June 2010 Family Readiness Wire Newsletter


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June 2010 Family Readiness Wire Newsletter

  1. 1. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 2ND QUARTER 2010 Family Readiness Wire "I AM CONVINCED THAT FAMILY READINESS IS TIED DIRECTLY TO COMBAT READINESS,” - CNO MULLEN JULY 2005 Family Readiness Message From the CO Recall Commander John Du!um, USN Commanding Officer 757-492-8467 Hello Everyone! who has been designated as the FRG Chairperson, Lauren Executive Officer Summer is almost upon us, and Gueret was selected as the 757-492-8454 here in Virginia summer is a Secretary and Crystal Arnold Command Master Chief wonderful time of the year. who's serving as Treasurer. 757-375-2933 With it comes increased Thank you Ladies for opportunity to spend time volunteering. I hope everyone OMBUDSMAN outdoors with family and takes advantage of the FRG 757-376-2600 friends; in the yard, at the and opportunity for support neicomb@gmail.com beach, traveling or on the and fun. FRG Leader water. So please keep safety in 757-377-4529 mind as you plan your summer I would also like to neicfrg@gmail.com outings. It is important to congratulate our Ombudsman, Command Fact Sheet: understand the risks and plan Stacey, who recently completed http://www.public.navy.mil/usff/necc/ accordingly. There is also Navy’s Ombudsman training. Documents/07_NEIC_FactSheet.pdf opportunity to take advantage BZ!! of summer-time events or NEIC Family Readiness Facebook: military deals offered through Finally, the beginning of Search “Navy Expeditionary Intelligence MWR other military sponsors. summer ends my time here as Command” or visit: I urge you to take advantage of Commanding Officer. It has http://www.facebook.com/pages/Navy- these extra’s as benefits of been a very great honor serving Expeditionary-Intelligence-Command- NEIC/217773367994 military service. We will be with all of you. My wife, Jodi posting information on special and I would like to thank you Military OneSource: offers or events using the for all your support. You pride, http://www.militaryonesource.com command newsletter and professionalism and loving Facebook page. support made our tour an absolutely wonderful We formally kicked off our experience, thank you. Family Readiness Group (FRG) in March and it continues to Fair winds and following seas. grow. We asked for volunteers and selected leadership for the Commanding Officer command’s Family Readiness Group. I would like to NEIC SAILORS DURING CLEAN THE BASE DAY congratulate Michelle Masision ! PAGE 1
  2. 2. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 2ND QUARTER 2010 “WE ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS OUR PEOPLE, AND I BELIEVE OUR PEOPLE ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS THEIR FAMILIES." - CNO, MULLEN, JULY 2006 Message From the CMC Master Chief Jason Martin, USN LIVE TO PLAY, PLAY TO LIVE – SUMMER and soybean oil. Learn to keep your children safe SAFETY CAMPAIGN KICKS OFF. from insect bites. **Sun screens can help to protect your child from I hope everybody is well. The weather is getting damage from sun exposure and reduce the risk of better and better every day and the heat of summer skin cancer. Learn to pick a sunscreen with an SPF of is here. The beach, barbeque and family fun are 15 or higher and which offers UVA and UVB great ways to spend time over the next few months protection, plus other tips to keep your kids safe in before the cooler weather comes back. The summer the sun. safety campaign will soon be in full swing. **Foodborne illness and food poisoning do The 101 Critical Days of Summer are from increase in the summer months, when the weather is Memorial Day to Labor Day. Our goal is that when warmer, allowing bacteria to grow faster, and more summer is over, we can look back on it and know we people are having picnics, barbecues and camping safely took advantage of the good weather the region trips. Learn food safety tips to keep your children provides us. As you get back into summer keep in safe this summertime. mind the dangers associated with recreational For more Summer Safety Tips visit The Naval activities you may have not participated during the Safety Center at http://safetycenter.navy.mil/ . winter months - such as: boating, grilling, traveling, swimming and motorcycle riding. As a side note it’s unfortunate, but summer is It’s important to take a few moments with your also a time when we see an increase in recreational family before going on the long road trip or getting injuries and deaths due to unsafe practices. Alcohol the family boat underway and discuss safety. use causes a significant increase in many of these Here are some other recommendations: events. Keep safety on the forefront of your ** Insect repellents can protect your children planning and enjoy everything the summer has to from insects that commonly bite children, including offer. mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, etc. Safe and effective See you at the beach! insect repellents include those with deet, citronella Special Note: Come meet NEIC’s new Commanding Officer, CDR Laura Hatcher at our next FRG meeting. When: 6:15, 14 July, 2010 Where: London Bridge Baptist Church - Conference Center (West parking lot), 2460 Potters Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 FOOD: Potluck (Bring a dish to share with attendees) A PUPPET SHOW DURING OUR FRG MEETING ! PAGE 2
  3. 3. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 2ND QUARTER 2010 "WE ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING THE BEST POSSIBLE RESOURCES TO SUPPORT OUR FAMILIES AND TO THE CONTINUING DEVELOPMENT OF NEW AND INNOVATIVE WAYS TO IMPROVE FAMILY SUPPORT." - COMNECC RADM POTTENGER JUN 2009 Ombudsman instruction. I am available 24 hours a OMBUDSMAN’s day for emergencies.        One final note: I CANNOT express Corner it enough that Operational Security is HUGE!  Please do not post any movements or schedules Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. online at Facebook, Myspace, or even text them! (Ex: My name is Stacey, and I was appointed as the NEIC my hubby is deploying tomorrow, my hubby is ombudsman in February. coming home in xx days, or one week!)  Even when As you probably already know, Ombudsmen are you have an “official message” about homecoming, here to assist Navy families. We act as a liaison please don’t post it! I know it seems unfair, but you between the command and families, and we must realize that the safety of our sailors is our communicate information about command and number one priority. community resources to families.  Please feel free to email me at neicomb@gmail.com or call me 757-376-2600 if I can be of any assistance to you. Your questions, comments, complaints, concerns, etc. will all be held in the strictest confidence, within the guidelines defined in OPNAVINST 1750.1E- the Navy Family favorite Sesame Street friends, family members can TLC... compose encouraging messages to each other, share artwork and video, upload photos and get answers to Every Navy deployment is different - some questions they may have but didn’t know how renegotiating roles and responsibilities, requiring to ask. To get started, go to emotional support and stress management. Sesame www.SesameStreetFamilyConnections.org Street’s ongoing “Talk, Listen, Connect (TLC)” initiative provides support and offers significant resources for military families with young children who are experiencing the effects of deployments, homecomings, changes due to a combat-related injury and more. The Sesame Street Family Connections Web site is bilingual (English/Spanish), child-centered and allows children and adults to interact and stay connected when distance makes everyday communication difficult. With the help of their ! PAGE 3
  4. 4. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 2ND QUARTER 2010 YMCA Military Outreach Initiative The Armed Services YMCA and Department of Defense Outreach Initiative offers YMCA memberships to eligible military families and personnel who may not have access to a nearby military facility. Eligible military families and personnel include: - Family members of deployed National Guard and Reservists. - Active Duty Independent Duty personnel and their families as approved by their Military Service Headquarters. - Relocated spouses and family members of deployed Active Duty personnel. GUIDELINES: The Department of Defense will underwrite memberships at participating YMCAs for an initial six- month period for each eligible family and service member. Membership renewals in subsequent six-month intervals (up to 12 or 18 months depending on eligibility) will be funded based on a military family’s or service member’s ability to meet the participation requirement of eight visits to a YMCA each month. RESPITE CHILD CARE: In addition, the Outreach Initiative offers respite child care services for children whose parent or guardian needs temporary respite from their role as primary caregiver in the absence of a deployed spouse. Call your local YMCA directly and ask to speak with the Membership Director who can provide information about the initiative. Contact Military OneSource at www.militaryonesource.com or 800-342-9647 to confirm eligibility and receive an eligibility form. household. After everyone has filled one bag, Bread Program participants my have more based on their family’s consumption needs. Bread pick up starts at ten ! This Bread Program is free to all military AM. in the Hampton Roads area. Product availability varies but usually includes bagels, sandwich bread, For more information goto http:// buns, and sweets. www.asymcahr.org/asymca-family-military- support.php All you need to do is: sign in with name, family size, rank/rate, and whole address including zip code. You must show military I.D. Please bring and only fill one NORMAL sized grocery bags. Cakes, cookies or sweets are limited to 1 item per ! PAGE 4
  5. 5. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 2ND QUARTER 2010 Angel Food Ministries Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States.   Each month's menu is different and consists of fresh, frozen and packaged food. The cost for a box of Angel Food is $30. There is no purchase limit for boxes of Angel Food. There are no applications or qualifications necessary to purchase.  Angel Food is available in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $30 per unit. Each month's menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $60.  Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month. Visit https://www.angelfoodministries.com/ for more information on this program. Visit https://www.cnic.navy.mil/Oceana/MWR/index.htm for more info. Run: Date: Location: Run with the Chiefs 5K Aug 20, 2010 Naval Station Norfolk Red, White & Blue 5K Sep 8, 2010 NNSY Fall Frenzy 5K Sep 24, 2010 NWS Yorktown Pink Ribbon 5K Oct 6, 2010 NMCP Fleet Day 8K Trail Run Oct 15, 2010 Cheatham Annex Pumpkin Patch 5K Oct 20, 2010 NAS Oceana Monster Dash 5K Oct 29, 2010 Naval Station Norfolk Back in Time 5K Nov 3, 2010 Dam Neck Annex Turkey Trot 5K Nov 18, 2010 NSA Norfolk Reindeer Run 5K Dec 8, 2010 JEB West (Little Creek) Army/Navy 10K Challenge Dec 11, 2010 JEB East (Fort Story) ! PAGE 5
  6. 6. Adjusting toUS? Life in the Topics Addressed FOREIGN-BORN SPOUSE Workshop Citizenship & Immigration 2009 June 25 October 20 FFSC Oceana, Bldg. 531 FFSC Oceana, Bldg. 531 9:00 am - 3:30 pm 9:00a am - 3:00 pm Calling all Mil itary Foreign-Born Spouses FOREIGN-BORN Meeting every 4th Friday SPOUSE ort Group of the Month pp Su 10:00 am-noon Join other Foreign-Born Spouses FFSC Oceana at 433-2912 and share your experiences, develop friendships, and discuss the Wadsworth Shores Housing American Culture. Community Center, corner of Birdneck Rd and Prosperity Rd. Little Creek Newport News Norfolk Northwest Oceana Yorktown 462-7563 688-NAVY 444-2102 421-8770 433-2912 887-4606 WEBSITE: www.ffscnorva.navy.mil FBSW0903O
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