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Participle - Jennie Winhall

Participle - Jennie Winhall



Collaborative Consumption in Action event

Collaborative Consumption in Action event
NESTA 7 February 2011
Presentation by Jennie Winhall from Participle



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    Participle - Jennie Winhall Participle - Jennie Winhall Presentation Transcript

    • Running on Empathy
    • Social enterprisestyping Start up 29 as outputs...eriences! Ageing 2007 Families Taking on a role Youth 2009 Yurtopia, Brighton Roehampton festival Employmentg behind the scenes In development Health 2011 In development Roehampton festival © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • transactional relational
    • Loneliness150,000 over 65s in Existing servicesLondon don’t see friends, don’t build thefamily or neighbours in a kinds ofgiven month relationships HELLO people want Use older people’s capabilities to run a distributed social network based on interests and desirable connections © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Youth Taking on a role Scaling Spring 2008Young people Existing servicesconsidered a concentrate on Yurtopia, Brighton Roehampton festivalnational emergency, reducing riskworst in Europe behaviour through diversionary Seeing behind the scenes and youth- activities only youth centres 90% of residents and local businesses shared their time and experiences with young people, who grew their connections and horizons © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • EmploymentJobs are found Existing services are New kinds of relationshipsthrough word of transactional, and connections between themouth, connections concentrating on CVs unemployed, employees andand recommendations and holding employers jobseekers in a queue with other jobseekers © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Rationing care V building resiliences,is 4. PERSONAL CARE Bathing,dressing, lifting 3. PERSONAL SUPPORT Organising, paperwork, finances, checking-in 2. PRACTICAL DAILY LIVING TASKS Shopping, cleaning, DIY, gardening 1. SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES Socialising, learning, volunteering, working, other activities & interests NEED NEED © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Members get help and help out © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Members as each others’ solutionDoing things for each other...Enjoying each other’s company © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • ir ha g in tt Cu Un y blo pla cki to ng up the the ng in sin eti o’s k Me min ub do al p loc We mowing eding and Get-Togethers in the gard members’ homes en Learning new pack technology to keep g up a flat g upMakin and pickin way up with family and table takea friends ach Making g e s or hin Friends Teac hobbie kills r s o the Entirely !"#$%&%(#()*&++ Demand !"#$%&%(#()*&++ Driven © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • How relationships drive outcomes People like me... Desire to contribute Reciprocity Affiliation lowers barriers Mutual obligation Resilient network © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Getting to National Scale ‘NE City’ Circle ‘NE County’ Circle Suffolk Circle ‘Suburban/Rural Mix’ Circle ‘NW County’ Circle ‘East London’ Circle‘Midlands City’ Circle Southwark Circle ‘SW City’ Circle ‘North London’ Circle Hammersmith & Fulham Circle ‘South Coast County’ Circle ‘South Coast City’ Circle © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • building new Livesfor Individuals &Families to Enjoy
    • There are 100 families in Swindon living inchronic crisis and facing multiple difficultiesEach family costs an estimated £250k per year ASB 66 42 37 18 17 18 14 12 7 5 Homelessness 0 Frank and Leanne Tara Gustav and Talia Mental Health 37 27 38 13 67 45 16 15 15 14 Exclusions/ 11 10 6 non-attendance 2 2 3 Carrie Tristan and Susan Paul and Suzie Substance misuse 23 37 34 16 40’s 40’s 20 18 Children at 13 12 15 risk 3 2 Cheryl James and Julie Terry and Sinead Environmental health abuse/violence 26 21 47 15 40’s 40’s 20+ 20+ 20 18 18 (past) 6 3 John and Jo Steve Josh and Grace © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Multiple agencies...... with multiple agendas Home Tutor Health Worker PCSO Social Worker Benefits Agency Police Officer 37 17 14 18 12 Housing officer Teacher FAMILY Anti-Social Behaviour WorkerNeighbourhoodWarden Parenting Youth Offending support worker Team worker Connexions worker © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Barriers AGENCIES FAMILIES Judgement Defensiveness & fear Agencies’ agendas No safe space to ask for help Be the parent/power & control End up with parent/child relationship Enforcement OppressionProfessionalism and alienating language Isolation Service design not relevant to real lives Exhausted with fighting system Rescuing not empowerment Held in reactive limbo Lack of trust, honesty, transparency Lack of trust, honesty, transparency Hopelessness, believe Hopelessness, believe that change is not possible that change is not possible © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • The 80/20 split: Maintaining the Status Quo 12% indirect12 14% face-to- vices face 74% Ser v ices admin Se rOne social worker’s time, with Of £250,000 nothing is invested in:one 12 yr old boy in one family: • Opportunities for change80% is spent on reporting and • Building capabilitiesmonitoring for the system itself • Building support networks © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Prototype 1:Families design theirown solutions © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • A new relationshipFamilies:• An open invitation• Choosing your team• Setting your own agenda• Joint projects• Uncovering aspirations• Sharing experiencesTeam:• No judgement• No agenda• Being loving “We got to interview every• Journey of change single person on the team. No organisations do that, they just make people feel bad.” “We started to see the changes we wanted to make. Before it was just people telling us what to do” © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • www.alifewewant.com Stage 0: Invitation Stage 1: Aspirations 1 2 3 4 5 6 Invitation Connecting & Engagement Revealing Hopes & Family in Committing Potential Dreams Action Families are Families are Families start to Families are Families create a Families test • finding out about finding out about recognise what revealing their BIG plan. In these things out on open invitation, family-led the programme the team, and they do in their true potential weeks they their own for a whether they lives that they and having that explore the values structured period connect with them want to stop, and recognised and and capacities they of time, and reflect own what does not reinforced by want to develop with the team Families are support them as a the team • a team to work with, 6mths - 2yrs deciding whether family. They Families learn how to commit to the engage with the to identify the programme team in changing experiences that LIFE is a constant throughout aspects of their will help them families’ ups and downs. environment and create what they • the way they live. want in life Stage 2: Capabilities Stage 3: Opportunities stages of development and tools 7 Opportunity 8 Experiencing 9 Contribution 10 Building 11 Independence 12 Exit • open content site sharing principles and techniques between families and Seeking New Social Outcomes Networks Families discover Families start Families are Families open Families are doing Families are the underlying experiencing the engaging in themselves to new much more for talking about workers theme to their benefits of their outward-focused relationships and themselves now the success of the desires and start changed activities such as building networks and do not want programme and a seeking those behaviours and local gardening, beyond their the team to desire to finish qualities in their are telling others helping current friendship engage as often daily activties, about it neighbours, circles friendships, volunteering By the end of the work, and family programme, families are relationships seeking less help from LIFE Enjoying family life in the community you live in © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • LIFE to Date Based on 47 family members...2010£760k saved in the first year of running a pilot(£275k on actual, £485k on preventative) The Four Capabilities system outcomes capabilities of the LIFE Programme 6 2 Children taken 4 ASBOs Children achieved full 1 Valuing Myself off child school avoided protection plans attendance, from none at all 2 Designing a Life 80-90% that I Value Reduction in police callouts on average 1 Child, about 3 Building Valuable 3 Child 7 to be taken into care, stayed with Relationships protection Eviction his family plans orders 4 Living Within the prevented avoided Community © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • LIFEboard• Closed social network• Families track progress through rich media• Capabilities tagged• Shared documentation of activities• Only 7% team admin time and falling• Next steps: share with other families ... a new social dynamic © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • Getting to National ScaleThe Plan 6 New LAs2 Yrs.Setting Up LIFE ‘NE City’ LIFE£75k Swindon LIFEPer Year ‘Suburban/Rural50 Mix’ LIFEFamilyMembers ‘North London’ LIFE£1.5m ‘East London’ LIFETarget Savings ‘South London’ LIFE ‘South Coast City’ LIFE © Participle Ltd. // www.participle.net
    • transactional relational • people as assets • contribution & reciprocity • relationships as generators of change • new resource flows • strengthened by increased participation