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A Strategy for Collaborative NASA Technology Development
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A Strategy for Collaborative NASA Technology Development


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationA Strategy for Collaborative NASA Technology Development …! John W. Hines Chief TechnologistNASA-Ames Research Center in  Silicon  Valley...   …Innova0on  starts  here 2012
  • 2. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationStrategy Components InnovateCommunicate Collaborate Standardize Leverage
  • 3. Technology and Innovation Strategy National Aeronautics and Space Administration … Addressing Global Needs Commercial,   Na/onal   Technology   DoD,   Defense   And  Economic   Entrepreneural   Space   And   Compe//veness   Other  Gov,   Security   Solu/on     Industry   Interna/onal   Space   Space   Research,   Development,   And   Explora/on  Spin-­‐off  Technologies  for   Robust  Aerospace  Non-­‐Space  Applica/ons   Industry  &   Compe//ve   Advantage   NASA  Missions
  • 4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • 5. OCT - Complete Technology Maturation Pipeline National Aeronautics and Space Administration •  Space Technology Research Grants •  Flight Opportunities •  NASA Innovative •  Game Advanced Concepts Changing (NIAC) Development •  Center Innovation •  Technology Fund Demonstration •  Franklin Missions •  Centennial Small Challenges Prize Satellite Subsystem •  Edison Small •  Small Business Technologies Satellite Innovation Research Demonstration & Small Business Technology Transfer Missions (SBIR/STTR)OFFICE OF THE CHIEF TECHNOLOGIST 5
  • 6. TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION DEFINITION FLOWDOWNNational Innovation Strategy NASA Strategic Goals NASA Grand Challenges Space Technology Roadmap(s) IPTs, CIFs Proposals,  ARC Tech  Strategic  (Tech Wrkg Projects,  Areas Initiatives Grps) Products
  • 7. National Innovation Strategy h>p://$on/strategy/execu$ve-­‐summary  
  • 8. NASA Strategic Goals1.Extend and sustain human activities across the solar system.2.   Expand scientific understanding of the Earth and the universe in which we live.3.   Create the innovative new space technologies for our exploration, science, and economic future.4.   Advance aeronautics research for societal benefit.5.   Enable program and institutional capabilities to conduct NASAs aeronautics and space activities.6.   Share NASA with the public, educators, and students to provide opportunities to participate in our mission, foster innovation and contribute to a strong National economy. 8  
  • 9. Space Technology Grand ChallengesSpace  Technology  Grand  Challenges:  a  set  of  important  space-­‐related  problems  that  must  be  solved  to  efficiently  and  economically  achieve  our  missions.  We  will  use  the  Space  Technology  Grand  Challenges  with  the  Space  Technology  Roadmaps  to  priori$ze  our  technology  porRolio  with  an  eye  towards  the  Agency’s  future.   More  Informa/on  at    hNp://  OFFICE  OF  THE  CHIEF  TECHNOLOGIST   9  
  • 11. NASA  Agency,     MD  Objec$ves;   Na$onal  Space  Technology     Small   SpacecraU   Interests   Roadmap   Systems  and   Biological   Sustainable   Technologies   Technologies   and  Sustaining   and   Technologies   Applica/ons   Space  and   Earth  Science   Nano-­‐  and   and  Space    ARC   Micro-­‐   Physics   Technologies   Technologies   and  Systems   and   Applica/ons   Technology   PorRolio   Human  and   Sensors,  Instruments,   Robo/c   Devices,Materials  ,   Explora/on   Photonics,  Op/cs,   Technologies   Imaging   Informa/on   Systems,   Computa/on,   Aeronau/cs    Hypersonics,   Communica/ons,   EDL   and  Intelligent   Commercial,   Technologies   Systems   Entrepreneurial   STEM   Space  
  • 12. Active Initiatives 1.  Biological Technologies for Life Beyond Low Earth Orbit (BT4LBLEO) 2. Small Spacecraft and Missions Enterprise (SSME) 3.  Science Instruments for Small Missions (SISM) 4.  Advanced Digital Materials and Manufacturing for Space (ADMMS) 5.  Designing High-Confidence Software and Systems (DHCSS) 6.  Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling and Analysis (CPSMA)Other Suggested Initiatives 1.  First Responder, Emergency, and Diasaster Assistance (FREDA) 2.  Emerging Aeronautics Systems and Technologies (EAST) 3.  GREEN Technologies (Technologies for Sustainability) 12  
  • 13. National Aeronautics and Space Administration ARC CORE COMPETENCIES Intelligent/Adaptive Advanced ComputingEntry, Decent and Human & Robotic and IT Systems SystemsLanding Systems Air Traffic Management ARC Aerosciences Astrobiology End-to-End Low Cost Aerospace Missions Space, Earth and Life Sciences
  • 14. National Aeronautics and Space
  • 15. National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA-Ames Center for Innovation and Technology Enhancement (N-CITE)•  The NASA-Ames Center for Innovation and Technology Enhancement (N-CITE) is proposed to be established as a multidisciplinary, product-oriented technology development and applications accelerator. N-CITE will be coordinated through the ARC Chief Technologists office, with the ARC Associate Director for Technology functioning as the Senior Advisor and Executive Management point of contact.•  To facilitate communication and interaction with collaborators in the NASA Research Park (NRP) and other external partners and associates, N-CITE is intended to be primarily located in building 19 in the NRP, with extensions to the ARC Chief Technologist offices in building 202, and in association with ARC technology organizations located inside the ARC main campus.•  N-CITE is envisioned as NASA Ames technology focal point and liaison with NRP partners and other industry, academic, and government agencies engaged in the development of enabling capabilities and technologies of interest to the Center. N-CITE will actively engage developers on multiple levels to facilitate degrees of communication and interaction as appropriate. Facilitated technology interchanges and invited seminars are mechanisms to be used by N-CITE to gauge the suitability and interest of each party for a particular collaboration or simply to boost the visibility of a certain technology activity.•  Later, more mature exchanges with external entities will take the form of facilitated, multi-sector studies and initiative planning efforts. Effectively, N-CITE will promote visibility of NASA technology interests and goals, and will improve communications between NASA investigators and external developers by virtue of its location in Building 19 as well as the information exchange mechanisms it employs.•  The anticipated results are to show higher rates of collaboration between NASA, the NRP, and other external entities along with increased proposal wins . N-CITE offices will be comprised of 3 staff offices/meeting rooms in Building 19. The offices will be used for visiting technologists, student interns and coops, and the Technology Integration Agent (TIA). The Center Chief Technologist will manage N-CITE activities and staff from Building 202. N-CITE will be located adjacent to ConnectLabs in Building 19. The ARC Chief Technologists office intends to collaborate with ConnectLabs and will plan to engage their capabilities to engage entities in distant locations.
  • 16. NASA-­‐Ames  Center  for  Innova$on    and  Technology  Enhancement  (N-­‐CITE)     Center Director Assoc Dir, Technical Dir, NRP Tech Orgs ARC Chief Technologist | P ARC CCT Office N-CITE NRP Silicon Valley; & partners Other Ext Collabs A STP Tech Partnerships NRP partner NRP partner (Franklin/Edison) R Other STP progs SBIR/STTR CIF NRP partner NRP partner T S ESO NIAC / Prizes | | | | | | Flt Ops P/L pgm Collabs NRP partner NRP partner Other Centers Other Gov Industry Academia Internatioinal Grants/FellowsThe  NASA-­‐Ames  Center  for  Innova/on  and  Technology  Enhancement  (N-­‐CITE)  is  proposed  to  be  established  as  a  mul/disciplinary,  product-­‐oriented    technology  development  and  applica/ons  accelerator.  NCITE  will  be  coordinated  through  the  ARC  Chief  Technologists  office,  with  the  ARC  Associate  Director  for  Technology  func/oning  as  the  Senior  Advisor  and  Execu/ve  Management  point  of  contact.  To  facilitate  communica/on  and  interac/on  with  collaborators  in  the  NASA  Research  Park  and  other  external  partners  and  associates,  N-­‐CITE  is  envisioned  to  be  primarily  located  in  building  19  in  the  NASA  Research  Park,  with  extensions  to  the  ARC  Chief  Technologist  offices  in  building  202,  and  in  associa/on  with  ARC  technology  organiza/ons  located  inside  the  ARC  main  campus.  
  • 17. ARC Office of Center Chief Technologist National Aeronautics and Space Administration ARC CENTER DIRECTOR Pete Worden ARC Tech Directorates ARC Mission Support Orgs S. Zornetzer P. Agnew (P,A,R,T,S) (J, C, I, H, V) Ames Subject/Knowledge Hines, ARC Chief Technologist Ames ITA Matter Experts J. Bauman, dCCT Advisory Board (ASK-ME) I. Desilvestre, PE (ITAAB) [specific experts per ARC 10 Tech Areas] J. Huynh, Resources/Fin Mgmt (OCE, OCS, SRQA, OGC, NESC) CCT Office [N-CITE] NASA Consortium for ARC Space Technology Programs Innovation & Tech Enhancement J. Bauman / I. Desilvestre STPG Technical Liaison ARC Tech Accelerator Hines/TBD D. Alfano / J. Hines Tech Integration Agent CCT Admin/Bus Office J. Fishman (CCTO) D. Marshall, Admin Professional Small S/C Tech Prog Lvl 2 PM * SBIR/STTR lvl 2 PM * A. Nazzal, Bus Mgr B. Yost (D [IPA]) Jahns (V) Strategic Collabs Center Innovation Fund Flight Opportunities Prog HEOMD Tech Liaison Education/Public Outreach Hines (CCTO) Payloads Element (ETD, AEC Projects)Institutes and Student Progs D. Maclise D. Alfano I. Desilvestre (CCTO) SMD Technology Liaison ARMD Tech Liaison ARC Special Studies CIF Projects and Initiatives J. Hines / Team Tech Partnerships Office Emerging Space Office D. Morse (VP)
  • 18.