05-13 Techlink Singapore 417818 Ph: +65 68488300 Fax: +65 68488322 Write to us at D_12_070912 A global IT sourcing organization | 21 locations and 16 countries | 7000+ professionals | Level 5 of SEI-CMMi, ver1.2 ISO 27001 certified | Level 5 of People CMM Framework