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Diabetes Uk, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research Uk introduce the Active Fat campaign
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Diabetes Uk, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research Uk introduce the Active Fat campaign


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • Intro – what we’re going to talk about
  • Self introductions
  • Introduce Active fat!
  • Brief detail about what active fat is, why raising awareness etc.
  • Talk about the site. Mention sharing tools.
  • Talk about videos being hosted on youtube – beneftis of this – easy to link to/share/check on success. Also google reporting - Youtube Stats state the video is most popular with males/females aged 45-54 and males aged 35–44 which is ideal age groups.
  • Talk about joint messages. Social media comms plan written up with specific messages and times that we would all communicate them across our social networks.
  • Further examples of joint messages we sent out, this time on Twitter. Used #activefat and encourages followers to RT messages, which they did. All three charities used the same link on messages to track sharing and clicks – 1,550 clicks
  • Website site results (first three weeks) and YouTube views from launch to Thur 3 June (talk about different videos – 3 individual charity ones and other versions that make up the 12,933 total views. Resist temptation to shout about the fact the DUK video has the most views!). Talk also about press coverage (Third Sector digital campaign of the week, BBC “most read” section)..
  • (although there will be some crossover between audiences…) Helped us reach over 70,000 Facebook users – way more than we would alone 13,757 Twitter users – again, many many more than we would reach individually Could see this being especially beneficial to other charities who have a similar message to promote. Enables you to reach a much much larger audience. Collaboration also gives supporters the impression (although it is probably true!) that we’re all saving money by working together.
  • Apart from it being a great way to reach more people… Can be hard to get things signed off quickly seeing as there are three groups of people to talk things through with. Helps if I spell people’s Twitter usernames right… Sending out communications at the same time is reliant on resources, but it’s not vital that messages go out at exactly the same time. Anything else you two would add here?!
  • To the audience for questions!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Collaborative social media
    • 2. Laila Takeh Kyle Facey Joe Freeman
    • 3.  
    • 4. Active Fat
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7.  
    • 8.  
    • 9. Total Active Fat YouTube views: 12,933 First three weeks Visits 15,468 Unique Visitors 14,562 Pageviews 26,439 Avg. Page Views 2 Time on site 00:01:05 Bounce Rate 64.39% New Visits 92.32% YouTube views diabetes 2036 cancer 1553 heart disease 1239
    • 10. How did working together impact on the campaign?
    • 11.
      • Did we learn anything?
    • 12. Laila Takeh @spirals [email_address] Kyle Facey [email_address] Joe Freeman @JosephFreeman [email_address]