NIFS Circle City Boot Camp
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NIFS Circle City Boot Camp



Boot camp ideas for outside of the gym in downtown Indianapolis!

Boot camp ideas for outside of the gym in downtown Indianapolis!



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NIFS Circle City Boot Camp NIFS Circle City Boot Camp Presentation Transcript

    Exercise Ideas for Your Own Personal Boot Camp Session Outside of the Gym!
  • Monument Stair Running
    • Starting at the bottom, run up the stairs as fast as you can, hitting every step or every other step.
    • Lower and pump arms
    to help bring your knees up
    higher and increase speed.
    • Once you reach the top,
    touch the gold door, take the stairs back down, and repeat.
    • This is a great cardio
    workout, and it helps to
    strengthen the legs.
    • Keeping both feet together, use arms for momentum to help hop up to the next step.
    • Try to keep feet
    together at all times.
    • This will challenge your coordination and heart rate for a good cardio workout.
    • Place hands a
    little wider than
    shoulder width
    apart on a step.
    • Keeping abdominals contracted, lower chest and hips towards the ground.
    • Push your body back up to starting position using upper body and abdominals.
    • This will help to strengthen your upper body (shoulders, triceps, chest, and upper back).
    • As quickly as possible, step up and down, leading with the same foot for 30 seconds each (or longer for higher intensity).
    • Be sure to place your whole foot on the step.
    • This will get increaseheart rate for a short burst of cardio.
    • Find a flat, straight surface for short distance sprints.
    • Go back and forth with short rest periods in between to maintain increased heart rate.
    • Be sure to use your arms, keeping them low.
    • Place hands behind you on a ledge, keeping elbows back (as opposed
    to out to the side), palms facing back.
    • Bend at the elbows to lower your body. Exhale and push yourself back
    up, extending the elbows by contracting the back of your arms.
    • The further out your feet are, the more difficult it will be to
    push yourself up. To add more intensity, lift one leg.
    • This is a good strengthening exercise for your triceps (the back of the arm).
  • Mountain climbers
    • Place hands on the ground or elevated on a couple of stairs.
    • Contract abdominals and alternate bringing a knee into your chest.
    • Do this for 30 seconds (or longer for higher intensity).
    • This works the core, upper body, and increases heart rate.
    • Staying light on your toes, lift
    one foot and tap up on step.
    • Switch feet quickly, keeping
    abdominals contracted.
    • This exercise provides a leg and cardio workout.
    • Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, toes facing forward.
    • Sit back, bending at the hips while keeping knees over ankles.
    • Your weight should be back on your heels and your bottom should lower to touch (or as close as you can) the bench behind.
    • Stand up pushing through your heels.
    • This exercise strengthens the lower body.
    • Take a wide step forward
    down the ramp, both feet
    • Both knees should be bent
    and front knee over the
    front ankle.
    • Lunge down by bending back knee and pushing yourself up through the front heel and back toe.
    • Once standing, bring other foot forward and repeat.
    • This strengthens the lower body.
    • Place spine against a flat wall.
    • Keep chest up and push your shoulder
    blades into the wall.
    • Walk feet out so the knees are over the ankles once the hips
    are bent
    • Knees should be bent (at 90 degrees, if possible).
    • Add more intensity by lifting one leg.
    • This strengthens the lower body.
  • grass PLANKS
    • Add variety by extending arms so you are in a push up plank position.
    • Still push weight back towards your feet.
    • Don’t let your back arch, and keep shoulders over the hands.
    • Go up onto elbows and toes,
    keeping body in a straight line.
    • Push your weight back onto your
    feet, keeping shoulders the elbows.
    • Pull abdominals in without holding
    your breath (try not to arch back).
    • This will strengthen your entire core.
  • lawn crunches
    • Lie flat on back and push spine down.
    • Keep elbows wide, hands supporting your head, and chin lifted up away from your chest.
    • Exhale as you use your abdominals to lift your chest & shoulder blades off the ground.
    • Hold at the top for a few seconds, then return to starting position and repeat.
    • Do not pull on head or strain your neck. Focus on using core muscles.
  • Oblique bicycles
    • Push spine down flat and place hands behind your head while keeping chin lifted.
    • Keep elbows wide as you lift and rotate shoulder blades to the opposite knee.
    • Extend legs out slowly and keep them low to the ground.
    • This will strengthen the obliques(sides of your torso).
  • Elevated push ups
    • Place feet up on a step so they are elevated higher than hands.
    • Place hands a little wider than shoulder width apart, keeping shoulders above the hands.
    • Lower upper body towards the ground.
    • Exhale as you push up to starting position using upper body and abdominals.
  • Defensive slides
    • Keeping legs bent, shuffle feet sideways.
    • Stay in a half squat position to incorporate muscles in the lower body.
    • Try not to cross your feet; move sideways in the same direction, then switch directions back to the starting location.
  • Side step downs
    • Start with both feet on top of the bench, close to the edge, and parallel to the bench.
    • Step down with outside foot, keeping the knee of the top leg in line with the ankle.
    • Return to starting position by pushing body upward through straightening the top leg, keeping your weight in the heel.
    • Perform 30 seconds on each leg (or more for increased intensity).
    • Strengthens the lower body.
  • Army crawl
    • Balance body on your elbows and knees, and begin crawling forward by lifting an arm and the opposite leg at the same time.
    • Move as fast as possible, take a brief rest, and begin again.
    • Total body strengthening and cardio exercise.
  • Crab walk
    • With the front of the body facing upwards, get on all fours.
    • While moving one hand and opposite foot at the same time, travel either forward or backward as fast as possible.
    • Keep hips up and core tight.
    • Take a brief rest and repeat.
    • Strengthens arms, shoulders, legs, and core.
  • BEAR crawl
    • Get on all fours and walk as fast as possible, moving one hand and foot together at a time.
    • Travel as far as possible, take a brief rest, and try again.
    • Provides a total body strength workout.
  • Hill sprints
    • Begin sprinting up hill, leaning forward and deliberately pumping arms and shoulders as you propel yourself upwards.
    • After reaching the top, jog or walk back down and begin again.
    • It is important to be properly warmed up before attempting hill sprints. Begin with only a few, then build up to more in subsequent workouts.
    • Strengthens legs and provides a cardio workout.
  • Skater lunges
    • Starting with feet shoulder width apart, take a wide step out to the right with the right foot.
    • Swing left leg back behind the right as you reach towards the right foot with the left hand (picture A).
    • Repeat on the other side (picture B), and continue hopping side to side.
    • For added challenge, stay low and avoid letting the back foot touch the ground.
    • Works the lower body and provides a cardio workout.
  • High knees
    • Standing with feet hip-width apart, alternate lifting the knees as high as possible. Drive knee up toward your chest with each repetition.
    • Stay light on the toes and contract core during this exercise.
    • Works lower body and core and provides a cardio workout.
  • Jumping jacks
    • Begin with feet together, arms straight down at sides.
    • Bending knees slightly, jump feet apart until they are wider than your shoulders. At the same time, bring arms out and up overhead.
    • Jump back to the starting position.
    • Provides a cardio workout.
  • All pictures were taken in downtown Indianapolis.
    • Veterans Memorial
    • American
    Legion Mall
    • Indiana War
    Memorial Museum