Luxe x Digital Trend 2013


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A trend report on luxury and digital.

9 trends in digital communication of luxury brands.

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Luxe x Digital Trend 2013

  1. 1. LUXURY x DIGITAL - 2013
  2. 2. Identifying trends in luxury and digital is not so far from combinatorial analysis It’s about studying the different combinations of luxury and digital constituents
  4. 4. DIGITAL = TECHNOLOGY It has shaped the evolution of uses Technology has became the biggest accelerator of change …and created a new kind of augmented human
  5. 5. DIGITAL = SUPERNOW And generating a pre-cognitive marketing We‘re living in the « super now » creating an always renewed picture of the world
  6. 6. DIGITAL = USER CENTRISM Me as a user… Me as a reference point… Me as a filter…
  8. 8. LUXURY = UNIQUE And living unique experience By owning unique artefacts Being unique
  9. 9. LUXURY = STATUS That can either be shared or kept as secrets To status stories From status symbols
  10. 10. LUXURY = EXPERIENCE And become an experiences collector Explore new territories Discover creation
  13. 13. MAKER CULTURE DEFINITION Luxury and digital have in common a culture of craftmanship, where amateurs and unique handymade technologies born in smal workshop are at the heart of innovation. "Culture of maker" is about this spirit of making, whether it is making prototypes, perfomances, hacking, or unique pieces. As Jean-Louis Dumas (Hermès) used to say: « The wolrd is divided into two: those who know how to use tools, and those who do not. » DATA 65% Luxury brands are defined by superior quality (73%) and craftmanship (65%) PERSPECTIV E 100K visitors have attended "Les Journées Particulières" to discover the craftsmanship behind LVMH brands « The luxuxry is still synonym with bespoke, a worship for savoir-faire, and incompressible time of making, but it is now also seen as its enemy brother: the luxury industry, which is - at its most prosaic form – called masstige ». Séverine Charon, Semiologist
  14. 14. MAKER CULTURE CASE STUDY KIDULT VS MARC JACOB Making something out of everything After Louboutin or Hermès, French graffiti artist Kidult covered Marc Jacob window store with the word « art » and sent a picture of his action on Twitter. But Marc Jacob stroke back and made a limited edition t-shirt out of it, titled « Art by Art Jacob ». The t-shirt was sold like a piece of art at $689 in the same store in NY, and the news spread on Twitter again. Kidult was pissed, and fired back with a shirt of his own - "Not art by Kidult" - selling it for about $10. Finally, a blogger heard the story and took a picture of Marc Jacob‘s piece to make an ultimate t-shirt, as an ironic mise-en-abîme.
  15. 15. MAKER CULTURE 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. The Art of Making Series Upcycling
  16. 16. MAKER CULTURE 1. Louis Vuitton - Harmony Trunk Soundtrack Louis Vuitton has asked Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem to produce a soundtrack from the workshop sounds created during the production of the piece. 2. The Making of the Leica M9-P Hermes Edition Leica has combined with luxury fashion house Hermès to create the M9-P Edition Hermès and made a film about it. 3. Fendi Baguette Mania To celebrate 15 years of the iconic Baguette bag, Fendi has launched an online pop-up shop full of reissue/reedition of the iconic bag. 4. Mini - Wash Me Project 'Wash Me' shows ten swiss artists' interpretation of a MINI. 5. Petit h - Hermès Petit h is a re-creative laboratory that transforms old didscarded Hermes materials into designers objects and pieces of art. 6. Holton x Dior - Pour Paintings To celebrate 50 years of nails vernis, Dior has invited Holton Rower to use their product in an artistic performance. SEE ALSO: Le Savoir Faire de Christofle
  17. 17. NOWNESS
  18. 18. NOWNESS DEFINITION « That was then. This is now. » is a good summary of the "Nowness" trend. With new content uploaded at every time, digital world lives in the era of supernow. In luxury, time is also a matter of every second, but because every second should bring excellence, and must be lived like a unique moment of eternity. DATA PERSPECTIV E 77% 40% of US affluent male have daily access to a smartphone and have daily access to a tablet of the brands listed in Interbrand‘s Top 100 are set up on Instagram, « Time is the most sacred luxury and determines every others. It is the rarest, the most precious, most wanted and most sustainable. Without him, we could not enjoy every other luxuries, not even discover them. » Perla Servan-Schreiber, Editor in chief Clés
  19. 19. NOWNESS CASE STUDY MONTBLANC The beauty of a second Making every second count 190 years ago, Nicolas Rieussec recorded time to an accuracy of a fifth second for the first time - the chronograph was born. To celebrate this unique invention, Mont Blanc has challenged image makers to capture beauty in a single second of a film. The film contest hosted by Wim Wender was conceived as an exploration of presision and art – a hommage to capturing the smallest fragments of time. The results: a wonderful collection of one second video clips from the first rounds, followed by a beautiful film. More recently, Montblanc created a new challenge: WorldSecond, asking people in different places to take a picture at the exact same second.
  20. 20. NOWNESS 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. Rise of Live This is Now Live the trend
  21. 21. NOWNESS 1. Louis Vuitton Live Show Since several years now, Louis Vuitton is live streaming an online broadcast of its new collection show on Facebook and iPhone 2. Burberry Tweetwalk For its SS12, Burberry sat up the first ever #Tweetwalk Show displaying the looks on Twitter just before the runway. 3. Guerlain Make UP – Hour after hour The New Guerlain's Make-UP platform is delivering beauty tips at each hours of the day and never identical. 4. Jimmy Choo Stylmakers The shoes maker has launched an interactive site featuring photo galleries of street-style images to be uploaded by consumer accross the world. 5. Nowness In 2010, LVMH unveils an innovative portal to promote trends in fashion, art and culture -- without a click-to-buy option. 6. Veuve Clicquot – Wish you were here The crowd-sourced platform aims to capture with snapshots inspiring global moments in the spirit and lifestyle of Veuve Clicquot SEE ALSO: Montblanc – WorldSecond
  22. 22. BESPOKE
  23. 23. BESPOKE DEFINITION Digital is a perfect tool for one-to-one communication. More than ever before, it allows brands to engage a conversation with each one of its clients individually. Luxury has also a long tradition of personal services and various form of customization. When they meet, ―Bespoke‖ trend has no limits. DATA PERSPECTIV E Only 200M Is the number of possible combinations on a selection of Louis Vuitton bags 6% of all customers report having used a configurator to customise products “Tailor-made is the essence of how is defined "service" in luxury. We cannot enter a Maison de Luxe or a fancy restaurant without being immediately treated like someone special with tailored preferences.” Christian Blanckaert, Former C.E.O of Hermès
  24. 24. BESPOKE CASE STUDY ABSOLUT Unique Edition Making a limited edition of 4 million bottles Absolut has created an almost unlimited amount of different designs rather than a limited amount of a single design. So instead of having to chase down one of a few, whichever bottle is the only one of its kind. Splash guns and machines equipped with thirty-five different colours and fifty-one pattern types were applied to the bottles in order to achieve the striking contrasts with pattern and placement algorithms programmed in to ensure that no two bottles would be alike. The result was even better than anticipated. ―ABSOLUT UNIQUE feels a bit ‗mad scientist,‘ a bit street art,‖
  25. 25. BESPOKE 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. Unique artefacts Unique communication Unique content
  26. 26. BESPOKE 1. Louis Vuitton – Mon monogram The service will allow people to customize their Louis Vuitton bag, ending up with over 200 million possible combinations on a selection of bags. 2. Burberry Bespoke In 2011, Burberry has launched a new Bespoke service on its website allowing people to customise their own iconic trench coat. 3. Yves Saint Laurent – Manifesto The brand has developed a microsite that utilizes the data available through the user‘s social media channels to reveal their personal manifesto. 4. Porsche – Thank You To celebrate their 2 million fans on Facebook, Porsche has decided to put the face of every single Facebook fan on a Cayman S. 5. Burberry – The Art of Trench In November 2009, the brand has launched a photo-sharing website dedicated to images, past and present, of people sporting the iconic trench coat. 6. Tiffany‘s - What makes love true The site of the brand is just like an insider's guide to romance and falling in love in NY, comprising love stories, song playlists and sentimental city spots. SEE ALSO: Moët & Chandon's Cuztomizable bottles Prada Customize BMW - Customize your Serie 6 Empreinte – Digital flagship
  27. 27. GEEK & CHIC
  28. 28. GEEK & CHIC DEFINITION When technology becomes a status, we see the rises of the geeks. When luxury brands got the news, they turned geeks into a chic, trendy and friendly figure, and hacked some of their codes. From the pixel to the GIF, luxury brands are diving into the botom of digital culture. DATA 29% of Burberry website traffic comes from Facebook PERSPECTIV E 77% of affluent males prefer to research and buy online, rather than researching on the web and purchasing in a store. « I love to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world. » Marc Jacob
  29. 29. GEEK & CHIC CASE STUDY HERMÈS 8 ties From 8 bits to 8 ties 8 Ties is Hermès‘ latest neckwear collection based on a series of Digital Age-inspired patterns – like the squares, circles and triangles of the USB symbol, or the grid of a keyboard. The collection is promoted with a touring electronic installation by digital artist Miguel Chavalier, which has landed in the centre of Selfridges, blasting Hermès from 1880 to 2080. The artwork is an animated, supersized version of the tie prints that moves on screen according to your movements in front of it. In contrast to Hermès stores, which are silent at all times, the piece also emits continuous music inspired in part by sound effects from classic video games.
  30. 30. GEEK & CHIC 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. Geek codes Scifi Storytelling Luxury of things
  31. 31. GEEK & CHIC 1. Chanel Robot Peter Philips brings Chanel beauty kit to Life in a stop motion short film. 2. Niina Ricci Gif Art campaign After Lancel, Tiffany‘s, Louboutin, Oscar de la Renta and Prada, it is now time for Nina Ricci to release a cinemagraph campaign. 3. Thierry Mugler – Angel with Eva Mendes Eva Mendes has been named the new face of the iconic scent Angel and sing in the new commercial. 4. Louis Vuitton – Voyage dans le temps Louis Vuitton travels through time with a new video featuring the Voyage dans le Temps jewelry collection. 5. Piaget QR Code Piaget unveils the world's first diamond QR code to store all manner of data (photos, texts, videos) or to refer users to a website. 6. Pommery – Experience #9.1 In 2011, Pommery added QR code on champagne bottles allowing users to live on a mobile site a virtual tour of their caves SEE ALSO: Dior Addict - Find the Dior Addict Frequency Ballantine‘s T-shirt OS Louis Vuitton – Red journey Ralph Lauren QR code
  32. 32. CURATION
  33. 33. CURATION DEFINITION With a perpetually renewed content, the digital world is generating data population. To fight this overflow, we have seen the rise of digital curators. The bonds between luxury and arts also led luxury to borrow curation from the museum field. Put together, it creates a new curation of content and art, on the side of both the brand and the user. Tomorrow, everyone will be a curator. DATA PERSPECTIV E 1H of video is uploaded every second on YouTube 13B Is the number of page views each month on Tumblr « From a marketing perspective, the "Maison de luxe" are just like museum curator. They select and display contents too. Their approach is similar, but they need to restrain their curation to the limist of their brand territory. Curation is often ideal for them because they are made of some powerful stock of imagination » Eric Briones, Publicis et Nous
  34. 34. CURATION CASE STUDY FANCY Buyable Pinterest Becoming a shopping curator Fancy defines itself as ―a store, a blog, a magazine and a wish list.‖ Today, it‘s a marketplace where traditional retailers and individuals can sell all sorts of products. Basically, Fancy works exactly like Pinterest, the difference being that all the products you find on this social network are for sale. The user can add products that they like and share them with their friends. The higher the positive response rate to the product, the more visible it becomes on the site. This network represents one of the biggest virtual storefronts in the world, and is fed by Internet users, who become just like Colette.
  35. 35. CURATION 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. I am Colette Experience collectors Brand as new curators
  36. 36. CURATION 1. The cools The Cools is a social marketplace built around the idea that an individual's style and taste should influence what they see when shopping online. 2. The Game of Taste The Game of Taste is a social gaming APP with a fashion-focused leaning, and based on the concept that ―taste‖ is what the community agrees is tasteful. 3. Damien Hirst Art Spot Challenge The challenge of this treasure hunt for the jetsetting ultra-wealthy was to visit Gagosian‘s 11-gallery .accross the world to win a special Hirst spot print. 4. Best of All Worlds Founders of A Small World have launched another private online community networkcalled reserved to the wealthiest 1%. 5. Prada Transformer The Prada Transformer is an unusual exhibition space which has one of four different shapes, depending on the function for which the building is needed. 6. Chanel Mobile Art The itinerant Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion was both an exhibition site and a mobile pavilion, on a world tour from Hong Kong to New York SEE ALSO Prada – Il Pallazo APP Gucci Museo Bulgari - Palazzo
  37. 37. INTIMACY
  38. 38. INTIMACY DEFINITION With so many people facing financial hardship, this is the end of the bling bling and show-of trend. People will continue to shy away garish display of wealth. So luxury is now targeting the discreet connoisseur. It is now about being self-centred, in a cocoon, an intimate environment, like a private concert at home or a very selective club. Good news: the digital world is a perfect place for that kind of ―Intimacy‖, whether it is an intimacy with a brand, or with your peers… DATA 28% of affluent U.S. consumers share information about luxury purchases over blogs, Twitter, Faceb ook… PERSPECTIV E ONLY 6% of brand‘s Facebook fans engage with a brand‘s Facebook content « Hiding, disapearing for a while, playing wtth your intimacy by choosing what you want to show and what you want to keep for yourself, knowing how do deal with public exposure, this what the new luxury is all about. » Alexis Botaya, Editor in chief, Soon Soon Soon
  39. 39. INTIMACY CASE STUDY CHANEL Make-up confidential Entering the intimate world of Chanel Studio In 2011, Chanel launched "Makeup Confidential". The site provides users with an intimate look into the creation of Chanel‘s beauty products, from video with Creative Director Peter Phillips to backstage at the Chanel fashion shows. Users can also watch how-to videos from makeup artist Lisa Eldridge - YouTube-style - and learn the tricks for wearing the brand‘s spring line. In 2012, for Valentine‘s Day, the site got a new feature called ―Love Letters.‖ Inspired by the Chanel film ―Here Comes the Beauty Pack‖, it allows users to send love letters to their love made of letters that are shaped by Chanel cosmetics.
  40. 40. INTIMACY 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. Private places Secret experiences Virtual intimacy
  41. 41. INTIMACY 1. Omega Time for Women Omega has launched a unique, private, global network bringing exceptional women together on-line to discuss current affairs, the arts and business. 2. Van Cleef & Arpels - Workshops Virtual Tour The Maison of High Jewelry is offering an exceptional glimpse behind the scenes at its workshops via a unique feat of technology: the 360° virtual tour. 3. The Underbelly Project In a secret underground art project, a group of artists created large-scale works in an abandoned subway station, that can only be seen online. 4. Secret Cinema The concept is a monthly gathering of all that love challenging and groundbreaking cinema, screening mystery films in extraordinary locations 5. Valentino Virtual Store Valentino drives ecommerce through the world‘s largest virtual shoe room that it is leveraging with two online-exclusive items (to be discovered in privacy)) 6. The World's Most Exclusive Website The site is a digital art project which limits entry to the internet elite: the number of Twitter followers you have dictates how far you can go. SEE ALSO: Zegna‘s Google+ Live Fendi‘s X-Rated video series
  43. 43. AUGMENTED LUXURY DEFINITION From the beginning, technology has augmented the human race. Now it is time for luxury to be fully augmented with technology. Filled with innovation, luxury brands are empowered and become ubiquitous, with infinite possibilities. ―Augmented Luxury‖ is about a whole new kind of experience augmented by technologies: seeing the unseen, and living the unexpected. DATA PERSPECTIV E Experiential luxury now makes up 55% of total luxury spending worldwide 72% of Facebook app users prefer immersive and interactive ad units to standard banner ads « Tomorrow’s luxury will be about a fully cuztomized client service, a perfect and sustainable clothing, or a connected (and smart) object (that will make our life richer or easier. Tomorrow, technology will be more embedded in any luxury experience. » Cécile Poignant Chief Editor of Trend Tablet
  44. 44. AUGMENTED LUXURY CASE STUDY DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Through glass Watching the show through the eye of its designer Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenbrg has incorporated sets of Google Glass into her Fashion Week show Spring 2013. In the film made about it, people were invited to experience the show through the eyes of the people who made it happen—the stylists, the models and Diane von Furstenberg herself. All the footage was filmed before, during and after the show, using only Glass, Google's latest technology that lets users capture moments from a unique, new perspective.
  45. 45. AUGMENTED LUXURY 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. Digital temple Alternate Realities Magic Tricks
  46. 46. AUGMENTED LUXURY 1. Audi City Audi City is a new retail concept for the car brand, presenting its entire fleet of models in digital form, ready to be customised by prospective buyers 2. Burberry Regent Street The Burberry Flagship is an innovative space designed to reflect its website, with a space combining the label's physical and digital achievements. 3. Burberry World Live Burberry created a digitally immersive experience complete with a 360° film to launch its newest store in Taipei, Taiwan. 4. Alfred Dunhill - Trafalgar show The brand has showcased its collection with 64 models, standing still on ‗Trafalgar Square‘ in a simulation of all four seasons using holographic projection. 5. BMW – Window into the near future To spread the word about BMW's iTour, the brand erected a screen along Sixth Avenue in New York City that transforms live traffic into BMW concept cars. 6. Louis Vuitton – Kusama Studio The new Louis Vuitton Kusama Studio App allows you to imagine yourself or your friends covered with dots, reinterpreted as abstract waves and so on. SEE ALSO: Mercedes Visionary Store Hugo Boss - New Dimension Beijing campaign Hermès × Tokujin Yoshioka - Interactive window Chanel J12 Augmented Reality APP
  47. 47. (AT)ATAWAD
  48. 48. (AT)ATAWAD DEFINITION Digital culture has generated the ATAWAD trend (anytime, anywhere, any device): users want to access content and commercial offers in any situation. But when luxury joins the party, it becomes "(AT)ATAWAD". This is because affluents want ANYTHING in any situation. That‘s precisely why palaces invented concierge in the last century. DATA PERSPECTIV E Online luxury sales are progressing 3x faster than offline sales. 93% of individual worth $10 million or more made only online purchase the past 12 months « Tomorrow’s luxury will be an extreme need for liquidity: consumer is now seeking for « seamless » experiences and products, bringing him absolute well-being and total satisfaction. » Cécile Poignant, editor of Trend Tablet
  49. 49. (AT)ATAWAD CASE STUDY BLACKJET Having a private jet at anytime BlackJet is the private plane charter service modeled after Uber cab. Uber is a well-known on-call private cab service that lets people order a cab through an app, which then charges the user's credit card automatically. lackJet was actually founded by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp. The service targets people who want to avoid the hassles of flying commercial by offering seats on other people‘s private jets.. It allows users to book their seat in 10 seconds with guaranteed seat availability.
  50. 50. (AT)ATAWAD 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. Location Buy/Pin while reading Buy while watching
  51. 51. (AT)ATAWAD 1. Shangri La – Virtual tour The hotel chain used the 360° camero Yellow bird to let people visit their hotel at any time. 2. Louis Vuitton - Amble The application lets users share and discover inspiring places based on their physical location as they explore the cityscapes around them. 3. Lifestyle Mirror Lifestyle Mirror is a clickable fashion Mag offering the ultimate service: a selection of products inspired by the photos, that users can buy instantly. 4. Gucci – Pint it Gucci unveiled a « pinnable » banner ad with a small ―Pin it‖ button on the bottom corner allowing people to pin the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. 5. Gucci – E-commerce Video Gucci has targeted web-savvy shoppers with the brand‘s first click-to-buy video for its pre-Fall 2011 collection. 6. Longchamp – Little Big Bag The brand has presented its collection through a short movie using the click-to-buy technology.
  52. 52. LUXILITY
  53. 53. LUXILITY DEFINITION For a long time, luxury has been synonym with superfluous and unnecessary. On the contrary, user experience in a digital world must always follow a principle of utility. As brands have quickly integrated this new rule (with branded utility), luxury has came up with a new model. Hence the birth of ―Luxulity‖, or how to be useful without being necessary. DATA Top4 websites affluent males visit most frequently are, by ranking, Amazon, Ya hoo!, Google and eBay. PERSPECTIV E 50% of all online searches now originating on mobile devices « I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and non chalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for my clothes. » Yves Saint Laurent
  54. 54. LUXILITY CASE STUDY LOUIS VUITTON The Art of Packing Learning how to pack Packing efficiently may well be considered an art. Based on that consideration, Louis Vuitton has provided the ultimate service: The Art of Packing, providing exquisite guides for each of its iconic suitcases, from the wheeled Pegase to the classic hard lines of the Alzer. Images and instructions guide the precise packer through the correct way to fold a shirt, how to layer possessions so that everything fits and, vitally, how to ensure that nothing needs ironing at journey‘s end. Packing is transformed into an artform.
  55. 55. LUXILITY 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6. The art of everything Help with my life Self-powered
  56. 56. LUXILITY 1. Mumm – Champagne protocoles The brand invites users to rediscover and adopt the rituals of champagne, in 100 protocoles detailled and illustrated in an iPhone app 2. Prix Emile Hermès In 2008 french luxury brand Hermes held the first edition of 'Prix Emile Hermes', a usefull design competition for young talents in europe. 3. Madame Figaro – Mad For Mad For is an APP is answering the everyday question: « what should I wear with this weather? » with fashion and beauty tips linked to current weather. 4. Armani – EA7 The APP combines Armani products with sports and lifestyle and gives consumers tips on how to shop, dine and play in major European cities. 5. Concorde La Fayette – Smartway The APP is an e-check-in system that allows busy travelers to check-in/out online anytime, anywhere and receive their room key the moment they arrive. 6. InterContinental Kitchen APP This Cookbook on iPad app gives people access to inspiring recipes from around the world, created by the Executive Chefs of InterContinental hotels. SEE ALSO: Van Cleef & Arpels - Bridal app L‘Oréal - Take me to the next level X-box Game