Change is changing - how to lead large scale change


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Challenging people's mindsets to change that think and reaches beyond the boundaries of the organisation and be willing to share, collaborate with patients, partners and employees in ways that are transparent, so that others can take part and learn too.

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Change is changing - how to lead large scale change

  1. 1. Leading Large Scale Change Steve Fairman, Managing Director (interim) Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons group Charlie Keeney, Programme Director
  2. 2. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 Capability for radical change: HIGH stakes All industrialised countries face profound and defining health care choices over the coming decade… It’s not just funding that will shape the future success of the NHS. As important will be our capacity for improvement and change Simon Stevens Chief Executive NHS England The NHS. . . needs to turbo-charge changes in the way healthcare is delivered to patients David Bennett Chief Executive Monitor We need to up the pace of radical change if we are to truly respond to the lessons of Mid Staffordshire, Winterbourne View and the needs of our population. Jane Cummings Chief Nurse NHS England ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ’’ ’’
  3. 3. Introducing NHS Improving Quality Core purpose: helping the NHS to develop to face and meet the critical challenges ahead Future success of the NHS will rest on all in and who use it having the capability to transform the way we think and work A new lean, impactful, relevant, inspiring organisation, focused on patient benefit
  4. 4. Our approach Developing evidence-based products and programmes supporting delivery of the Outcomes Framework and NHS priorities Active development pipeline for the things that the NHS’ improvement body should do at a national level. Partnerships critical for development and delivery Being at the leading edge of thinking and skills about radical, transformational change and translating this into action for the service
  5. 5. Our new White Paper • Examines leading trends in change and transformation globally • How to make change happen at a faster rate and be more disruptive • join the new breed of leaders across the world, rewriting the rules of change and leading change from the future to get different results • Release date: 4th July 2014 (celebration day for NHS Change Day)
  6. 6. Today’s session 1. Positioning the Horizons group to be at the ‘edge’ – hear from Helen Bevan shortly… 2. …and then a flavour of NHS IQ support on the ground from Charlie Keeney, leading the Clinical Commissioning Group transformational change capability programme 3. Questions and Answers
  7. 7. The remainder of week Visit our stand A34, to: • hear more about our work supporting improvement at scale, • senior team ‘listening clinics’ as we further build our offer, and • details of our upcoming White Paper
  8. 8. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 SEISMIC SHIFTS
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  13. 13. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 SEISMIC SHIFTS Change from the edge
  14. 14. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 Whilst back in the world of health and care... Many of the ways we go about improving health and care were designed in a different mindset for a different set of circumstances Source of image:
  15. 15. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 Some warnings ‘‘The organizations that survive the future will be those that are capable of changing as fast as change itself Gary Hamel’’
  16. 16. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 Leading change in a new era Dominant approach Emerging direction
  17. 17. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1
  18. 18. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1
  19. 19. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 John Kotter: “Accelerate!” • We won’t create big change through hierarchy on its own • We need hierarchy AND network • Many change agents, many acts of leadership • At least 50% buy-in • Changing our mindset • From “have to” to “want to” Source of exicanwave/champions-trolls- 10-years-of-the-cipd-online- community
  20. 20. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 5 ways to lead from the edge - and thrive 1. Embrace disruption 2. Curate knowledge 3. Build bridges to connect the disconnected 4. Roll with resistance 5. It starts with me
  21. 21. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 @corprebels Across the world, the change agent movement Is exploding! @rebelsatwork
  22. 22. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 And it’s happening in healthcare!
  23. 23. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 is the new normal! “By questioning existing ideas, by opening new fields for action, change agents actually help organisations survive and adapt to the 21st Century.” Céline Schillinger Image by
  24. 24. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 The 90/30 conundrum of senior leaders say that to create more innovation, they need to activate the radicals/rebels/heretics/ mavericks in their organisations or systems of senior leaders are very satisfied that radicals/rebels can provide this value in their organisations or systems Source:
  25. 25. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 5 ways to lead from the edge - and thrive
  26. 26. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 An “overcoming resistance” mindset
  27. 27. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1 “The most basic not-so-secret formula for building an innovation culture is pretty simple - embrace diversity and start to attract, retain and promote a diverse workforce that looks differently, works differently, dress differently, speaks differently and is inclusive of the full spectrum of human sexual orientation and gender identities.” Source of image: Diversity: critical to innovation “Do this before you start hiring consultants and rethinking your innovation process; there is no process that works without true diversity.” Idris Moore
  28. 28. @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014@stevefairman1
  29. 29. Supporting CCGs and local systems to get their ambitions for patient-centred transformation off to the best possible start @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014
  30. 30. Our learning…  Collaboration and broad partnership  Commitment -v- compliance  Impact of shared purpose  Loose – tight properties  Learning through doing  Wider yield @HelenBevan @CharlieKeeney @nhsiq #confed2014