The NFPtweetup Story so far

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The introductory presentation for NFPtweetup V, our first birthday event at Chain Reaction.

The introductory presentation for NFPtweetup V, our first birthday event at Chain Reaction.

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  • 1. Our story so far ... 5th event, 12 Nov ’09
  • 2. The idea
  • 3. The angst & anticipation... last minute directions tweeting already
  • 4. Who came? @rachelbeer @comradeadamski @jon_bedford @stevebridger @paulhenderson @howardlake @watfordgap @darenbbc @b33god @leahmouse @amyrsward @folub @jacquidarlow @waugaman @citizensheep @mokuska @dominiccampbell @jobrodie @littlelaura @benrmatthews @lizixer @sixteenvoices @charlotteharris @breathingsince
  • 5. and t wo other ladies! do you know is this this you? lady??
  • 6. New connections
  • 7. Sharing ideas
  • 8. How was it? “Thanks for organising - great ROI” “It was ace. People responded to “Collaborative preso worked a the tweets that were going on” dream / inspired. Great venue. Fab mix of people. Great sponsors. Really among the “Good to meet people face to face” best eves of the year.” “I was not there in person “I attended via Twitter!” but it was good on Twitter” “I enjoyed walking behind the bar of a W1 boozer into a lovely lounge. Sofa was comfortable. I “When's the next one? :)” left a sticker there with my name on it for next time :)”
  • 9. More events... 2nd event - 25 February, ’09 3rd event - 27 May, ’09 4th event - 24 September, ’09 5th event - 12 November, ’09
  • 10. The cur ve 3rd NFPtweetup Ashton Kutcher beats CNN to 1 million followers Stephen Fry on Jonathan Ross 2nd NFPtweetup Stephen Fry waxes lyrical about Twitter on Plane crashes in Hudson River & news breaks via Twitter 1st NFPtweetup Chart via / - with landmark dates overlaid
  • 11. Breakout groups
  • 12. Workshop sessions
  • 13. Crowdsourcing insights
  • 14. ... and reporting back great wisdom
  • 15. Sharing via Twitterstream
  • 16. Live video streaming!
  • 17. Sharing via the wiki
  • 18. The people that supported us along the way
  • 19. The sponsors
  • 20. The streaming
  • 21. Presentations on 12 Nov ’09 What makes a good Twitterstream? Alex Goldstein, Digital Marketing Officer, Dogs Trust Steve Bridger, Builder of Bridges [See separate presentations on NFPtweetup Slideshare]