Prophecy - Old Testament
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Prophecy - Old Testament



Part 3 of a four part series given at NHB

Part 3 of a four part series given at NHB



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Prophecy - Old Testament Prophecy - Old Testament Presentation Transcript

  • APPLICATION TODAY Confidence in Fulfillment View of Biblical Revelation Consistency With Current Events Trust in Jesus Christ Optimism for the Future Witness to a Lost World and Culture
  • DANIEL Prior Visions  Unknown Dream – Ch.2 Great statue  Nebuchadnezzar’s Fall  Balthazar’s Feast View slide
  • DANIEL Future Visions  The Regal kings of Persia  The total victory of Alexander  The breakup of Alexander’s empire  The Seleucid/Ptolemy wars and intrigue  Antiochus Epiphanes and the Abomination of Desolation in the temple in Jerusalem  End of human government View slide
  • Daniel’s Prophecy about Israel Timing to the end = 490 years Purpose of God’s plan stated (9:24)  Finish Transgression  Make an end of sin  Atonement for Iniquity  Bring in everlasting righteousness  Seal up vision and prophecy  Anoint the most holy
  • TIMING TO MESSIAH Measured from decree to rebuild the temple – 445 BC (Neh.1:1-2:8) 69 weeks of years out of 70 Messiah cut off or killed People of the Prince who is to come would destroy Jerusalem
  • DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK Focus on the future – our future too Guarantee of Israel’s security Breaking of treaty after 3.5 years Abomination of Desolation
  • THE TIMES OF THE GENTILESLuke 21:24; Romans 11:25 Runs from Babylon through the last Gentile ruler – the Beast Someone out of the old Roman Empire area A warrior ruler taking over from others Ability to confirm a treaty with Israel guaranteeing their security
  • EZEKIEL – RETURN AND TEMPLEChapters 33-48 Jerusalem fell in 585 BC (33) False Shepherds (34) Messiah repl. Judgment of Edom (35) Restoration (36:24-36) New Cov. Dry Bones (37) spiritual life restored as a nation Armies gather against Israel (38) Huge defeat (39) New Temple (40-48)
  • DRY BONES DETAIL (Ch. 37) Faith will come in a day Zech. 12:10 Situation Today I Cor. 3:15-16 Theocracy (22-24) Purity (23) Security (25) Spirituality (26) Intimacy with the Lord (27)
  • THE TEMPLES OF ISRAEL Tabernacle – 400 years Solomon’s Temple – 956 BC Zerrubabel’s Temple 516 BC Herod’s Temple – started AD 20 destroyed by Titus in 70 AD Preparing for the next Temple now
  • WAR IN ISRAEL The War of Independence – 1948 5 armies – 6 months - victory The Six Day War – 1967  200 m to 2 m – Golon Heights Victory The Yom Kippur War – 1973  Attack over holiday – surprise  Overwhelming force – retreat  2 weeks - Cairo and Damascus at risk
  • WAR IN ISRAEL Psalm 83 war  V.4 – Purpose: to wipe out Israel the usual suspects Edom, Amon, Amalek, Moab – Jordan area Ishmaelites – Arabs Gebal? – Near Tyre = Lebanon = Hezbollah Phillistines = Gaza = Hamas Assyria – Syria helping Hezbollah
  • WARS IN ISRAEL War of Ezekiel 38 & 39 Expansion of opposition Large and distant nations arrive Destroyed by God not the Beast War of Armageddon  All the nations of the world  Jesus against the Beast  A personal defeat
  • Wars In Israel – Isaiah 63 The Lord Fights for Israel (1-3) Day of Vengeance (4) Day of Redemption (4) Judgment by Jesus Alone (5-6)