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The Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture is a partnership between the Arts Council England, Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and NESTA to support arts and cultural organisations across England who want to work with digital technologies to expand their audience reach and engagement and/or explore new business models.

Dero is a digital music project to enable live orchestral concerts to reach wider audiences online and in venues in the North East of England.

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  • 40 words or less
  • Please talk about the outputs and IP from your project, both in terms of products or services created and knowledge and skills generated. It might be useful to think of physical things and information [delete this text]
  • Please include arts/cultural organisation, technology provider, researcher, and anyone else key to the project. Describe the different roles and activities and how you are working together [delete this text]
  • Please discuss what learning from your project will be relevant and transferable from to the wider sector – there could be things that are directly transferable like technology or processes [delete this text]
  • Describe where you are in the project cycle, work completed to date, work still to do and any specific challenges you are experiencing [delete this text]
  • Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture - Dero Presentation

    1. 1. 1. What is your project? What are you trying to achieve? A nascent network that streams live and ‘encore’ (on demand) music performances to regional mixed arts venues and home audiences. Insert We aim to co-produce and distribute high-quality music experiences and cultivate new markets – while ensuring costs to audiences remain competitive, the music experience unparalleled and producers see a realistic return.
    2. 2. 2. What will your project deliver? Products and Knowledge Research services and skills outputs  Live and on-demand  Deeper understanding  Audience mapping and music performances – of audience analysis to venues and home motivation, behaviours,  Case study for multiple audiences demographics, interests, audiences (business  Exclusive behind the propensity for future schools, arts scenes access engagement administrators, funders,  Low barrier platform for  Deeper understanding venues, musicians) concert halls to of affect of performance  Strategic advice/ distribute and mixed on musicians (if any) analysis for moving venues to access  Knowledge and Dero forward/ business  Longer term – archive; exploration into the planning products/recordings; viability of various benchmarking business models, rights database; educational negotiation and access technological issues
    3. 3. 3. Who is in your R&D team? How are you working togetherto make the project happen?Arts / Cultural Organisation• The Sage Gateshead & Northern Sinfonia• Aurora Orchestra Technology provider• Manchester Camerata • Videojuicer• London Roundhouse • Aframe• Maltings Theatre• Alnwick Playhouse Insert• Gala Durham Arts Centre & Cinema• Otley Courthouse Researchers Others • Fusion Research & Analytics • Guardian online • University of Cambridge Judge Business • Medici School • BBC Classical Music Magazine
    4. 4. 4. What are you learning and developing that could be ofvalue to the sector? Through technology, the ability to provide great artistic product to more people at low cost The ability to cultivate and scale a three-sided market/network A new distribution platform and a new ‘brand’ that indicates very high quality product/partners in a crowded marketplace A better understanding of - the affect of simulcasts performances on musicians/the art - whether the ‘liveness’ of a streaming is important to the ‘success’ of the performance - the home/mobile vs. the live vs. cinema experience The merits (and challenges) of exploiting simulcasting through a strategic alliance rather than as a solo producer (a la Met Live in HD)
    5. 5. 5. Where are you in terms of your project’s development? Challenges (fun) Still to do • +/- Multiple partners Completed work • Media partnership / 2 live events (28 April, 6 marketing May): • Audio/technology1 live streaming issues in mixed arts Portrait of Love, RNCMReverb: Love Song Concert Hall – venuesfor the City, Aurora Manchester • Legal / rights issuesOrchestra,Insert Camden (?) Northern Sinfonia withRoundhouse (25 Christian Vasquez, The • Our name!February) Sage Gateshead • Building and 3 nearcasts (21 April, 12 corralling a May and xx) fragmented market • Finding the perfect business model Evaluate Develop Develop Live to Project launch audience and test and test market data