McNaughton Tip3 Graphic Novels


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A picture is worth a thousand words - get the most bang for your circulation buck with some of our favorite visual story telling.

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McNaughton Tip3 Graphic Novels

  1. 1. McNaughton Tip #3 Graphic Novels: A picture’s worth a thousand words.
  2. 2. How’s your graphic novel collection these days? • GNs are a great way to hook reluctant readers • They’re a hit with your junior enlisted • Not just for superheroes any more (though who doesn’t love Batman?) – Many popular teen and kids series have a GN cross over (Twilight, Maximum Ride, and more) – There’s also tons of Non-Fiction GNs which can help beef up your collection’s appeal to Hi-Lo readers
  3. 3. So how do I find these Graphic Novels in Bibz? Start with the “Search” tab.
  4. 4. Search Options There are TONS of search limits you can use in Bibz. Like award winners. The Eisner Awards recognize creative achievement in the Comics Industry. Think Oscars for GNs. If you’re new to GNs you may want to check out some Eisner winner first. To get a list of all the available GNs. You can scroll down to the descriptors. Check both the “Graphic Nonfiction” and the “Graphic Novel” or preform 2 separate searches.
  5. 5. Search Results Here’s our list of available Eisner winners (fiction & nonfiction). They’re sorted by Demand then Title. As you browse remember that the Expanded view is like the old paper catalogs and will display audience info like Age and Grade ranges. Check the box next to titles of interest and ensure QTY is set to 1 (or more) then Apply to Add to List
  6. 6. Did that work? Remember that we’ll know our titles were successfully added by the “Transaction Complete” message and the Active List Name and Itemization. We’ll go to the “GN_ExamplesYA” list to finish up.
  7. 7. Are any of these in a Series? Loads of GNs are part of a series and many GN series have a sub-series or different authors. So you may want to scroll through and add the rest of the series if you’re interested and it’s in the budget. More on completing the series.
  8. 8. Should I just add them all? You probably shouldn’t use the Universal check box when working with GNs. The Comic and Graphic Novel industry is pretty notorious for putting out “limited editions” which will essentially be the same as their predecessors but in this case just in black and white. Sometimes there are authors notes and the comics version of DVD extras. Use your best judgment. Remember the title already on your list will have a green “L” for on a list. And the Spanish language version will have an orange “S”. When you’re confident in your picks click apply to add them to the list then visit your list to finalize your order.
  9. 9. Finish up the order. To place our order will go back to the “GN_ExamplesYA” List. If we’re happy with everything we click “Order”.
  10. 10. Finalize the order. You’ll see your Order List and also your points available. This is the ONLY place on Bibz to see your current points balance. Points balances are also sent in a monthly report – if you’re not getting your report contact the Summer Reading POC ASAP. PO Number’s are optional but you may want to make a note to yourself regarding the order. Then hit “Submit” to finalize.
  11. 11. Success! We’re now the proud owners of some brand new Graphic Novels. Don’t forget Graphic Novels aren’t just for Teens. The GN search limits are also available in your Children’s plans. There’s loads of fun graphic titles (they ARE different from picture books we promise) for Juvenile readers. All teasing aside – there’s also Superheroes! With the recent success of “The Avengers”, “Agents of Shield” and “Arrow”. It may be time to introduce your readers to some of the lesser known heroes. And we’ve got a Superman/Batman movie in the works so don’t forget your marquee heroes.