Patient Insight and Involvement at UCLP - Fiona McKenzie


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Directors of communications from 15 Swedish county councils visited London to learn more about the health and care system in England.This presentation is from this visit.

NHS Improving Quality planned and hosted the study tour as a result of close links with Jönköping, one of the councils represented in the delegation. Our guests learned about the important role of communications specialists in transforming healthcare in England, and the leading role NHS Improving Quality has taken in engaging and mobilising staff at scale and pace.

During the study tour it became obvious that many of the challenges and opportunities we face in our health and care system mirror those in Sweden, in particular issues such as emergency care, obesity and smoking, patient safety and working with the media. This was a fantastic opportunity for NHS Improving Quality to strengthen alliances at an international level and share ideas and approaches, and we hope to build on this in the future

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Patient Insight and Involvement at UCLP - Fiona McKenzie

  1. 1. 1 Fiona McKenzie, Patient Insight and Involvement, UCL Partners Patient Insight and Involvement at UCLP 24th June 2014
  2. 2. 2 Designing and creating with users
  3. 3. 3 Patient Insight and Involvement
  4. 4. 4 Our (draft) vision • Patients and the public will identify UCLPartners as a leader in involvement and engagement. • Partners and members will view UCLPartners as synonymous with continuous improvement and innovation in patient, carer and public involvement and engagement. • UCLPartners will be known worldwide for developing research and health services where patient behaviour and insight are central to innovation, planning and development.
  5. 5. 5 Why? • We believe that improvements in health and care need to be rooted in the needs and experiences of our population – patients, families, carers and the public. • We believe that the best articulation of these clinical, behavioural and emotional needs and experiences comes from our population working in partnership with us. • We believe that meaningful partnership with our community and patients is the way to translate cutting-edge research and innovation into measureable health and wealth gains for patients and populations.
  6. 6. 6 Our (draft) principles • We will involve and engage patients, carers and the public in everything we do, including, but not limited to: o Governance o Strategic development o Substantive improvement planning and work o Across all programmes and designations o Events and event planning o Clinical care • We will recognise the contributions patients, carers and the public make to our work, in terms of: o Financial reimbursement o Supporting skill development o Recognition Awards o Accountability and transparency around ‘you said, we did’ o Website case studies
  7. 7. 7 (Draft) Commitment to our population UCLPartners is committed to using a partnership approach to continuously improve patient-centred health services and research • We commit to: o listening to our population o involve and engage our population throughout our work and events, from start to end, in the planning and development, delivery, and evaluation o work to find the best practical ways to involve and engage, whether in person or not, ensuring we involve and engage in finding out what works best o ask about what matters o ask how we could be better and work for continuous improvement o always think about how we could do engagement and involvement better, learning from others and striving for better partnerships o sharing our learning with our partners o work in partnership to think about how we best measure and evaluate success in this area o role modelling best practice at every opportunity
  8. 8. 8 How? A few examples… • Patient, carer and public involvement and engagement in Future of Health 2014 as: o members of steering group o involved in development of agenda o speakers on their own o speakers in partnership with staff / managers / clinicians o chairs for discussions, workshops, panels throughout the day o People’s Panel o attendees o Commentators • Patients and carers on recruitment panels • Patients and carers providing ad hoc expert advice on specific issues • Patients and carers defining what matters to them and co-creating action plans
  9. 9. 9 Areas for coordinated UCLP focus • Access o Recruitment – particularly in hard-to-reach communities • Wraparound consultancy support and guidance – how to be the best at this o Website with ‘live’ guidance, opportunities, and help o Education and leadership, including: • Training • Capability • Patient leadership work • Evaluation and measurement o How do we know we’re doing this well? o What does others’ research tell us?
  10. 10. 10 Our (draft) objectives • Share best practice and learn across UCLPartners o Identify areas for development - weaknesses and opportunities o Develop alignment across programmes and designations • Develop focus and added value for UCLPartners • Develop principles, opportunities, vision and commitments into short, mid and long-term actions • Provide help and assistance to programmes and designations as they work to improve their patient, carer and public involvement and engagement • Ensure we are leading the field on particular areas: o Access and recruitment o Recognition of value of involvement and engagement o Wraparound support, including education and capability o Evaluation and measurement • Consistently challenge the ‘norm’ for patient involvement
  11. 11. 11 For more information please contact: @uclpartners Fiona McKenzie 02076799525 3rd Floor, 170 Tottenham Court Rd, W1T 7HA @fkmckenzie
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