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the transition development of the china foundry industry

the transition development of the china foundry industry



the transition development of the china foundry industry peng fan

the transition development of the china foundry industry peng fan



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    the transition development of the china foundry industry the transition development of the china foundry industry Presentation Transcript

    • The plight and situation of Manufacturing
    • The changing World # 1---Population Changing1 ) Qua it incr singr pidl Goba popul t is 7Bilion in 20 a w lr ch 9bilion in 20 , nt y ea a y: l l aion l 11 nd il ea l 50 a incr se by1 bilion ev y20yeas nd ea l er r2) Aging: Curenty8 milion popul t ov 60yeas ol cov 12.8 oft a popul t r l 93 l aions er r d, er % ot l aion; for stw lr ch 2.4bilion in 20 a cov 3 % oft a popul t A societ is coming. eca il ea l 50 nd er 0 ot l aion. ging y
    • The changing World #2---UrbanizationUr nizaion: T r a popul t fir t ov pa t ur n popul t in 20 7. ba t he ur l aion st ime er ss he ba aion 0Ov 50 peopl l ing in cit in 20 -60 in 20 0-67% in 20 er % e iv y 12-- % 3 -- 50
    • The changing World #3---Climate ChangingW l Cl t Cha ord imae nging: Compae t 18h Cent y, T gl l a er ge sur ce t r o t ur he oba v a fa emper t e incr sed 0 cent a T most hotest 12 yeas fr aur ea .76 igr de. he t r ommet ol lobser aion, 11 yeas ae in bet een 1994a 20 5. T emission ofgr eor ogica vt r r w nd 0 he eenhouse ga incr ses r pidl T imper t Huma is biggera ses ea a y, he il o n ndbigger T env onmenta it pr ect is acommon issue foralcount ies . he ir nd s ot ion l r
    • The changing World #4 ---GlobalizationGobaizaion: Due t t gl lcommunicaion, IT t a t t is mor a mor conv , t “Goba v l ge” ma t cont ctbet een counties mor a mor l l t o he oba t , r nsporaion e nd e enient he l l ila kes he a w r e nd ecl t gl is cha “smal a smal ” . ose, he obe nging ler nd ler1 ) F om 1950t 20 4 t gl l ta v ume incr sed 27.5 t r o 0 , he oba r de ol ea imes;2 ) T or nizaion per ming t gl l business incr sed fr 170 0t 70 0 ; he ga t for he oba ea om 0 o 0 03) In t pa 4 yeas, T seat a t t incr sed fr 60kil t es t 270kil t es. he st 0 r he r nsporaion ea om o on.mil o o on.mil
    • The changing China #1—from “ Quantity” to “Quality”Since opening t t out w l fort l st3 yeas, Chinais t mostquickesteconomyincr sing county(1979- 0 t a er ge economyincr se w h t high l elof o he side ord he a 0 r he ea r 20 9), he v a ea it he ev9.8 Chinese G ar dyexceed Jpa a pl yt numbert o ofgl lbusiness, l s ofindex (ca saes, phone useret ea No. one, “Qua it r l t pr e of %, DP lea a n nd a he w oba ot r l c.)r ch nt y” eaized, he essurr ce, env onmenta compet ion incr sed, so t dev opmentmustcha fr “ qua it t “Quait t r ing t biggestbot t st ongest esour ir nd it ea he el nge om nt y” o l y, aget he h he r .
    • The changing China #2—Urbanization progressF t fir t Chinese ur nizaion is ov 50 in 20 t fut e ur nizaion w lspeed up gr t or he st ime, ba t er % 11, he ur ba t il owh.
    • The changing China #3—Cheap labor cost will no longer back againIn t pa 3 yeas fr R m a Open, l borcostincr sed a er ge 14 a ly. Saaydoubl ev yfiv yeas. Compaing w h dev oped counties, t he st 0 r om efor nd a ea v a % nnual l r es er e r r it el r hega ofl borcostr p a educed fr 20t t 46t om imes o - imes
    • The changing China #4--- Environment and resource pressure increased rapidly T curentv ume of4 ma miner l w lonl r in 24a er5- yeas, onl 6a er15- yeas, 1/ peopl st ldr unquaified w t , one t d ofcit he r ol 5 in as il y ema ft 10 r y ft 20 r 4 e il ink l aer hir y peopl br t polut a , cit r e eah l ed ir y ubbish innocuous teamentl t n 20 Industyha r w st teamentonl 3 t t 10polut cit a 5 of r t ess ha %, r zadous a es r t y 2%, he op l ed ies nd t in China hem .
    • The changing China #5—Over capacity, intensifying competitionUnbaa gr t on inv menta consumpt l nce owh est nd ion1 ) Aer ge gr t r t on fix a inv mentw s ov 20 in cont v a owh ae sset est a er % inues fouryeas fr 20 2- 0 but r om 0 20 5,gr t on consumpt owh ion(socia r a goods)w s bet een 9%- %, t for one is a t o t quickert n t l et il a w 13 he mer bout w imes ha heltaer2 ) T lindust y: st , el r yt auminium, ca, al cacium cabide, copper ca ing et ov ca cit ypica r eel ectol ic l r loy, l r , st c. er pa ya compet ion mor a essiv nd it e ggr e.
    • The changing China #6—the power of TimesT pr ess oft t cr t t newpr s a newindusty, sa t aso speed up t el t ofpr s a industy. he ogr he imes eae he oduct nd r me ime l he iminaion oduct nd rT pr ess, int imes ogr ensifying compet ion. No cont innov t mea t be el t quickl it inue aion ns o iminaed y.
    • The changing China #7– The power of Technology Chinaa ospa ma t pow oft er ce- nifest he er echnol ogyF ur ma ct e mustint ae t a a t ut e nufa ur egr t he dv nced echnol ogy:Suppor t t echnol — IT ogy—Keyt echnol — v t lma ct e, R pid Pr ot ogy— irua nufa ur a ot yping, int l ma ct e… eligent nufa ur …
    • Technology innovation and talents
    • Bi- erofinnov t T pow aion: echnol + T l s ogy aent
    • KOCEL ”Four” innovation modelInnov t e idea: Cont cr t innov t idea const uctinnov t env onment aiv inue eae aion , r aion ir ;Innov t e pl n : Pr e t innov t bynewscheme, innov t pl n; aiv a omot he aion aion aInnov t r aion a syst Buil innov t r aion a mar r r &innov t syst aion egul t nd em: d aion egul t nd tix eseach aion em;Innov t w king mode : CSP/ σ— T w yw w k. aion or 6 he a e or
    • Continues innovation T ee ma gementr ol ion, t ee ideol lema t ov come t ee cr hr na ev ut hr ogica ncipaion, er hr isis
    • Reorganization Setup specific dut l dera st ff. y ea nd aA ptcompa t a ion, fl tening or nizaion, ca sect syst da ny r nsit at ga t ncel ion em
    • Talents Creating: boost ”KOCEL rapid talent creating” Curentdema v ume a fut e dev opmentdema v ume r nd ol nd ur el nd ol Posit a educaion ba ound, skil, j t l et st uct e. ion, ge, t ckgr l ob ite c. r ur . Heat mor l y, skil lh, ait l V ume is pr ol econdit st bl is t ba quait is indemnit ion, a e he se, l y y. F on l t m stuct e a ust ocus ong er r ur dj ment
    • Green manufacturing
    • Green manufacturingT w e l ofpr fr designing. M nufa ur pa ge, ta t t using unt dumping, t impa (negaiv a )t env onmentis minimum, r ce efficiency he hol ife oduct om a ct ing, cka r nsporaion, il he ct t e ffect o ir esour is maximum .
    • Green manufacturing mode “F e gr Geen design, Geen maer l Geen t iv een”( r r t ia, r echnol Geen pa ge, Geen t eament ogy, r cka r r t )Geen ma ct ing is int aed a ybiot r nufa ur egr t ppl echnol gr chemisty, ITt ogy, een r echnol a env onment lr r r tma t ma ct e pr ogy nd ir a eseach esul ke he nufa ur ocess no orl cr t w st a polut ntor ess eae a e nd l ama ct e syst compr nufa ur em ehensiv int aed ecot ma ct ing t e egr t ype nufa ur echnol ogy。Geen ma ct ing mode is t w yt r l ma ct ing l t m cont r nufa ur he a o eaize nufa ur ong er inues dev opmentmodel el .
    • The way to solve the problem A hing ca be done a fa a yourt nyt n s rs houghtca go t n o
    • Research of transition development mode
    • F t e 1: Pr M nufa ur maket r r a a er eaur e- a ct ing( r ing, eseach) nd ft M nufa ur ser ice)w lbe bigger ma ct ing pr w lbe smal . a ct ing( v il , nufa ur ocess il ler Market Research Market Research Sales Manufacturing Manufacturing …… Management Service
    • F t e 2: Suppl t a sol ion eaur y ot l ut WnDaSquae a r Sel st → sel pr a sel ser ice, sel st et l uff l ogr m, l v l uff c. 8 % empl w k on sit → l t n 50 empl w k on sit 0 oyee or e ess ha % oyee or e Pr fr ma ct e→ pr fr r r a ser ice et ofit om nufa ur ofit om eseach nd v c.
    • F t e 3 Digit lcompa eaur : a ny T symbolof21 cent yma ct ing w lbe t doubl I (Int l a Int aion) he ur nufa ur il he e eligent nd egr t
    • F t e 4 W BySpeed eaur ”: in Speed w ldet mine t compet ion ca bil yofma ct e compa Saes r enue r es doubl ev y35 yeas. W BySpeed. il er he it pa it nufa ur ny. l ev equir e er - r in
    • F t e 5: A a t eaur dv nced echnol Geen M nufa ur Cont innov t ogy, r a ct ing, inue aion. Rapid develop technology Use in the company W oft t eb he hings DNCint l fa it eligent cil y Cl comput oud ing Pr ae cl t cl iv t oud, hin ient ITt echnol ogy TDM Newmaer l newt t ia, echnol biot ogy, echnol ogy V t lma ct ing, gr ma ct ing irua nufa ur een nufa ur Newsyst Newpr em, ocess E P, PDM M S, R , Ba code R , E F r One yea no innov t dev opmentw lst r aion, el il op; T o yeas no innov t Compa w lr r ess; w r aion, ny il et ogr T ee no innov t fa t be el t hr aion, ce o iminaed!
    • F t e 6: High- pr s, Bout guide consumpt w w h t br nd eaur end oduct ique, ion, in it he a
    • F t e 7: Cooper t a w w Shae t gl y eaur aion nd in- in, r he or KOCE CONNOT T L AION: W KINGT E HE , G OW T E HE , SHA INGT G OR OR OG T R R ING OG T R R HE L Y