How to Check Out Books on your iPad


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This slideshow demonstrates how to use the OverDrive Media Console App to check out library books on an iPad. The demonstration is specifically tailored to US Navy General Library Customers.

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  • Your button will say “Free” I have already added the App a few times using my apple id for demonstration purposes so mine just prompts me to install on my demo device.
  • How to Check Out Books on your iPad

    1. 1. How to check-out books on youriPadNavy MWR eLibrary:
    2. 2. You will need…• iPad or other Apple Mobile Device• WiFi Connection (works better than 3G)• Free OverDrive Media Console App• Navy MWR ELibrary Borrower’s Account• Adobe Digital Editions IDLooks like a lot, but mostly it’s setup. Once you get up and runningit’s pretty easy.
    3. 3. Get the App…Turn on the iPad and open the App Store.
    4. 4. Get the App…Search for the OverDrive Media Console App.
    5. 5. Get the App…Download the OverDrive Media Console, it’s free. You will be prompted to enter yourApple ID and Password.
    6. 6. Get the App…The OverDrive Media Console App is now on the iPad. We’ll open Safari to startcreating our Navy MWR ELibrary borrower’s account.
    7. 7. Create your Borrower’s Account…In the Safari browser on the iPad go to .
    8. 8. Create your Borrower’s Account…We can log-in to NKO from any internet connection with a user name and password. Ifyou have a CAC card you can wait to set up your borrower’s account from a CACenabled computer.Don’t have an NKO account? See our How to Create an NKO Account slideshow.
    9. 9. Create your Borrower’s Account…Go to the Reference Tab for all the MWR ELibrary goodness. Today we’re workingexclusively with OverDrive eBooks so select the “ELibrary – Audio & eBooks” from theleft menu.
    10. 10. Create your Borrower’s Account…On the “ELibrary-Audio & Ebooks” page click the OverDrive “download” icon to accessthe Navy MWR ELibrary’s OverDrive site. OverDrive will open in a new page.
    11. 11. Create your Borrower’s Account…Tap the “Login” link at the top of the OverDrive screen.
    12. 12. Create your Borrower’s Account…OverDrive knows we’re an eligible Navy Library customer because we connected to the sitevia NKO.Scroll down for New User set up. You may use any email address and passwordcombination you’d like. Passwords must be over 4 characters long.
    13. 13. Create your Borrower’s Account…After you create your account, you’ll be taken to the “My Account” page. From hereyou can set your preferences, see what you have checked out ,and more.
    14. 14. Checking Out a Book…The OverDrive Media Console App’s direct download feature works with all MP3 Audio &EPub eBooks. To use WMAs or Kindle Books on your iPad see the Basics of AudiobookCheckout and How to Check-Out Books for Kindle slide shows.
    15. 15. Checking Out a Book…The search box at the top right allows us to search by title, author, or keyword, and to limitto a format type. Here we searched for “Navy” in just EPubs. We used the link to sort bymost popular. To start the check out process we’ll hit “add to cart” next to the EPub version.
    16. 16. Checking Out a Book…The “My Cart” screen allows us to hold a copy of the book for 30 mins. while we continuebrowsing or go directly to check out. We’ll keep browsing to find an audiobook as well.
    17. 17. Checking Out a Book…In this search we chose MP3 Audio as our format, searched for Navy, and then sortedby most popular. We’ll add this MP3 to our cart.
    18. 18. Checking Out a Book…On the “My Cart” screen we’ll now see both books in our cart. The default loan periodis 10 Days, but we can change that on the next screen. Click “Proceed to Checkout”.
    19. 19. Checking Out a Book…We can change our loan period with the drop downs. We’ll also see how many books wehave check out at the bottom of the screen. Each Navy user can have 10 items checked outat a time. Tap confirm to continue.
    20. 20. Checking Out a Book…To download the book to the OverDrive Media Console App tap the download button. TheSafari Browser will automatically connect the file to the App. We’ll download the MP3 first.
    21. 21. Downloading Audio…We’ll see the audiobook on the bookshelf screen. The calendar icon tells us how many daysare left in the checkout. The red badge over “Get Books+” tells us how many parts of theaudiobook need to download. Tap “Get Books+” to see more options for using the App.
    22. 22. Downloading Audio…We can control the downloading sections by tapping “Downloads”. The help and settingsfor the App are also on this screen. To get our eBook we’ll tap the “Naval General LibraryProgram” which has been added to our Favorite Libraries automatically.
    23. 23. Downloading eBooks…Tapping a favorite library will open the library’s OverDrive site in the Safari Browser. Wecan tell if we’re still logged in because the link at the top will say “Logout” instead of“Login”. We’ll tap “My Account” to reach our books.
    24. 24. Downloading eBooks…From “My Account” we can see all the books we have checked out on the “My Bookshelf”page.
    25. 25. Downloading eBooks…On the “My Bookshelf” page we’ll see all the books we have checked out. We candownload any EPub eBook or MP3 audiobook directly to our OverDrive Media ConsoleApp. We’ll tap “Download” under “The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors” to read the EPubeBook in our App.
    26. 26. Get and Adobe ID…The first time we download an eBook directly to the OverDrive App we’ll be prompted to enterour Adobe ID or create one. It’s free.Why do you need it? Adobe Digital keeps track of the digital rights attached to the eBooks. It’show the library knows a book is checked out and how you know when it’s due back.Tap “Register at Adobe” to continue.
    27. 27. Get and Adobe ID…We’ll go to the Adobe ID Creation page in the Safari browser. Follow the “Create an AdobeAccount” steps for new users. Think you have an ID but can’t remember a password? Followthe prompts on the Right.
    28. 28. Get and Adobe ID…Once we’ve created an Adobe ID we can close the Safari Browser and return to theOverDrive App. Enter the newly created or existing Adobe ID info and hit authorize.You will only have to do this the first time you checkout an ebook via the OMC App.
    29. 29. Download eBooks…Once authorized our book will download automatically. We’ll see how many days are left ina check-out on the calendar icon. To read the book click anywhere on it’s row. The rightarrow will give title details.
    30. 30. Reading your book…The book will start with the cover or title page. To flip pages drag your finger from rightto left anywhere on the screen.
    31. 31. Reading your book…The Table of Contents page will always be hyperlinked to let us jump to the chapters ofinterest.The pages will all have a bookmark option at the top to let us save our place. At the bottomthere are indicators telling us how many pages are left in a chapter and where we are in thebook.
    32. 32. Reading your book…To change your reading preferences. Tap at the top or bottom of the page to bring upthe preferences and navigation menu bars.
    33. 33. Reading your book…The font Icon changes text size and background color. List icon pulls up the table of contents.Sun icon adjusts brightness. Lock icon keeps the page layout from flipping between landscapeand portrait if the iPad moves. Tap the left arrow to return to the menu.
    34. 34. Returning a book…If you want to return an eBook or MP3 audiobook early you may.To return a book touch anywhere on the row and drag your finger to the left. Tap thedelete button that appears. Then select “Return then Delete”. You may also select the“Edit” button at the top left to be offered these options.
    35. 35. You have…Completed all the 1 time only set up tasks:• Downloaded the OverDrive Media Console App• Created your Navy eLibrary Borrower’s Account• Created your Adobe ID• Authorized your App with your Adobe ID
    36. 36. From now on…• You can go directly to the Navy MWR eLibrary– From the "Get Books+” section of the App– On any device connect to the internet at• Log-in with your email & password• Search for and download MP3 and EPubeBooks directly to your App
    37. 37. Need help?• Full help files:• Visit the Help section of the site for lendingpolicies, and personalized “My Help”.• Or submit your help request to Tech SupportAre you a Fan? Follow us on Facebook forproduct updates and library events fromaround the Fleet.