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NGA Global Payroll


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  • 1. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA Global Payroll Payroll Means The World To Us
  • 2. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Key Trends & Opportunities in Payroll 2 “Organizations have been focussing on soft issues while ignoring the potential efficiency gains in payroll, in view of compliance, reporting and analytics.” Globalization Service delivery improvement Changing compliance regulations Ageing technology Manage risk Constantly changing business environments with acquisitions, mergers, re-organizations, mobile workforce etc. Take payroll seriously and adhere to SLAs, monitor KPIs, improve accuracy & efficiency, develop effective sourcing model, standardize policies & processes, etc. Stay up to date with tax laws, union requirements and corporate governance compliance Minimal automation & standardization, limited reporting capabilities, lack of integration, dispersed payroll network, out of compliance, etc. Employee over payment, unemployment claims, government and 3rd party overpayments, fines, being out of compliance, lack of data protection, etc. Unify payroll and HR data Search for efficiencies Engage with experts Use technology IT to enable HR Build a controls framework
  • 3. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Key Challenges for Payroll 23% 18% 8% 5% 4% 4% 3% 35% Country-Specific Requirements • Frequent updates to national laws • Varying Data Privacy laws • Regional languages, currencies & time zones • Audits & Remediation Legislative Compliance • Need to be abreast of tax obligations • Pay and work rules Standardized Payroll Process • Pay frequencies and payment methods • Approvals and exception handling Right Global Payroll Talent & Resources Consolidated Management Reporting Regional Capability Consistent Remuneration & Benefits Manage Mobile Workforce Which Payroll Challenges do Global Organizations worry about most?
  • 4. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Copyright NorthgateArinso. All rights reserved. Create a more agile organization Customer Requirements Improve delivery quality Drive down cost Can you help us improve transparency & facilitate HR reporting? Can you help us lower the cost of HR service delivery? Can you help us deploy a single payroll solution and access unified HR data? What do organizations require most? 4
  • 5. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Copyright NorthgateArinso. All rights reserved. Deliver qualitative payroll Customer Requirements Maximize employee satisfaction Become a true HR business partner Can you help us ensure compliance with local regulations? Can you help us focus on strategic HR by streamlining transactional HR? Can you help us deliver a superior local employee experience? What do payroll professionals require most? 5
  • 6. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. 5 Elements Making Up Payroll Complexity 6 • Tax schedule per population • Frequency of legal changes • Garnishments handling • Number of populations (blue collar/white collar/mixed) • Retro- calculations • Complexity caused by labor agreements on company level, national level, industry level, … • Power of unions in negotiating labor agreements • Post payroll tax administration in local language • Rapidly changing tax laws • Different approaches per population, geography and salary schedule • Depth and width of tax reporting • Health Care reform application • Tax-related handling of employee benefits • Global difference in benefits appreciation • Compliance with changing benefits regulation • Legacy labor agreements • Case by case organizational decisions conform union agreements Gross-to-net calculation & legal updates Union involvement and collective labor agreements Taxes & Garnishments Employee benefits Local, industry- specific regulations
  • 7. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA Research - Payroll Complexity Index 2013 7
  • 8. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA Global Payroll “NGA Global Payroll is an end-to-end payroll outsourcing solution for multi-country workforces, combining in-country payroll expertise with market-leading HR technology and consolidated reporting.” • Run payroll in more than 145 countries across the globe • Local language support in 25 languages • Consolidated global payroll reporting • Standardized HR processes • Support for additional HR outsourcing services • Single account manager for a multi- vendor landscape 8
  • 9. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA Global Payroll Combining HR Technology & Services Solution Components NGA Global Payroll Payroll Exchange Best of Breed HRIS World Class HR Service Center Management Preceda Moorepay ResourceLink MyHRW Compliance Payroll & HR Outsourcing Global Processes Global Payroll Network euHReka
  • 10. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. 10 NGA Global Payroll Offering Enterprise and Employee Store Document & Knowledge Management Payroll Exchange Payroll Services Managed Comprehensive Organizational and global employee master data Global pay results, pay slip, … Management and control of integration, data and payroll service Global data localized + time & country payroll specific data Payroll Calendar, Results and Legal Reporting World Class Service Center Management NGA HR Portal | MyHRW Run your payroll in more than 145 countries through NGA’s payroll network. Outsource your payroll processing to NGA, so you can focus on strategic HR matters. Easily connect NGA’s payroll network with one of the certified global HRIS platforms. Manage your HR & payroll data centrally and easily access global payroll reports thanks to the Payroll Exchange. Communicate with NGA SMEs through the integrated case management tool. Certified HRIS platform Payroll Network in 145+ countries
  • 11. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Enabling a Globally Connected Payroll Solution The Payroll Exchange provides companies with robust, easy to manage and standard integration capabilities of NGA’s payroll network and one of the certified best-of-breed HRIS, so HR can benefit from globally compliant payroll outsourcing services. The Payroll Exchange: • Addresses the complexity of globally connecting your payroll platform with a best-of-breed HRIS in an industrialized, compliant way • Translates the complex integrations into standard operations; no need to transfer every integration question to technical staff • Creates a uniform payroll experience across geographies: a single user interface providing access to globally aligned services, HR data, reporting, processing controls, …
  • 12. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Payroll Exchange components 12 Certified Packaged Integration to certified best-of-breed HRIS Access to a certified payroll network in over 145 countries Rich set of payroll optimization and Service Center Management tools + + Unified payroll outsourcing service across the globe
  • 13. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. MyHRW Case Management Tool Designed to help our shared service center agents service employees more efficiently, MyHRW combines case management, knowledge management, on-line reference guides, document management and AskHR. MyHRW seamlessly manages, documents and reports on your interactions with NGA experts, centralized into a globally accessible web-based solution. Application features: • SaaS-only solution designed for scalability, speedy setup and affordable cost • Highly configurable and ease of integration with any HRIS system • Integration with a wide range of IP telephony systems • Flexible framework allowing for easy yet secure integration and event-driven routing rules through incoming email, fax, imaging and workflow • Powerful reporting and dashboard module • Centralized storage and full history of all communications with past and current employees 13
  • 14. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Payroll Delivery Options Distribution of process ownership Client NGA Client NGA Portal Comprehensive Services Managed Services Global workforce 145+ countries 25 languages 30+ service centers Any currency Payroll Exchange HR Systems Workday Fusion PeopleSoft SAP euHReka SuccessFactors BPO/BPaaS BPO/BPaaS Service Center & Expert Support, HR Processing, Data Entry Expert (SME) Support, Complex HR Processing, Corrective Data Entry
  • 15. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA’s Global Payroll Coverage 15 Delivering Payroll services in 145+ countries across the globe
  • 16. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. NGA Global Payroll Contract No more administrative hassle to discuss conditions and SLA on local level. NGA has uniform agreements with in-country experts Invoice You will receive one global invoice for paying your multinational workforce instead of dealing with local accounting issues Contact person Centralized management to steer your payroll globally and to streamline the delivery Statement of Service (SoS) Standardized and uniform services across the different countries represented into a single Service Level Agreement Standardized processes Globally defined interface and way of working 16 Value proposition
  • 17. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Rich Experience and Credentials Governance One Contract and Commercial Terms One Global Solution Consolidated Global Reporting Compliant Global Platform NGA’s Advantage in Global Payroll 17 Fully Compliant and standardized processes across Payroll and Time & Attendance Transparent Global Reporting resulting in a clear view of people costs, regional differences, etc. 100% employee access, uniform employee experience in terms of service levels and process standards No more administrative burden to discuss conditions and SLAs on local level. NGA has uniform agreements with partners Centralized governance to manage your payroll globally and to streamline the delivery including partner management Multiple Industry Vertical & Technology Platforms experience, ‘Leaders’ in various Industry analysts rankings and Practitioner’s approach Scalable Across Borders NGA & partner solutions in over 145 countries with local language support
  • 18. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. What the Industry Is Saying Outsourcing Provider of the Year 2012 2012 BPO & BPaaS Provider of the Year Finalist 2011 Customer Relationship & Global Thought Leader of the Year Multi-Country Payroll Best Practices Award Rewarding the Optimizing Performance award for NGA’s work with Solvay “Market Star Performer” Multi-Country Payroll Landscape, 2012 “Market Leader” HR BPO MarketScape, 2011 “Multi-Country Payroll Leader” Payroll Outsourcing Report, 2013 “Strong Positive” Comprehensive HR BPO MarketScope, 2011 “A Leader in Payroll BPO” Payroll BPO Magic Quadrant, 2013 “Market Leader” MPHRO Vendor Landscape, 2012 “Leading the HRO Winners’ Circle” HfS Blueprint Report, 2014 18
  • 19. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. More Global Payroll Insights & Information 19 Global Payroll Good Reads Go to to learn more about all aspects of multi-country payroll. Global Payroll Datasheet Visit our online Resources Center and download the Global Payroll datasheet. payroll-datasheet
  • 20. NGA Human Resources confidential. All rights reserved. Why NGA? 20 We can help you transform your business-critical HR operations to deliver more effective and efficient people-critical services. In so doing, you’ll become a better employer through smarter, more streamlined business processes — saving money, managing employee lifecycles and supporting an agile, globally connected organization. Making HR Work — Better
  • 21. ThankYou 21