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Basis of Measurement - A recommended practice
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Basis of Measurement - A recommended practice


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The Basis of Measurement describes the elementary principles to set up a measurement program.

The Basis of Measurement describes the elementary principles to set up a measurement program.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Jacob Brunekreef, Paul Siemons, René Stavorinus, Eric van der Vliet IWSM – Ankara – October 25th 2013 NEtherlands Software Metrics users Association
  • 2. Agenda  NESMA  A Basis of Measurement  Why create a Recommended Practice for a Basis of Measurement?  Relation to Other Documents  Content of the Recommended Practice  Status & Next Steps
  • 3. The NESMA playing field  NESMA has her initial base on the cost-drivers  Her contribution radiates to the four other areas
  • 4. Active working groups  Counting Practices Committee           24570 Countable documentation FPA in the early stages available Estimation maturity Estimating framework Estimate Estimating packaged software review Benchmarking ISBSG FPA in Contract(ing) COSMIC FPA and Datawarehousing Service Oriented Archirecture ISO/IEC 2014 - User Guide User Guide 2014 - Framework Basis of Soon for Liaison with 2014 – User Guide NL Case Study in review User Guide available User Guide available
  • 5. Working Group Measurement stds & definitions Recommended Practice for the Creation of a Basis of Measurement (BoM) Basis of Measurement (BoM) Measurement Program Measurements
  • 6. Working Group Members Jacob Brunekreef, Inspearit Paul Siemons, Metrific Solutions René Stavorinus, SNS Reaal Eric van der Vliet, CGI
  • 7. A Basis of Measurement  Documents the measurement program for an organizational unit, covering the process, organization and technology required for the program
  • 8. A well prepared Basis of Measurement will  Document the purpose of the measurement program  Document the overall measurement scope  Provide a record of all documents used to prepare the measurement       program Alert the stakeholders to potential measurement risks and opportunities Provide a record of agreements made during measurement preparation Act as a source of support during dispute resolutions Support the establishment of relationships with other measurements programs Support the identification of relations / correlations between measurements Facilitate the review and validation of the measurements
  • 9. Why Create a Recommended Practice?  Setting up a Measurement Program is difficult  Existing guidance is often too large and/or too detailed  Many organizations seek a more workable set of recommended practices  This Recommended Practice is a starting document to be enriched with Best Practices
  • 10. Relation to Other Documents  ISO 15939 (Sys and Sw Engineering – Measurement Process)  Closely aligned  The recommended practice is more compact and workable  CMMI  A practical implementation for Measurement & Analysis  AACE CE-74 - Recommended Practice for a Basis of Estimate – Software Services  Sibling document
  • 11. Content 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Introduction a) Purpose b) Scope c) Constraints d) Expected benefits Measurement a) Information Needs b) Indicators c) Metrics d) Data Sets Data Sources a) Entities Analysis a) Results & Analysis b) Reporting Program a) Tools, methods & techniques b) Measurement & analysis methodologies c) Human resources and roles
  • 12. Status & Next Steps Status Next Steps  Initial draft created and  Request for Feedback distributed for review within NESMA  Start with presentations to communities outside NESMA  Release v1.0 of the Recommended Practice  Guide with Best Practices how to setup and execute a Measurement Program
  • 13. Be part of the progress Join the review WGMMS@NESMA.NL