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Own health concerns support citizens' self care. Eeva Häkkinen and Anneli Luoma-Kuikka, Hospital District of Etelä-Savo.

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Nfhk2011 eeva häkkinen and anneli luoma-kuikka_parallel9

  1. 1. OWN HEALTH CORNERSSUPPORT CITIZENS’SELF CARE 25.8.2011 Eeva Häkkinen,RN, MNSc Anneli Luoma-Kuikka, RN, MSc
  2. 2. Hospital District of Etelä-Savo11 municipalities108 500 inhabitants2 hospitals (beds total 305) Mikkeli Central Hospital Moisio Psychiatric Hospital KUH=Kuopio University Hospital KUH-Spesialised Health Care area (5 hospital Districts)
  3. 3. Mikkeli Central Hospital (230 beds)
  4. 4. Moisio Psychiatric Hospital (75 beds)
  5. 5. • PATIENT CARE 2010 • PERSONNEL 2010 • 1417 employees (total)• Outpatient visits 173 866 – somatics 150 402 • Physicians 151 (11,9%) – Psych 23 464 • Nurses of different ranks and• Ward care 96 534 (days) specialities 589 (46,3%) – somatics 70 588 • Other nursing personnel 103 – psych 25 946 (8,1%) • Auxiliary personnel in clinical• Surgical operations 7259 investigation 110 (8,6%)• Deliveries 818 • Maintenance personnel 203 (16%) • Managing and administrative personnel 73 (5,8%)
  6. 6. DEVELOPMENT BACKGROUND OF OWN HEALTH CORNERS• In the background is a change in health care services (eg. hospital services becoming value-centric and shortening of hospital treatment periods) and citizens need to access reliable health information.• As a response to the growing demand, the Hyvis Own Health Centre were opened in Mikkeli Central Hospital and Moisio Hospital in 2009.• The network of Own Health Corners has been expanded as part of the Kanerva-KASTE project by establishing 24 Own Health Corners in the Etelä-Savo Hospital District area.
  7. 7. LOCATION OF OWN HEALTH CORNERS < < • Hyvis-Own Health < < < Centre 2 < < < • Own Health Corners < 22 < < < < < < < < < < < < < < << <
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION•An extensive network of service providers has taken part in developing Own Health Corners:•Specialised care, primary health care, patient and public health organisations and the universities of applied sciences in the region•The following parties coordinated the project: Askel, TERESA, Kanerva-KASTE, and Keksi-projects.
  9. 9. WHAT ARE OWN HEALTH CORNERS?•Sources of health promotion information and places for measuring•They offer information on nutrition, exercise, rest, mental well-being, relationships, smoking and alcohol (substance abuse prevention)•Visitors can measure their blood pressure, waist circumference, height and weight as well as do a variety of health-related tests.
  10. 10. RELIABLE HEALTH INFORMATION (1)• Services are intended for patients and their relatives and everyone interested in their personal well-being as well as health care professionals and patient and public health organisations• Brochures, manuals and other printed materials are available in Own Health Corners
  11. 11. RELIABLE HEALTH INFORMATION (2)•Most Own Health Corners have a computer and therefore the possibility for electronic information retrieval through the regional Hyvis health portal•In the future, the Hyvis portal will be developed into a system for health information retrieval, self-health monitoring, and secure electronic transactions•The Internet service is available at all hours at
  12. 12. ACTIVITIES• Own Health Corners provide an opportunity to organise a variety of health and well-being events:• Events have included, for example, patient organisation fairs / exhibitions, theme weeks during Heart Week, World Diabetes Day events, events during Substance Abuse Prevention Week• During 2011, a round of Own Health Corner events will be organised with the following themes: •Know your worth! •Do not be paralysed! •Seize health!
  13. 13. HEALTH INFORMATION ROOMS AND OWNHEALTH CORNERS IN THE KUH-ERVA AREA • Central Finland 67 (+1 Health Information Centre Palanssi) • Pohjois-Savo 29 • North Karelia 69 • Etelä-Savo 22 (+ 2 Hyvis Own Health Centre) • Itä-Savo 5 << < • Total amount of Own Health Corners in < < the KUH-ERVA-area is 194 • Population of the area is approximately 850 000 inhabitants.
  14. 14. OPERATIONAL ASSESSMENT 1• The most popular Own Health Corners in Etelä- Savo are the ones where you can get personal guidance. The so-called cold Corners without staff were not perceived as appealing (Väänänen 2011)• In North Karelia, it has been requested that more attention be paid to maintaining privacy during measuring when establishing Own Health Corners. Guidance in the use of measuring tools was requested. Some of the Corners received negative points from the visitors because they were not comfortable enough. (Moilanen 2010)
  15. 15. OPERATIONAL ASSESSMENT 2•The group activity that was piloted in the Pohjois-Savo Own Health Corners motivated the participants to lifestyle changes and gave them peer support (Mustonen and Lehmusaho 2011)•According to a study conducted in Central Finland in the spring of 2011, approximately 30% of the Health Information Rooms work well, 40% need developing and 30% work poorly (Turunen, 2011).
  16. 16. CHALLENGES FOR OWN HEALTH CORNER DEVELOPMENT IN THE FUTURE•How to direct customers to use Own Health Corners to a greater extent•How people can be directed to use the services if necessary (eg. hypertension)•Expanding the Hyvis portal to be used more widely as a tool for professionals
  17. 17. REFERENCES• Ojala, M.,Airola, J.,Moilanen,S.,Mustonen, R.,Väänänen,A.&Pääkkönen,M. 2011. Terveystietotuvat. Kanerva.-KASTE-hankkeen loppuraportti 2008 – 2010.• Moilanen, S. 2010. Raportti Pohjois-Karjalan itsehoitopisteiden toimintaan kohdistuneesta kartoituksesta. Pohjois-Karjalan sairaanhoito- ja sosiaalipalvelujen kuntayhtymä. Raportteja 3.• Mustonen, R & Lehmusaho, M. 2011. Terveyspisteiden aktivointimahdollisuuksia –Tartu terveyteen –elintaparyhmän toimintamalli. Kanerva.-KASTE-hankkeen loppuraportti 2008 –2010.• Turunen, 2011. Tuvat toimimaan. Opinnäytetyö, Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu.• Väänänen, A. 2011. Omahoitopisteet mahdollisuuksien paikkoja. Kanerva- KASTE hanketiedote 6/2011.
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