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Desktop Virtualization Solution - Virtual PC Center


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Desktop Virtualization Solution - Virtual PC Center

  1. 1. Rich user experience in narrowband Reduced storage space and simplified environments (optional) administration of virtual PCs (optional)Users can switch to the ICA® protocol* for greater virtual PC operability The Differential Clone Function (optional) links clones to master virtual PCswhen accessing from narrowband environments and foreign locations.* Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) is a network protocol designed by Citrix Systems to enable rapid creation of multiple virtual PCs from a single master image. Desktop virtualization solution • Virtual PCs are managed by master image and differential data to reduce storage space requirements. Virtual PC server • Additional virtual PCs can be created quickly by simply modifying the differential data. Virtual PC Virtual PC • Patches and applications applied to master images are precisely Virtualization reflected to linked virtual PCs. infrastructure • Multiple versions of master virtual PCs are supported to enable efficient and flexible management. Connection broker Normal use Using the Differential Clone Function Mobile use Narrowband environments Foreign locations User User Master Clones An innovative desktop solution Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Master Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ virtual PC ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ Virtualization infrastructure Virtualization infrastructure Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Image ① Image ② Image ③ Image ④ Image ⑤ Master * * * * * for flexible work styles, business continuity, and green IT virtual PC image Differential Differential Differential Differential Differential Storage (physical disk) data data data data data ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ Storage (physical disk) *link to master image System diagram Datacenter Virtual PC Center Virtual PC Center (Management server) (Virtual PC server) Virtual PC Virtual PC Management Server Software Apps Apps Apps Apps Client OS Client OS Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2 Virtualization infrastructure VPCC Client Management Option Connection broker Citrix Controller* *Optional Internet Intranet VPN Office Home and other locations ○○○○○○○○ Thin client terminals Thin client terminals Desktop PCs Multifunction mobile devices For further information, please contact: Virtual PC Center © NEC Corporation 2011. All rights reserved.• Microsoft and Windows Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.• Citrix and ICA (Independent Computing Architecture) are registered trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.• All products, brands, or trade names used in this brochure are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.• All specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice. NEC Corporation Cat.No. E05-11080001E
  2. 2. Desktop virtualization to While delivering the full user-experience of traditional PCs, performance improves. Virtualized PCs which require additional resources for high demand workloads automatically gain accessunleash your workforce and to unused server capacity. The Virtual PC Center desktop virtualization solution dedicates a virtual PC to each user, complete with their current desktop applications anddeliver end-to-end innovation settings. Virtual PCs reside on servers while thin clients have no storage and simply provide the user-interface. This allows users to securely access their working environment from any available terminal whenever, wherever needed. Virtual PC Center system Virtual PC Center (Virtual PC server) Virtual PCMigrate your traditional PCs—with individual settings and the familiar look and feel—to a Apps Appscentrally managed, fundamentally efficient IT system. From deployment to daily use and Apps Apps Virtualize Client OSmanagement, every aspect of the Virtual PC Center desktop virtualization solution is lean, Client OS Virtualization infrastructureconvenient, and remarkably productive.Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, has become a popular technology because it is a secure IT foundation while at the same time it provides Desktop PCcomplete capabilities for innovative work styles including mobile and tele-working. In addition to avoiding security risks and providing resilience Thin client terminalagainst disasters and pandemics, VDIs eliminate the burden of maintaining distributed PCs and achieve significant power savings to make Effective use of server resourcesbusinesses more cost efficient and green. Virtual PC Center, an end-to-end desktop virtualization solution from NEC, makes progressive working High load High load High loadstyles and trustworthy business continuity plans a reality. Resources are allocated High load If the server load increases, Virtual PC is Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC according to each user’s virtual PCs are automatically moved to a Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC Resources are A B C less-loaded performance requirements, A B C optimally moved to a server with more enabling users to complete allocated free resources to optimize server projects seamlessly. loads across servers.Simplify desktop complexities in the datacenter Server resources (CPU, memory) Virtual PC Virtual PC Virtual PC C 1 2 Traditional desktop PC Virtualized desktop Shared data A reliable business continuity solution End-to-end efficiency—from deployment Shared data User data for everyday and emergencies to daily use and management Application software When away from the office, Virtualized PCs and servers accommodating them are efficiently controlled through OS Virtual PC Center (Virtual PC server) in-house servers which host the centralized management via an integrated Web console. Capabilities include Network virtual PCs can be securely Virtual PC autonomous operation in conjunction with hardware monitoring, session Network accessed via VPN. This allows Apps Apps management, virtualized PC power supply control, and simplified software users to call up their own PC distribution. Client OS No data stored environment and work without risk from any terminal at any Virtualization infrastructure User data hour. VPCC enables secure Automatic telecommuting from home or Desktop PC Application software Thin client terminal connection Home branch offices as well as mobile VPN OS or temporary environments, Outside location Office Satellite office enhancing your company’s flexibility and business continuity Thin client terminal Thin client terminal capabilities. Enhanced data security Risk of data loss Change location and All data is securely stored on a server to reduce the risk of data loss by restart work where you left off Corporate data is compromised as a result of the loss or theft of PCs. end-users. Status view of all managed systems and drilldowns of physical and virtualized environments Costly operational management Efficient centralized management Application software, antivirus software, and security patches must be installed Installation of software and patches is performed in batch on the server by a on each PC. single administrator. Smooth video processing Green IT—significant energy savings No PC, no work Get connected anywhere With VPCC, users can enjoy VPCC autonomously and Power Users and work are limited to specific PCs because data and environmental Users can access their own desktop environment from any available client. Work Virtual PC Center (Virtual PC server) consumption high-speed video playback dynamically reallocates and (kWh) settings are unique to each PC. can be continued at alternative locations during pandemics and disasters. Virtual PC and video streaming which is consolidates virtual PCs to 20,000 a prerequisite to take Apps Apps Media player optimize physical servers. Power 43 % advantage of broadband consumption is minimized by 15,000 LCD red Client OS uctio environments. NECs Filter driver shutting down idle servers during n 10,000 multimedia software enables low load periods such as night In Branch Virtualization infrastructure company offices video processing on the client hours and holidays, and starting PC 5,000 side for flawless video Client display them up again at the beginning of playback. the day or whenever access to Virtual PC Center can provide you 0 virtual PCs increases. As a result, Traditional desktop Virtual PC Center PC system  Network Overlay Multimedia VPCC delivers energy savings as with a secure, ubiquitous office Home accelerator much as 43% over traditional PC : Servers (Three 2-socket 6c servers) : LCDs (200 units) systems. : Thin clients (US300c, 200 units) VPN : PCs (200 units) Your Desk Other Division Meeting Room * Comparison based on annual operating condition of 8 hours/day, 247 business days/year Work from any available client terminal