NHS Services - seven days a week - making it a reality


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NHS Services - seven days a week - making it a reality
Simon Bennett and Janet Williamson

Presentation from seven day services event held on 20 August 2013

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NHS Services - seven days a week - making it a reality

  1. 1. NHS Services …making it a reality …seven days a week Simon Bennett Deputy Director, Quality Framework Team Clinical Directorates NHS England
  2. 2. NHS England Commitment “The NHS will move towards routine services being available seven days a week. This is essential to offer a much more patient-focused service and also offers the opportunity to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs”
  3. 3. NHS Services, Seven Days a Week As a first stage, the review will focus on improving diagnostics and urgent and emergency care. It will identify the consequences of the non-availability of clinical service across the seven day week It will provide insight and evidence to NHS commissioners and proposals for improvements
  4. 4. NHS Services, Seven Days a Week - Forum Chair National Medical Director Forum Theme 1 Clinical Standards Theme 2 Workforce Theme 3 Finance Theme 4 Commissioning Theme 5 Provider/ Service models Dr Celia Ingham-Clark Raj Bhamber Tony Whitfield Dr Mark Spencer Mark Hackett
  5. 5. NHS Services, Seven Days a Week - Timeline Outline Mid March Gathering evidence March- June Testing/ Alignment July- September Publication End October
  6. 6. NHS Services …making it a reality …seven days a week Dr Janet Williamson, Director, National Improvement Programmes, NHS Improving Quality
  7. 7. I was lucky. Shoudn’t everyone of us have the best chance possible, no matter what time of the day or day of the week it is? ‘‘ Rodney Partington, Patient Representative
  8. 8. Levels of Service Provision • Level 0 Five days a week, Monday to Friday 9-5, (8hrs service) • Level 1 Services limited to one department or a service that is beginning to deliver some services beyond the 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday service. • Level 2 – Services that are delivered 7 days per week, but not always offering the full range of services that are delivered on week days. • Level 3 – A whole service approach to 7 day service delivery that requires several elements to work together in order to facilitate clinical decision making or treatment, often covering more than one work force group. • Level 4 – A whole system approach to 7 day service delivery by integrating the requirements for elements of 7 day services across more than one specialty
  9. 9. Next 3-5 years Transformational programme
  10. 10. Today… helping to shape & influence the future • Listening • Learning • Sharing