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FieldTrip! provides interactive tours for any destination and turns learning into a game. Stores student pictures of the experience, creating photo albums to share with their friends and family.

FieldTrip! provides interactive tours for any destination and turns learning into a game. Stores student pictures of the experience, creating photo albums to share with their friends and family.



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  • Not just musuems, but historical parks, tourism destinations, and even municipal buildings are educational goldmines.Albums created from Multimedia messages
  • Users:We kept them young, impressionable yet knowledgeable in smartphones
  • Extra:James was recently appointed head of public relations at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. With a background in media industries and history, James wants to increase traffic to the LPLM and raise awareness about a new exhibit on Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation. He planned advertisements to run on the local news, LPLM website, facebook page and the local newspaper, but feels he could do more with social media. With the end of the fiscal year coming, James needs to propose and present a new budget to the Museum Foundation executives and needs to determine how many visitors each exhibit brings into the Museum.
  • Guggenheim, LACMA, ALPLM have a primarily female audience in the adverstizing sweet spot of 18-49, which correctly captures the target market of teachers.Foursquare would do well to partner with companies such as the Guggenheim Museum for the sales aspect of the application, but also Discovery Education andPBSKidsbecause of the demographics they pull and the reputations they hold in the educational field.
  • In both captures you’re able to see the name of the student or their group, their status in the tour as well as the time lapsed between way-points.A teacher monitors this screen to ensure students are participating in the field trip. For the name section, a teacher can organize students into groups beforehand. Since this usually helps with younger children
  • Easy access to student/group profilesScroll down the screen to look at all photos taken by a specific student or group.

FieldTrip! FieldTrip! Presentation Transcript

  • FieldTrip!
    Sam Thomas
  • FieldTrip! is…
    provides interactive tours for any destination and turns learning into a game.
    stores student pictures of the experience, creating photo albums to share with their friends and family.
  • Target Market
    Users:Students grades 6-10
    Super Users:
    Teachers Influencers Educational boards
    Curators Parents
    City officials
    Tourism boards
    Historical societies
    States Countries Any business that wants to attract tourists
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  • James, Director of Public Relations at the Lincoln Presidential Library
    32 years old
    Degrees in PR and Marketing
    Passionate about business
    Knowledgeable of the history behind each exhibit
    Encourages feedback from visitors about their experiences
    Reason for Using FieldTrip4 Biz
    Preparing a new budget to submit to the Museum Foundation and needs a breakdown of exhibit traffic
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  • Usage
    Launches Foursquare and logs into Foursquare FieldTrip Business account
    Once logged in, James decides to upload new exhibit information
    He selects EXHIBITS and is directed to create a new exhibit
  • Usage cont.
    The screen prompts James to upload a thumbnail image of the exhibit, and enter the exhibit information, including name, a short paragraph explanation and two sample questions for teachers.
    James enters this information and selects OK when finished
    He is taken back to the main exhibit screen with the option to create additional exhibits or return to the main screen
    James creates the remaining exhibits and returns to the main screen. His work is saved automatically.
    After updating the facility’s information and making appropriate changes, James exports his traffic data for that month and logs out of foursquare fieldtrip.
  • Miss Zwick
    26 years old
    8th grade History & Fine Arts teacher at at a private school
    Constantly tells her students to put their cell phones away
    Owns a smart phone that she uses for more than texting and calls
    Has witnessed a significant lack of control over students during fieldtrips
    Reason for Using FieldTripSearching for the extra layer of learning to maintain student interest during field trips
  • Usage
    In FieldTrip! Miss Zwick creates a customized travel itinerary
    Using her smart phone or the website, she launches the FT app, logs in and searches for the venue of her choice
    Once she selects her venue, the screen presents her with a map of way-points
    After selecting a way-point, Miss Zwick can then select an engagement question or create a question of her own to ensure the student has read and understood the provided information by the business
  • Usage cont.
    Miss Zwick selects each way-point and question and then selects ‘done’ to store her tour for her class
    She now has the option to create a new tour or move onto creating the student profiles from existing school files
    Once the profiles are created she can then create teams or leave each tour on the individual setting
    After saving her tour Miss Zwick is then able to distribute the FieldTrip lists to the parents including parental log-in information
  • Usage Cont.
    The day of the field trip Miss Zwick can now monitor her students as they check-in to attractions and move through way-points from her phone
    By touching a student name, their profile will appear on her screen and show their last three check-ins and the photos they took
    If a student has not shown recent activity Miss Zwick can locate and supervise the student.
  • Heather B.
    13 years old
    Owns a smart phone
    Spends her spare time in extra-curricular activities and enjoys hanging out with her friends
    Has a passion for history and a general interest in state and local government
    Takes trips on the weekends to museums, national parks and historical places with her parents and younger brother
    Gets bored on field trips because there is no interaction, perceives them as a free day
    Reason for Using FieldTripParticipation is required by her teacher
  • Usage
    Heather launches the Foursquare/FieldTrip app
    Logs into her student account and selects the correct field trip out of a list her teacher creates
    Checks-in at the first museum on her list. The welcoming message clears and she selects the first way-point on the map.
    A new message directs her to the first exhibit and she moves about the museum. Once Heather reaches the exhibit, she must answer a short engagement question pre-selected by the teacher. After answering the quick question, Heather takes a picture of the indicated exhibit and writes a short caption.
  • Usage cont.
    Heather then sends the caption in a multimedia message, and another message directs her to the next exhibit.
    Once Heather completes the way-point questions and submits her photos and captions in multimedia messages, she is prompted to select complete on her tour screen.
    After successfully completing the tour, Heather earns the badge for the trip and can then browse her photos and captions from her history.
  • Benefits
  • Monetization
    Education Divisions
    Discovery Education apps like U.S. Geography facilitate exploration of all the regions, could provide potential information sharing
    School Districts
    Purchase online, cloud-based, curriculum application to maximize the value of community assets
    Visitor Bureaus
    Purchase app subscription to Increase marketability of parks, historical sites, etc
    Individual venues
    Purchase app subscription to work directly with promotional campaigns
  • Market Share
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    Discovery Education
    PBS Kids
    Demographic information provided by
  • Monitoring
    While students are on the field trip, teachers can track student participation through the monitoring screen.
    This screen features student names or group names with progress bars and time lapsed between way-points.
  • Albums
    From the participation monitoring screen, teachers can browse student profiles, screening photos and captions for inappropriate content.
  • Rewards
    Users compete & participate to earn badges by successfully completing tours.
    The students must correctly answer the engagement questions, submit all multimedia messages and check out of the trip to earn the badge.
  • The research….
    Toys to Tools: Connecting Student Cell Phones to Education pg 176-7
    Teens and Cell Phones, The Futurist,Jan-Feb 2009
    Creativity Calling, D. Walling
    Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn, L. Rosen