How to Check Out Books for your Kindle


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This slide show will walk you through creating a Navy MWR eLibrary account, searching for Kindle Books, checking out Kindle Books, and transfering the books to your device.

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  • To download your Kindle book to your device you’ll go through the website…’s mobile website does not have the full range of options needed for the check-out process.
  • If someone else is logged in to already you’ll see their Kindle and Apps listed under “Get library book”. At the top of the screen there will be a link letting you log that person off. You’ll be prompted to log yourself in. You may need to return to the OverDrive Download screen and click the “Get for Kindle” button again.
  • How to Check Out Books for your Kindle

    1. 1. How to check-out eBooks for your Kindle Navy MWR ELibrary:
    2. 2. You will need… • A PC, Mac, or tablet – i.e. something with a non- mobile web-browser. • Navy OverDrive Borrower’s Account – need one? Here’s how to sign-up. • Kindle or Kindle App • Account Information attached to your Kindle or Kindle App • WiFi connection or USB cord
    3. 3. Login to OverDrive You can access the Navy’s OverDrive Library through Navy Knowledge Online (Reference  E-Library – Audio & Ebooks). Or go directly to .
    4. 4. Login to your Borrower’s Account Click the “Existing Downloadable Users” box to sign-in with your OverDrive log-in credentials (email and password). Still need an OverDrive account? Follow the new user information on the OverDrive Login screen or view our tutorial.
    5. 5. Your Account On the “My Account” page. You can set your preferences, access your checked out books, and more. Every OverDrive screen will offer access to the Browse Menus, and display the search boxes at the top right. Our demo begins by clicking “Menu” to cascade our browse options and then selecting “Business & Finance” from the eBook Nonfiction menu.
    6. 6. Browsing for Books Selecting a subject will give you a list of all the ebooks we own that fall within that subject. In this case there are 1433 Business & Finance titles. You can use the tools at the left of the list to sort your results (in this case they are sorted by the date added to our collection), search within your results (let’s try books about money), or even limit your results to books that are currently available for checkout. Then we’ll ensure the books are formatted for our Kindle.
    7. 7. Filtered Results We get 65 titles with our new search filters: “money”, Kindle Books, Available Copies. Hover your mouse over a title to borrow, read a sample, save it to a list by clicking on the bookmark, share it to your social media. To see more information click the “more” icon or the title below the cover image.
    8. 8. Title Details… From the title details screen you’ll see information about the book: available formats, subject, and how many copies. Scrolling down you’ll see book recommendations, a synopsis of the book, and any information about the book’s file size and digital rights. You can also check out the book by clicking “Borrow”. The default loan period for Navy library customers is 10 days but we can change that with the link provided or update it permanently in our account settings.
    9. 9. Checking Out a Book… Your checked out book will appear on your bookshelf. The “My Account” information will list the number of remaining checkouts. Each Navy user can have 10 items checked out at a time. You can return the title to the library, or select download and then confirm the file type you’d like to download, in this case we need the Kindle Book.
    10. 10. Get for Kindle… After we confirm checkout we’ll be taken to You can sign in to your account, or click “Get library book” to proceed. You’ll see your loan’s expiration date and also have the option to return the title.
    11. 11. Get for Kindle… will need you to log-in so it knows where to send your Kindle Book. Make sure you use the account information associated with your Kindle or Kindle App.
    12. 12. Get for Kindle… After log-in, will give you the option to transfer to any of your registered Kindles, or devices with Kindle App. These are wireless transfer options. If there’s no WiFi available at check-out we can still use these options. We’ll just wait to “Sync” the device when WiFi is next available. You may also connect the Kindle to your personal computer with a USB cord and select “Transfer via Computer”.
    13. 13. Transfer… After selecting a device, and hitting continue, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen. You may now “Sync” your device or App to acquire your library book wirelessly. You’ll see information on downloading the library book to any of your other registered Kindle devices or Apps. And there’s still the option to “Download now” for the USB Transfer if you don’t have WiFi.
    14. 14. Returning a book… All audiobooks and eBooks will automatically expire at the end of their loan period, the NGLP does not charge ANY overdue fines for digital content. If you want to return a Kindle book log-in to your account and click “Manage Your Kindle”. Your Kindle books will be listed. The borrowed ones will have an orange “borrowed” next to them. Click the “Actions…” menu next to the book you want to return. Then select “Return this book”.
    15. 15. Need help? • Check out for the latest how-tos, and trouble shooting tips. • Or fill out the Support Request Form, your library card equivalent is your email address. • For more library “How To” tutorials visit: Happy Reading!