Rachel Botsman: Purpose with Profits
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Rachel Botsman: Purpose with Profits

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Presentation from Rachel Botsman from March 2012 event at Nesta, Collaborative Consumption: New business models. ...

Presentation from Rachel Botsman from March 2012 event at Nesta, Collaborative Consumption: New business models.

This one-day summit investigated the range of business models being used by Collaborative Consumption businesses around the world.

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  • Dont forget Co-Creation.
    Check out what we're doing with that here: http://JuicyCanvas.com
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  • well....I agree in theory that collaborative consumption is onerous, but maybe it's more memorable because 1) it's an alliteration, 2) it's ironic sort of because it really isn't consuming per se 3)it's more specific while being not exactly correct, but not as vague as peer to peer or person to person.....IMHO
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  • We've come along way from the Local Economic Trading Systems (LETS) we used in the 80s. All of this is part of the globalization of the marketplace - exchanging goods for a specified value.
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  • Have read the book!
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  • I agree that the swapping/sharing/whatever space is interesting and valuable, but the name 'Collaborative Consumption' is pretty horrendous, IMHO. It would be nice if we could come up with something better. Ideas? A contest to pick a better name? Anyway, this is why I don't like 'Collaborative Consumption':

    1) The essence of the trend is about (A) using existing resources more efficiently, (B) getting more done with less (or the same), (C) and doing it in a manner that is win-win-win for the people doing the sharing and for at least one other person or group of people, up to and including everybody in the case of sharing that results less pollution or traffic, etc. So it's about sharing, not consuming. One person has something sharable and offers it in a marketplace. Another person wants to borrow or use that something. The people come together share. If it's a marketplace like Airbnb, the marketplace earns a commission for bringing the to people together. Done.

    2) The words 'collaborative consumption':

    'Collaborative': A five-syllable word that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Definition: 'To work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor' (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/collaborate).

    ''Consumption': A three-syllable word that doesn't have particularly nice, 'green' or personable connotations. Definition: 'The act or process of consuming resources' (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/consumption).

    Besides the meaning of the words, we are talking about eight syllables spread over over two words. Not nice. Plus, both words start with the same letter of the alphabet, which doesn't make for a particularly pleasant, at least when we are talking about 'k'-like sounds).

    Anyway, those are my complaints about the 'collaborative consumption' term. A couple of ideas I have heard for alternatives are 'Person-to-Person X' or 'Peer-to-Peer X', where 'X' is 'Marketplace' if we are talking in general and a specific sharable item if we are talking specifically about, 'Rides', for example. Anyway!

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