Deep Dive. How to Transition SAP Payroll to HR Cloud


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You don’t have to rethink your payroll process when you move your HR processes to the Cloud. In this webinar experts explain the simple transition path for Payroll so you can maximize all the benefits without having to re-implement SAP Payroll.

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Deep Dive. How to Transition SAP Payroll to HR Cloud

  1. 1. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Deep Dive. How to Transition SAP Payroll to HR Cloud 1
  2. 2. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 2 NGA Cloudify Payroll Taking advantage of NGA’s IP including standardization and integration capabilities • NGA offers Cloudify Payroll for SAP HCM onPremise system landscapes. • NGA’s Cloudify Payroll is a standardized lift & shift approach from a SAP OnPremise payroll solution to the NGA Cloud, which extends the payroll solution with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.
  3. 3. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 3 Cloudify Payroll, Designed to Run Simple • Proper legal risk protections • Matrix of roles/responsibilities within Statement of Work • Defined transition schedule with acceptance criteria • Established governance and service levels • Standard baseline pricing tied to scope and assumptions • Comparable against interface counts, reports and support hours • Fixed terms to be agreed upon; tied to performance Standard Contractual Agreement Straightforward Pricing Simple Terms
  4. 4. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. NGA Cloudify Payroll From a solution perspective the following components are identified with the objective of having a reliable, integrated, cost-effective payroll in the Cloud, under a single proven end-to-end provider. 1. Due Diligence: fit gap process based on standardized templates 2. Payroll Lift & Shift to Cloud: Customer SAP ERP HCM Hosting migration to NGA Cloud 3. SuccessFactors EC Core HR • Employee Central Implementation (Rapid Deployment) • Integration between SAP PY and SF EC Core HR 4. End to end Application Management Services: Cloudify payroll offering ensures end to end maintenance of the entire solution by provisioning ongoing Application Management Services covering: • Cloud Hosting and SAP Basis • SAP Payroll • SuccessFactors EC • Integration (*) Language coverage • Application Management Services teams provide support worldwide in English as standard. • Additional languages are optionally available at additional cost; on an ad hoc basis can also be bundled with other BPO services. 4
  5. 5. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. NGA Cloudify Payroll Deliverables - Due Diligence Description 5
  6. 6. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 6 Lift & Shift SAP ERP Payroll to Cloud • Prepare: As result of the Due Diligence, NGA together with the customer will choose the migration approach and plan the required actions. This will take into considerations the complexities of the as-is and to be landscape transformation and interfaces requirements. • Design: NGA will design standard target platform including system specific requirements. • Build: NGA will build the Cloud based dedicated system landscape based in the copy of the existing on promise systems. NGA will implement during this phase all the changes in the systems and applications that were identified during the design phase. • Verify and Deploy: NGA together with the customer will go through testing scenarios to verify that the migrated systems fulfill the requirements and can operate according to the expectations. • Operate: As final step during the cutover process, the new Production system goes live and the Onpremise system is switched off. Design Build Verify & Deploy OperatePrepare
  7. 7. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. The Lift & Shift is the transition process in which the SAP ERP PY system is migrated from the OnPremise to the NGA Cloud. NGA will build the customer dedicated SAP ERP landscape (Dev, Test and Prod) based in a copy of the existing SAP ERP systems using SAP standard and supported copy procedures. The right system copy method is chosen in case by case basis. NGA can optionally combine the migration with database upgrades when required. 7 Lift & Shift SAP ERP Payroll to Cloud NGA migration approach has the aim to make the process transparent and seamless to the customer. However NGA will require obviously collaboration from the customer technical teams in some of the steps of the process. OS/DB Migration SAP Application Database Operating System SAP Application Database (new) Operating System (new)
  8. 8. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 8 NGA Cloud Hosting Services • NGA understands the core value of its Cloud Hosting Services as a simple and customer friendly HR hosting solution, allowing customers to easy leverage their environments to the next level, adding peace of mind and allowing them to focus on HR results, while technical capabilities are guaranteed by NGA. • NGA will transition the OnPremise SAP HCM systems to the NGA Cloud and provision NGA Cloud Hosting services, including: − SAP Certified IT Infrastructure and SAP Application Hosting − World class data center facilities − Market-leading private Cloud infrastructure solutions − Flexible capacity and dynamic platform. − Integrated backups and seamless data replication between production and DR site − Platform operations and technical infrastructure management − Proactive maintenance − Technical request support services − System change management − Software maintenance − Application and performance monitoring − Security management − Availability SLA based in 24x7 operating hours − Disaster Recovery plan for Production including yearly DR test
  9. 9. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 9 Cloud Hosting Services - Standard System We define a standard SAP ECC landscape for the Cloudify service: • 3 system landscape Dev, Test & Prod • Only PA/PY/TM • No Internet accesible Web scenarios (available as option) ○ e.g. ESS/MSS • Supported interfaces ○ SAP Standard (ALE/RFC) ○ File transfer with FTPS SAP SLA offering: The support stack is defined as: • Datacenter: Infrastructure, Hosting, Systems, DBA, some SAP Basis activities • NGA: SAP HR (AMS) , integration and some SAP Basis activities
  10. 10. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. • NGA information security policy is aligned to the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. • Certifications: ISO 27001 BS25999/ISO22301 SAFE HARBOR FRAMEWORK ITIL SOC1 / SOX • Data Privacy and Compliance NGA follows all data protection laws in all the countries in which we operate but adhere to the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and to the European Union directive 95/46/EC 10 NGA Security Policies
  11. 11. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 11 NGA Cloudify to HANA With Cloudify you can optionally choose to move your PY system to HANA DB (Suite on HANA) and take advantage of new features enabled for SAP PY on the in memory platform. Allows Real - Time HR Analytics & SAP Payroll Control Center Add-on NGA will handle seamlessly for you the burden of the move to HANA. HANA
  12. 12. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 12 SuccessFactors EC Core HR • The Cloudify standard process includes Employee Central Rapid Deployment Solution, which deploys an EC basic template in a very short time, 12 weeks, with an accelerated methodology. • NGA proposes this approach as a basic, normally sufficient first step into SuccessFactors EC setup, obviously in a complex scenario, with long term planning, non-standard integration, or multiple modules, a longer project approach should be evaluated, offering the full benefits of traditional implementations. NGA can cover as well any highly complex SuccessFactors implementations. • SuccessFactors Employee Central usage requires a license from SAP. Whether customer has already a license or not, NGA has preferred sales agreements for SuccessFactors under SAP partner license sales strategy. • NGA SuccessFactors Application Management Services do not change based on SAP Support underneath. NGA Successfactors Admins take responsibility of dealing with SAP support within the service scope.
  13. 13. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 13 SuccessFactors - EC Rapid Deployment Solution • The Employee Central Rapid Deployment Solution has a fixed scope and serves as a fast, and in most cases, cost effective implementation, alternative for many customers in contrast to our traditional custom implementations (based on SAP Launch Methodology). • Description: − Kickoff − Assessment − Assessment Results Alignment − System Administrator and Setup Training − Best Practice Configuration − Configuration Refinement and System Setup − End User Train-the-Trainer − Testing and Validation − PROD Setup − Go-Live Checklist − AMS Transition
  14. 14. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 14 SAP Payroll & SuccessFactors AMS Cloudify Payroll Services Fixed Price / Contract Application Maintenance • Corrective, Adaptive & Preventive • All Configuration; Provisioning, XML, Advanced Reporting Tools, Boomi, HCI • ITIL Processes Framework User Support • Technical & operational support • Navigation support Processing Support • Support and management of automated processes • Execution of agreed mass data updates • Execution of agreed routine reports Integration and Performance Monitor • Monitoring and troubleshooting data mapping and 3rd party integration issues • Web performance monitoring and reporting Release Management • Management, implementation and testing of new releases and enhancements. • Refresh management • Yearly Road Map plan Configuration Changes • Minor changes included (less 4 hours) • Catalogue of Change Requests • Ad-hoc Change Requests Security Management • Management of application security • Role Based Permissions Business Continuity Management • Continuity planning and disaster recovery support in line with approved plans. Documentation Maintenance • Technical & configuration document updates
  15. 15. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 15 Project Plan and Timelines • Overall the entire process takes 16 tight weeks of full time work, to cover standard scope. Any delay or scope deviation would imply either increased timelines or cost. • Due diligence not included in this plan Payroll to Cloud Migration (16 weeks) SuccessFactors EC Setup (12 weeks) AMS Payroll & SF EC (8 weeks) • Preparation and Analysis • Dry run copy (Test) • Production Migration • Test Migration • Development Migration • Documentation • Go-live • Preparation • Best Practice Configuration • Refinement • Final Configuration • Go-live • AMS Standard Transition • Deliverables Sign-off • Go-live
  16. 16. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 16 AMS Service Transition Description To transition services is an important process involving many teams. Within NGA, you gain the benefit of our qualified transition professionals, their dedication and experience in providing fully scalable project management and application management capabilities. • Transition to NGA takes place ensuring risk is managed and minimized • Productivity is increased as clear roles, responsibilities and deliverables are available • Single point of contact providing a comprehensive communication approach and timelines Governance Setup NGA Transition Methodology AMS Go-live
  17. 17. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 17 Governance Model - Roles - IMPORTANT UPDATE • Provides a Single Point of contact for the client • Follows up on ticket pool for a client and ensures tickets are properly completed in terms of quality within SLA • Assign ticket to the correct agent (2nd or 3rd level support) • Participates in service delivery meetings with SMEs Single Point of Contact (SPOC) • Incident Management: responsible for assessing ticket ownership and follows up on actions • Change Management: Responsible for the execution of the change management process. • Release management: coordination and validation • Reporting, SLA monitoring, compliance IT Client Service Owner (ITCSO) • Ensure the operations for the client are consistently delivered across delivery teams • Support delivery teams in any issues. Coordinate changes with a global impact • Act as escalation point for client • Participates in annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly governance meetings IT Client Account Manager (ITCAM) Previously Case Controller SFSF SPOC ROLE
  18. 18. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 18 NGA Transition Methodology Transition Planning Knowledge Transfer Shadow Support Reverse Shadow Support Calibration Steady State • Transition team assigned • Detailed transition work plan approved • Transition resource plan created • Knowledge transfer approach finalized • Documentation available • Induction to Client • Connectivity and system access ready • System and process documentation review • Knowledge transfer sessions completed and processes documented • Release and Transport management aligned • Governance and Service management framework aligned • Operational Metrics/SLA Management in place • Stabilization plan created • Client processing tickets/executing service activities as usual • NGA shadows way of working • Questions can be asked • Further amending documentation • Further internal training sessions • Business as usual• NGA fully responsible for service delivery • Closing steering committee • Implementing operational service delivery meetings • Further tuning of service delivery reporting • Stabilization plans implemented • NGA providing the services • Client still available for questions and Q&A • Further amending documentation • Further internal training sessions • Service review meetings • Measurement and reporting of performance HYPERCARE PERIOD
  19. 19. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 19 Global Service Delivery Network Buenos Aires [S] St. John’s [L] Jacksonville [P] Dalian [S] Granada [S] Hyderabad [S] Kochi [S] Manila [S] Birmingham [P] NGA has 30+ service delivery points, including 7 Strategic Service Delivery Centers, enabling HR & Payroll services in 145 countries, supporting more than 25 spoken languages and any currency. Sydney [P] Katowice [S] Kuala Lumpur [L] local NGA office | [S] Strategic Delivery Center | [P] Premium Delivery Center | [L] Local Delivery Points Sao Paulo [L] 50+ offices 7 strategic centers 3 premium centers 30+ delivery points
  20. 20. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. • Due to the nature of the Cloudify offering, the cost model has to be developed for each customer based on the assumptions described below. and certified integrations with SAP and SuccessFactors • NGA Cloudify Payroll cost depends on a number of assumptions: − # employees (PY and SF) − Countries − Contract Labor Agreements − Legal Entities − Integration and Interfaces − NGA Cloud Hosting size − Service Delivery & Locations − Additional adhoc Services 20 Cost Model Employees (Payroll and SuccessFactors Contract Labor Agreements Countries Legal Entitles NGA Cloud Hosting SiteIntegration and InterfacesAdditional adhoc Services Services and Delivery locations
  21. 21. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 21 What Makes NGA’s Cloudify Payroll Offering Different? • Leverages your current onPrem payroll to make the most of the cloud • Remain current throughout your payroll cycles: upgrades and maintenance • Guaranteed Compliance • Service Level Agreements to ensure quality and accuracy • Global and Local Based expert support • Support for Integrated Global Payroll • Best practice driven operations • 40 years of experience implementing, maintaining and supporting SAP and SuccessFactors install base • Proven and certified integrations with SAP and SuccessFactors
  22. 22. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 22 5 Reasons to Cloudify Your SAP Payroll
  23. 23. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 23 Analyst Recognition NGA leads in SuccessFactors Services according to HfS Research for SuccessFactors Innovation and End-to-End Delivery Capabilities HfS Blueprint Reports 2016 – SuccessFactors Services Download the free report:
  24. 24. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 24 NGA By The Numbers SAP BPO partner since 1994 SuccessFactors BPO partner since 2012 Certified Cloud Consultants 175+ Successful Cloud Implementations 300+ Proven track record in 49countries 30% cost reduction witnessed by our customers through our application maintenance services Over 150 HR BPO customers 800+Application Maintenance experts worldwide 115,000+ tickets managed every year 300+Application Maintenance customers across the globe 35 Offices in 40+years of experience in HR 30+ 1,500,000 + employees served countries languages spoken in our HR service delivery centers 9 HR platforms on which NGA can deliver HR services 100+ Hosting SAP HCM platforms 30+ Service delivery points, 7 including Strategic Service Delivery Centers 6m+employees served on NGA- installed HR systems Working with 1,000+HR system implementations 1 out of 5of Fortune 500 companies 523m £835m $ FY2013 revenue 145+ Providing HR & Payroll services in countries
  25. 25. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. 25 NGA Resources Center Are you looking for more information? 5 Reasons to Cloudify Your SAP Payroll. Watch the recording of this webinar at Maximize Your Strategic Cloud HR Investment After Implementation. Watch the recording of this webinar at Watch our recording of our webinar: ‘Deep Dive. How to Transition SAP Payroll to HR Cloud’
  26. 26. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Contact Us More questions? Contact us. Raul Camacho Martin – Director SuccessFactors Application Services, NGA Human Resources Contact me: Aitor Vinos – VP IT Client Service Management, NGA Human Resources Contact me:
  27. 27. Copyright NGA Human Resources. All rights reserved. Thank You 27