NEC Cloud Center of CompetenceUnique multitenant DaaS solution for Service ProvidersNEC Cloud Desktop                     ...
NEC Cloud Desktop Beyond PC Cloud-based desktops or virtual / remote desktops can play an important role as part of an ove...
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J75912 nec cloud brochure desktop

  1. 1. NEC Cloud Center of CompetenceUnique multitenant DaaS solution for Service ProvidersNEC Cloud Desktop Come into the new working era, break the chains with local PCs by deploying NEC Cloud-based remote desktop solution: a new way to deliver full Windows and Linux desktops as a service, from the Cloud to any user device and location, in a seamlessly manner.Ubiquitous and Multidevice Professional Desktop Solution Hosted Virtual Desktops Customer tailored There are diverse needs across enterprise workers,NEC Cloud Desktop is the only Service Provider oriented whereby different desktops for those profiles are needed.DaaS solution (Desktop as a Service), and the first onecapable to create a centralized multitenant / multi-customer NEC Cloud Desktop is a platform designed to take in all kindenvironment to deliver virtual desktops on a monthly fee of users, personalizing their particular experience.basis. The solution adapts toLeverages NEC’s and third-party’s technologies to build different user profiles as itthe only Multi-Hipervisor and Multi-Broker service, capable allows configuring eachto provide Windows and Linux desktops, allocated in NEC’s desktop elements and theirand / or Service Provider’s datacenters and delivered associated professionalthrough the Internet or a VPN. services.Cloud Desktop allows to work with total independency ofthe physical location, being able to access resources, data,and applications everywhere, anytime and with betterquality and reliability compared to being at the office. It also Multi-flavored commercial solutionoffers an orchestration layer for Service Providers tomanage all customers, and for each customer to self-provision and control their own desktops and end-users. NEC enables Service Providers to create an attractive commercial offering for both Small and Medium Businesses and Large Enterprises markets, as this is the only platform for Connections & Network delivering all virtual desktop Administration and Provisioning Web Portal modalities, as a service, from Access from the office, from home, etc. through a shared infrastructure Mobile phones, private (VPN) and public (Internet) connection Main components of Cloud Desktops are (RDS/TS, VDI over Windows Tablets, PCs, using any network (3G / Cloud Desktops CPU, RAM, System Server 2008 and Full VDI). Thin Clients LTE / WiFi / xDSL / Fiber ) Disk and NEC Cloud CoC NEC Cloud Desktop
  2. 2. NEC Cloud Desktop Beyond PC Cloud-based desktops or virtual / remote desktops can play an important role as part of an overall strategy to make more resources and services available anytime and anywhere to authenticated customers. It provides the flexibility to quickly deliver, refresh, update and manage desktops, and the OS and applications that they contain. It reduces business risk associated with potential data loss or theft, as it secures and backs-up data at every endpoint. It lowers the cost of desktop management by reducing complexity and simplifying management. NEC Desktop as a Service solution enables new efficiencies and improves the customer experience with less downtime and fast, automated service delivery, while supporting the changing needs of global customers, including enterprises, small and medium businesses, remote workers, and new types of independent workers and consultants. Benefits & Features Cloud Desktop Management and User PortalCarrier / Service Provider NEC Cloud Desktop platform gives both Service • Multitenant platform with complete customer isolation. Provider and Enterprise a unified and centralized Web • On-demand provisioning. High scalability and flexibility. based tool to deploy, manage and monitor their whole • Integrated with back-end systems. virtual desktops system and users too. • New revenue stream aligned with Carrier’s core business. NEC solution has self-provisioning features, so that theEnterprise service provider doesn’t have to worry about the • Equalization of IT cost. Turn CAPEX into OPEX . provision of new services. • Extend PC life-cycle. • Low failure rate, low downtime, more productivity. End customer itself can provision newEnd User users, virtual desktops • Optimized user experience. Better performance and reliability. and any other option • Abstraction of data location, as it always available. the carrier allows them • Enables BYOD strategy (Bring Your Own Device). to do perform.Forfurther information please contact us at us atFor further information please CorporationNEC Iberica S.L.U.7-1, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku,Anabel Segura 7, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid. SpainTokyo 108-8001 Japan 2012 NEC Corporation NEC and the NEC logo are registered trademarks of NEC Corporation 2012051001