J75912 nec cloud brochure storage


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J75912 nec cloud brochure storage

  1. 1. Mobile World Congress 2012Next Generation Carrier Cloud VASNEC Cloud StorageExpand your world. Take control of your files, media andapps by using unlimited cloud storage. Now you can accessyour corporate information anywhere and from any device. Always with youSynchronized online and offline access to your cloud files from multiple devicesNEC Cloud Storage is a carrier oriented online storage platform integrated with multiple fixed and mobile devices for ubiquousinformation access. NEC Cloud Storage features the Intelligent Cache technology that stores on your local device the mostcommonly used files for flawless offline access. Scale the data repository size in real time based on pay per use business model. Mobility Security Collaboration3G Modems, Mobile, PC, Mac Encrypted, SIM Bound, Managed Teamwork, Sharing, CooperationOpen new horizons for cross device The security of the stored files is NEC Cloud Storage is designed toinformation repository. NEC Cloud guaranteed through strong real time bring you the most flexible sharingStorage is natively integrated into encryption algorithms. NEC Cloud capabilities available on the market.multiple devices granting truly Storage service can be bound to Access your personal and groupmobile information access. Now you carrier SIM authentication to cloud file space to share files withcan seamlessly access virtually enhance client loyalty and user your team. Share your files thoughunlimited corporate and personal validation. Specific corporate policy secure time stamped links usingfiles repository anywhere and from enforcement features are supported multi target share and access controlany device. Intuitive web access to ease the management of sensitive functionality. Enhance your teaminterface is available for managing data access. productivity and efficiency withthe information from alien PCs. cooperative files management features. NEC Cloud Storage http://www.nec.com
  2. 2. NEC Cloud Storage Solution Features List Categories Features • Personal and Corporate drives with restricted and group files access • Intelligent local cache of most commonly used cloud based files • Password protected files sharing with people outside of the company • Multi OS access - Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. • Multi device integration – Wireless USB Modems, Smartphones, SmartTV Cloud Data Repository • Highly redundant server side storage • Point to point data transfer encryption and compression • Local and remote data encryption • Multiple access roles: Carrier Administrator, Enterprise Administrator and User • Files versioning and recovery within a time period set by carrier • Carrier grade KPI service management dashboard • Intuitive data management through native OS file explorers • All cloud based files are virtually available in offline mode • Automatic and user specified local persistence User Experience • Seamless files synchronization with the cloud • Web access to the file repository with full data management functions set • On the fly additional quota purchase through NEC Cloud Marketplace • Plug & Play Carrier Billing and CRM integration through NEC Cloud Marketplace • Carrier Branding and customization Carrier Integration • SIM binding • SMS link sharingFor further information please contactcontact us atFor further information please us atmarketing@nec-saas.comgcc_saas@gcc.jp.nec.comNEC CorporationNEC Corporation7-1, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku,Anabel Segura 7, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid. SpainTokyo 108-8001 Japanhttp://www.nec.com/www.nec.com© 2012 NEC Corporation NEC and the NEC logo are registered trademarks of NEC Corporation 2011071001