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A check out service for users to leave location specific feedback and gain rewards.

Users are able to choose between an express or full-review option to leave valuable information about their experience.

Businesses are given the option to place specific survey questions and reward users by offering targeted coupons/discounts, facilitating a low cost B2C relationship.

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  • QR code- Time stamp
  • Friends left the locationCatch up on the leaderboardBad reviews
  • Checks in using QR Code as he waits to get seated at his table. Time stamp 8:20pmHis waitress- Ann stops by and takes his order- grabs the “The Cadillac“ Burger without onions after a convincing To Do from his friend.His order comes with onions and after 10 minutes of attempting to track down his waitress to change the order, Ann finally returns and apologizes and sends the order back to the kitchen. Wally’s not happy at this point. His food comes finally arrives correct and he finishes his meal and gets ready to leave the restaurant.On his way out- he notices a Check Out QR Code by the exit and grabs his phone and scans it to “check out”He’s short on time before the show and opts to use the express check out- “how was your waitress today?” the question reads….. Please select their name….. Rate 1-5, 1 equals poor and 5 equals greatWally proceeds to select Ann from the list and rates her a 2. Taps the check out button and receives the “Critic Badge” and 1060 Bistro has offered him a 10% discount off his next bill. Time stamp- 9:00pmSweet-On to the show- Wally arrives to the show at SU and realizes he made a mistake on the time of the show. The show doesn’t begin for another 30 minutes. Hmmm. Thinking about the horrible service he just received, Wally remembers the time he stopped at PazzaNotte for a quick brunch 2 days ago- “now that food was great” He opens his foursquare application and goes to his history of locations. There it is PazzaNotte. He taps the checkout option- full review he chooses. The brunch was excellent- service was great and a reasonable price… a must try… 4 out of 5 stars. He taps check out.. He now gains +3 points for full reviewing a location and +2 points for Time Traveling since his review was for 2 days ago.
  • At the reminder screen, two options are added to the bottom of the screen, an OK and CHECK OUT. Tapping OK will dismiss the screen. This is for those who wish to use their phones after checking in. CHECK OUT is available for those who, immediately after checking in, put their phones away and don’t touch them till they leave a venue. Since the reminder will still be the main screen, adding the CHECK OUT button will allow users to quickly check out of their last place. The button takes the User to either a QR reader which redirects to the location checkout screen or directly to the check out screen.
  • QR code check out offers the most accurate measure of a user’s time at a location. If Users check in and/or check out of locations with the use of the QR code, it is assumed they are standing in front of a QR code either inside the store or just outside the store. Adding window stickers/signs that encourage users with badges/rewards to use the 4square QR checkout would need to be implemented.
  • 1060 Bistro managerResponsible for customer satisfaction- employee scheduling- and new menu items testing.Regularly follows restaurant and food magazine “XXX” and noticed an article on foursquare business conference.Learns of the ability to track customer experience and satisfaction and how to reach customers in an cheap low cost manner.Decides to log on to and set up the 1060 Bistro business interface. He signs in and verifies he is the manager of the 1060 bistro and is able to enter a special for foursquare users. He enters a breakfast special. Prints off his check in QR code and Check out QR code posting them on the outside and inside of his store entrance and exit respectively. Next, he enters the dashboard and glances at the metrics available to him, who’s checked in, how many check ins, what time, etc. He proceeds to enter the 4-5 survey questions he wants to reach his customers from 8pm-10pm. He adds the references to the questions and chooses the scales he wishes to use for his questions. He double checks his questions and submits his questions. Finally, he decides to enter a reward/discount for the users who use the checkout system. Sam logs on to the foursquare business interface a week later to view the results of last weeks operations. In addition to check ins, check outs, time stamps, check in frequencies, etc. Sam is presented with locations previous and after his restaurant, complete demographic information of the users entering 1060 Bistro, and full reviews and ratings by users. He is presented with a graph of Time v. Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. clearly showing him at what time (customer experience was great and when it was not). At this time, Sam can look back at who was serving, cooking, and hosting to discern their performance for the week. Additionally, Sam can check the results of the special of the week- did users who tried the special enjoy it-recommend it, etc.
  • View Shoutouts and To DosMore complete demographic informationIntegrate twitter chat into business interface
  • Foursquare check out

    1. 1. Tom Showalter<br />Foursquare Check Out<br />
    2. 2. Core Service<br />A check outservice for users to leave location specific feedback and gain rewards. <br />Users are able to choose between an express or full-review option to leave valuable information about their experience. <br />Businesses are given the option to place specific survey questions and reward users by offering targeted coupons/discounts, facilitating a low cost B2C relationship. <br />…on to Advantages <br />
    3. 3. Advantages <br />Business:<br />Low cost business analysis tool<br />Gather valuable consumer information<br />Facilitate consumer relationships<br />Operations data<br />Quickly research specific product/service questions<br />User:<br />Better location information<br />Additional layer to “the game”<br />Provides an opportunity to voice opinions<br />…on to User Narrative<br />
    4. 4. Meet Wally<br />“Connected Opinionator”<br />Opinionated, young adult, late teens to early 20s.<br />Always connected to his nextwork(s) by smartphone. <br />He is a very popular individual with more than 1,000 friends on Facebook and 2,000 followers on twitter. <br />He embraces social media and shares everything with everyone. <br />…on to Experience <br />
    5. 5. Wally’s Experience: Step 1<br />Dinner at 1060 Bistro at Genesee Grande Hotel before catching a show at SU.<br />Not too great an experience<br />Checks out to leave feedback about his experience.<br />…on to Interface Exp. <br />
    6. 6. Wally’s Experience: Step 2<br />Reminder<br />Check In<br />…on to Access: Option 1<br />
    7. 7. Wally’s Access: Option 1 <br />QR Code<br />Strategically placed near the exit of a venue.<br />URL redirects to a venue’s foursquare check out screen.<br />Most accurate time stamp of a user leaving a venue.<br />…on to Access: Option 2<br />
    8. 8. Wally’s Access: Option 2<br />History<br />2nd option to check out is available in a user’s profile history.<br />Allows users to check out after they have left a venue.<br />Goal is to increase check outs to deliver maximum value to businesses.<br />…on to Choice: Option 1<br />
    9. 9. Wally’s Choice: Option 1<br />Express<br />Designed to be quick and easy for users.<br />Modular format<br />Businesses are able to display a survey question, its reference, and an input scale. <br />…on to Choice: Option 2<br />
    10. 10. Wally’s Choice: Option 2<br />Full Review<br />Allows users to leave feedback on “their terms”<br />Creates a catalog of ratings<br />Ideally, users post the review to their social networks.<br />Mimics Yelp! and other review sites<br />…on to Rewards<br />
    11. 11. Wally’s Rewards<br />Badges<br />Location Discounts<br />…on to Business Narrative<br />
    12. 12. Meet Sam<br />1060 Bistro Restaurant Manager<br />Responsible for day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction.<br />Low budget, busy schedule<br />…on to Business Access<br />
    13. 13. Sam’s Access<br />…on to Business Choices<br />
    14. 14. Sam’s Choice<br />Sam can enter:<br />Survey Questions<br />i.e. How was your server today?<br />References to each question<br />i.e. Ann, Jill, Mary, Bill<br />Type of scale for each question<br />i.e. Poor to Great, Disagree to Agree, etc.<br />Determine which question set is distributed to which user base on checkin frequency.<br />i.e. new, reoccurring, or loyal customer<br />Random special during checkout<br />…on to Business Advantages<br />
    15. 15. Sam’s Advantage<br />Most recent visitors<br />Most frequent visitors<br />The time of day people check in<br />Total number of unique visitors<br />Histogram of check-ins per day<br />Gender breakdown of customers<br />Portion of foursquare check-ins broadcast to Twitter and Facebook<br />Most frequent time of visit<br />Length of visit<br />Location trends<br />Survey answers <br />Survey answers matched against length of visit, time of visit<br />Full Reviews/Ratings<br />Specials conversion rates<br />And more…<br />Current<br />New<br />…on to Potential Levels & Pricing<br />
    16. 16. Premium Metrics & Pricing<br />Standard<br />View answers in a convenient display<br />No location trends<br />Limited demographic data displayed<br />Select premade survey questions<br />Premium<br />Create your own survey questions<br />View all metrics possible<br />Pricing<br />$30/user/month –<br />salesforce chatter- $15/u/mo<br />Trial period<br />…on to Launch<br />
    17. 17. Foursquare Business Conference<br />Showcase:<br />User improvements<br />Business Interface<br />What does foursquare mean for businesses?<br />Convince businesses you have the consumers<br />Currently Foursquare has extremely high visibility-<br />Use it- build upon it <br />Public Relations<br />…on to Potential Benefits<br />
    18. 18. Potential Benefits<br />NYC:<br />18,696 ‘dining out’ restaurants in NYC.<br />15% adoption rate @ $30price<br />=$84,132/user/month<br />100% adoption rate @ $30price<br /> =$560,880/user/month<br />Worldwide??<br />Reference<br /><br />…on toCode<br />
    19. 19. Programming Options<br />…on toDatabase Interaction<br />Shoutout- TheFacturi<br />
    20. 20. Enter Check Out<br /><?php<br />$bizdb=mysqli_connect(localhost,username,pw,biz_id) or die(Error connecting to Server)<br />$query= SELECT Q_Set FROM Survey_Questions<br />$result=mysqli_query($query)<br />while($Q_Set=mysqli_fetch_array($result,MYSQL_ASSOC)<br />function getcheckins() {<br /> if (checkins== some #)<br /> return [$Q_Set==1]<br /> else if (checkins== some #)<br /> return [$Q_Set==2]<br /> else if (checkins== some #)<br /> return [$Q_Set==3]<br />?><br />//next step is to pull question, reference, and scale and var_dump<br />// note: randomize question by pulling row# and reordering<br />Action<br />Tapping the check out button <br />Process<br />Sends a request to get:<br />userid<br />Vid<br />checkins<br />Runs getcheckins() function in order to determine if user is new, reoccurring, or loyal.<br />Result<br />Brings up check out screen<br />Pulls corresponding question, reference, and scale from business’ Survey_Questions table.<br />…on toCon’t Interactions<br />
    21. 21. User Interactions<br />Action<br />User inputs responses into form.<br />Taps 2nd check out button to submit data<br />Process<br />Stores user form data in the user’s Survey_Answers table.<br />Checks user badge/rewards/count status<br />Result<br />Returns rewards screen<br />…on toCon’t Interactions <br />
    22. 22. Reward Interactions<br />Process<br />Calls userid table and gets:<br />$vname<br />$vaddress<br />$togo<br />$badge<br />Result<br />Displays rewards and thanks user for checking out.<br /><?php<br />//variables need to be defined: $vname, $vaddress, $togo, $badge, $bizdiscount<br />var_dump(‘$vname’)<br />var_dump(‘$vaddress’)<br />echo ‘Thanks for Checking Out @’ . $vname<br />;<br />echo ‘You’ve received the’ . $badge .<br />;<br />echo ‘If you check out’ . $togo . ‘more times you will receive’ . $bizdiscount . ‘off at our store!’;<br />//return leaderboard points and etc. here<br />?><br />…on toSummary Step by Step<br />
    23. 23. Summary Step by Step<br />getuser( grabs userid from checkin)<br />getvenue( grabs vid from checkin)<br />getcheckins( checks user checkins against specified set of parameters to determine new, reoccurring, or loyal customer and returning the related question set (Qset))<br />getquestion( pulls random question from specified Qset)<br />getcheckouts( checks number of user checkouts against set parameters for managing Qsets, badges, and rewards)<br />checkout_submit( populates survey_answers table with user inputs)<br />update_status( updates user’s foursquare status)<br />update_rewards( adds badges/rewards to userid)<br />…on toDatabase Tables<br />
    24. 24. Biz_table<br /> Specific venue’s table<br />vid- venue id- INT<br />vname- venue name- string- VARCHAR<br />vaddress- venue address- string- VARCHAR <br />userid- user id- INT<br />checkins- freq. of checkins last 90 days- INT<br />…on toSurvey_Questions table<br />
    25. 25. Survey_Question table<br /> Stores question order information entered by businesses<br />vid- venue id- INT<br />Q_Set- which set question is from- INT<br />Question_Plc- which specific question is used- INT<br />Ref_Set- question reference data used- INT<br />Scale_Set- type of scale used by question- INT<br />…on toReferences table<br />
    26. 26. References table<br /> Stores reference information entered by businesses<br />vid- venue id- INT<br />Ref_Set- question reference data used- INT<br />Ref_Name- row name that is displayed- String- VARCHAR<br />Ref_1, Ref_2, Ref_3, Ref_4, Ref_5 – <br />Inputted choices by businesses to be selected as an array- pulls row- VARCHAR<br />…on toScale table<br />
    27. 27. Scale table<br /> Stores scale information entered by businesses<br />vid- venue id- INT<br />Scale_Set- type of scale used by question- INT<br />Scale_Label- row name that is displayed- VARCHAR<br />Scale- image file to be pulled from file to be displayed<br />…on toQuestions table<br />
    28. 28. Questions table<br /> Stores questions entered by businesses<br />vid- venue id- INT<br />Question_Plc- which question is to be displayed- INT<br />Q_Set- which set question is from- INT<br />Ques_1- actual question to be displayed- string -VARCHAR<br />…on toBusiness Interface Structure<br />
    29. 29. Business Interface Structure<br />…on toUser- Answers table<br />
    30. 30. <ul><li>FR_Rating- rating value inputted- INT
    31. 31. FR_Txt- text inputted- VARCHAR
    32. 32. Checkout_Count- number of check outs- INT</li></ul>Survey_Answers table<br /> Stores answers entered by users<br />vid- venue id- INT<br />userid- user- INT<br />Q_Set- which set question is from- INT<br />Question- which specific question is used- INT<br />Ref_Set- question reference data used- INT<br />Scale_Set- type of scale used by question- INT<br />Ref_Ans- what ref value was inputted- VARCHAR<br />Scale_Ans- what scale value was inputted- INT<br />…on toUser Structure<br />
    33. 33. Check Out Structure<br />
    34. 34. The End<br />Created by: Tom Showalter Jr.<br />-Phone: 651-278-1064<br />-Twitter: tomshowalter<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />