Vibrant India Day - Presentatie Roderik van Nieukerken (round table meeting india)
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Vibrant India Day - Presentatie Roderik van Nieukerken (round table meeting india)



Presentation by Roderik van Nieukerken, CEO at Merit Advisory, at the Vibrant India Day 2012 at Nyenrode.

Presentation by Roderik van Nieukerken, CEO at Merit Advisory, at the Vibrant India Day 2012 at Nyenrode.



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  • Ladies and gentleman, It is a great honor and pleasure to welcome so many people who are interested in our Dutch approach to waste management . The differences between the Netherlands and Brazil are striking and evident. * The size of both countries= brazil is 200 times the size of NL Number of inhabitants = brazil counts 11 times more inhabitants Even the State Sao Paulo is 6 times as large as the Netherlands and counts Nevertheless
  • There is no such thing as waste (Van Gansewinkel: Afval bestaat niet) NL government uses the thoughts behind this concept as a source of inspiration in pilots and projects in prioritary material chains (hierover later meer)
  • De bedrijfstakken nijverheid (geen bouw) en recycling hebben in 2009 in totaal 16.678 kton bedrijfsafval geproduceerd. Dat blijkt uit cijfers van het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS). In totaal is er 11 procent minder afval geproduceerd dan in 2008, toen er nog 18.771 kton bedrijfsafval vrijkwam in de bedrijfstakken. Dierlijk en plantaardig afval kwam met 6.469 kton het meeste voor, gevolgd door mineralen en steenachtig afval (5.190 kton) en chemisch afval (1.216 kton). Textiel- en lederafval kwam het minste voor, met 35 kton. In bijna alle categorieën werd minder afval geproduceerd dan in 2008. Een uitzondering is slib: daarvan werd 783 kton geproduceerd in 2009, tegenover 768 kton in 2008. Bij de berekening van de cijfers is buiten beschouwing gelaten of het vrijgekomen afval aangeboden is voor verwerking tot hergebruik

Vibrant India Day - Presentatie Roderik van Nieukerken (round table meeting india) Vibrant India Day - Presentatie Roderik van Nieukerken (round table meeting india) Presentation Transcript

  • Waste management in the Netherlands Vibrant India Day Round Table meeting 22th October 2012 Nijenrode >> Focus on environment
  • European waste and resource policy is pushing us forwardMS are challenged to reduce environmental impact from wastemanagement and to improve resource efficiency of industryEU policy strategies:• Thematic Strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste• Integrated Product Policy (IPP)• European Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies• Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural ResourcesEU Leading documents:Waste framework directive plus many resulting more specified waste directivesRoadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe
  • NL : modern waste policy and managementNL waste and resource policy focused on:• establishing a circular economy with zero waste• reducing the need and input of (imported) primary resources• reducing the overall enviromental impact in the product life cycleLeading waste document: national waste management plan setting (1) policytargets and (2) providing a management framework for 83 waste streams toguide licencing and setting minimal treatment levels:Notice: NL waste targets often exceed the European targets and our scoresare leading in EuropeStrong private involvement and public cooperation with modern equipement forwaste collection and treatmentGovernment is promoting green public procurement and encouraging thedeveloping of new business models using less resources
  • In 2012 ……….Professional and competitive waste sector Incineration Landfill 2% discharge 1% 60 mln ton Recycling 80%With high recycling rates: for all waste 80% and target for 83% in2015. For municipal waste increase from 52% to 65% 4 >> Focus on environment
  • Screening of waste management performance of EU MemberStates by the European Commission
  • Exporting knowledge, technology and experiencesCo-operation in EU-funded projects with foreign agencies,ministries and companiesSupport export of waste treatment technology (NWMP)Accomodate foreign delegations to investigate NL practicesShare best practices in waste and resource management networks
  • Hierarchy in Waste ManagementIntroduced in NL in 1978, and since then we’reclimbing the stairs:From 1990 focused on reduction of landfilling andon emission control with incineration (landfill taxingwas very successful)From 1995 focus on increasing recyclingFrom 2000 a strong new impuls for re-use (e-bay)From 2010 we’re working on a national wasteprevention programme (although waste preventionactivities are widely spread already)
  • Prevention: RE product design
  • Current situation Re-use Active development as a sector (BKN): 58 organizations, 183 re-use shops, 8000 employees Internet boost of re-use: NL “” (part of E-bay) Municipalities support re-use shops: Financial support for re-integration of employees to the labor market (Corporate Social Responsibility) Financial support for service of waste collection and discarding waste for free at municipal amenity centers9 >> Focus on environment 9
  • 10 >> Focus on environment 10
  • More examples of re-use: spare parts ELV and cloths 11 >> Focus on environment
  • RecyclingMunicipal Recycling Collection Schemes Curbside Bring Residual waste Every other week Biowaste Every other week Paper / cardboard Monthly street containers Glass Street containers Plastic packaging Once/twice a month Street containers WEEE and C&D Civic amenity site Hazardous wastes Civic amenity site Textile Quarterly Street containers Bulky waste On demand Civic amenity siteCommercial and industrial Recyclingpolluted soil, demolition waste, road materials, ELV, car tyres, used fossile andbiobased oils and a long list of many different production residues 12 >> Focus on environment
  • Producers responsibility
  • Development of recovery rate per sector 100% 80% consumers Aandeel nuttige toepassing agriculture Industry 60% Commerce C&D energy suply 40% 20% 0% 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 15
  • State of the art waste treatment plants : BAT landfilling high energy yield from incineration top quality product from composting
  • WTE/incineration plants in NL
  • Waste treatment overview Number Capacity Public sector Tarif (%) (€/ton) Incineration (WtE) 11 6,9 Mton 63 40-127 Landfill 22 55,2 Mm3 81 35-135 Composting / 22 2,3 Mton 60 35-80 Digestion Avarage waste tax: € 251 per household / year
  • Thank you for listening!19 >> Focus on environment NL Agency waste management department