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Empirix Presentation at NECCF

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  • Containment & Triage – Reduce containment time and let them be more efficient in triagingAutomate (Repeatable & Quantitative) – Automating test calls and monitoring the customer experience lets Fran’s group Removes Human Perception & Delay in Recognition – Holistic Visibility – trends in performance
  • By definition, a circuit switched call opens an exclusive bidirectionallink between the two parties for the duration of the call and the quality is largelydeterministic. This is our benchmark and is known as ‘toll quality.’ Conversely, with a VoIP call, voiceinformation is split up into ‘packets’ that are intermixed with other data packets on the sameconnection. This enables a much more efficient utilization of resources but is potentially verydetrimental to the voice quality. For example, congestion of the IP network can cause packet loss, callrefusals and long call latency.
  • **Note for Hammer at Your Service: We are the only vendor who can provide both hosted and onsite testing as part of the solution. Other competitors can do one or the other but not both. This capability is what allows us to test all types of unique and highly complex environments.
  • Read a few benefits This solution differs from other solutions<next slide>
  • In two ways: On the business side, Empirix Testing as a Service™ is based on a flexible expense and flexible deployment models. On the technology side, Empirix Testing as a Service™ addresses additional test scenarios because Empirix can deploy our award-winning Hammer Test Systems™ and Hammer G5™ call generators to the customer premises. As a result, Empirix Testing as a Service™ solutions can completely saturate a contact center infrastructure, measure 2-way voice quality, test interoperability of new IP technologies and transmit non-voice media (video, IP fax etc).These business and technology differentiators are key in successful execution. Let’s look at two other examples of where Empirix Testing as a Service helped customers achieve their goals: one from the retail industry and the second from the utility industry >next slide>
  • Great Technology – “unrivaled production innovation”Best breadth products and services in its space; known for depth and flexibilityHammer Test Engine™ - worldwide de-facto standard, 30+ patents issued/filedEmpirix / Hammer products are known for quality, reliability, and performanceGreat People – “unmatched expertise applied”Deep technical expertise: this is all we know, longer than anyone else (since 1992)Industry-leading professional services team: from test engineering to custom development to project managementWe’re simply easy to work with; we stay agile & flexible to better serve our customersGreat Culture – “unabashed customer intimacy”We’re obsessive about understanding and meeting customer needsConsultative approach: we listen, then propose tailored solutions to real problems (“we get paid to solve problems, not to sell products”)Proven track record of making our customers successful* Agilent, Tektronix, IQ Services, Spirent, Ixia, roll-your-own-initiatives
  • Empirix scrolling presentation for neccf event 052110

    1. 1. Global headquarters in Bedford, MA USA<br />Regional headquarters in Europe (UK) and Asia (Japan)<br />Industry pioneer, originally as Hammer Technologies, founded 1992<br />Strong balance sheet; no debt<br />Company Overview<br />Empirix leads the market in service quality assurance solutions for new IP communications<br />
    2. 2. Discover and remedy customer and agent impacting issues before deployment<br />Save Costs: less expensive and easier to address problems prior to go-live<br />Mitigate the risk of network failure<br />Reduce time to deployment<br />Proactively identify customer and agent impacting events in production<br />Be confident about quality of experience<br />Avoid outages<br />Minimize the impact of outages and slowdowns<br />Gain measurable returns<br />Improved customer and agent satisfaction <br />Reduce customer churn<br />Shorten time to profitable business operations<br />Reduced toll charges and infrastructure costs<br />Increased service level compliance<br />Customer Value Proposition<br />
    3. 3. Addressing Contact Center Goals<br /><ul><li>Cost reduction
    4. 4. Customer quality experience</li></ul>CRM<br />CTI<br />CTI<br />IVR<br />IVR<br />IVR<br />PBX<br />PBX<br />PBX<br />PBX<br />Carrier<br />Carrier<br />Carrier<br />Carrier<br />Carrier<br />Customer Experience<br /><ul><li>Pre-routing
    5. 5. Fast busy
    6. 6. Ring NA
    7. 7. Dropped calls
    8. 8. Excessive silence
    9. 9. Wrong/slow response
    10. 10. Host query
    11. 11. Config issues
    12. 12. Routing
    13. 13. No data
    14. 14. Wrong data
    15. 15. Slow data
    16. 16. Slow screen pop
    17. 17. Agent desktop performance</li></ul>Ensuring the End-to-End Customer Experience<br />IVR Performance<br />CTI/Routing Performance<br />End to End Performance and Voice Quality<br />
    18. 18. Getting it Right the First TimeBest Practice<br />Test Methodology<br /><ul><li>Focus on true customer and agent experience performance testing
    19. 19. Test end-to-end: carrier, PBX, IVR, CTI, CRM, Call Manager, and agent endpoints
    20. 20. Test through the layers: a phased approach</li></ul>Phase <br />1 – Test the infrastructure<br />2 – Test voice self-service<br />3 – Test CTI routing<br />4 – Validate desktop screen-pop<br />Best Practice for Testing Contact Center Deployments <br /><ul><li>Validate the Contact Center deployment from the customer perspective through the layers of infrastructure and application
    21. 21. Isolate performance issues at the tested layer and avoid the “needle in a haystack” approach to troubleshooting problems
    22. 22. Ensure that the invested technology delivers the expected customer experience to their customers</li></li></ul><li>Phase 1Testing the Infrastructure<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Confidence in foundational elements working properly
    23. 23. Happy customers
    24. 24. Their calls get through with high voice quality</li></ul>Infrastructure<br />Testing Scenarios<br /><ul><li>Carrier/switch capacity
    25. 25. Load balancing
    26. 26. Voice quality (VQ)
    27. 27. Data impact on VQ</li></ul>Testing Measurements<br /><ul><li>Calls per minute
    28. 28. Calls connected, busy, ring and no answer
    29. 29. Two-way audio
    30. 30. PESQ VQ scoring
    31. 31. Jitter, dropped/duplicate packets, etc.</li></ul>Vulnerability<br /><ul><li>Over load
    32. 32. Security and attacks</li></ul>Carrier Capacity, Infrastructure Capacity, QoS, Data Security <br />Voice Gateway<br />Voice Switch<br />Hammer Technology<br />Voice Quality<br />VQ Agent<br />Data<br />IP Phones<br />IP Network<br />Carrier<br />Attacks<br />Data<br />Edge Technology<br />Attacks<br />
    33. 33. Infrastructure<br />Voice Self-Service<br />Testing Scenarios<br /><ul><li>IVR busy hour/cay
    34. 34. Speech recognition accuracy
    35. 35. IVR failover
    36. 36. Hosted IVR platform</li></ul>Testing Measurements<br /><ul><li>Prompt recognition
    37. 37. Time to connect
    38. 38. Time to greet
    39. 39. Prompt/database response time</li></ul>Carrier Capacity, Infrastructure Capacity, QoS, Data Security <br />Licensing, App Server Load, Backend Host Availability<br />Voice Gateway<br />Voice Switch<br />Voice Portal<br />Hammer Technology<br />Voice Quality<br />VQ Agent<br />Data<br />VXML IVR Applications<br />Speech Recognition<br />Backend Host<br />Text-to-Speech<br />IP Phones<br />IP Network<br />Carrier<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Confidence in not having to involve an agent
    40. 40. Happy customers – satisfaction without having to speak with an agent
    41. 41. Happy management – no agent involvement; reduce costs</li></ul>IVR Application Testing<br />Attacks<br />Data<br />Edge Technology<br />Attacks<br />Phase 2Testing Voice Self-Service<br />
    42. 42. Phase 3Testing CTI Routing<br />Testing Scenarios<br /><ul><li>IVR-to-CTI integration
    43. 43. Default routing
    44. 44. CTI failover
    45. 45. Hosted CTI platform</li></ul>Testing Measurements<br /><ul><li>Calls answered by virtual agents
    46. 46. CTI attached data passed
    47. 47. CTI key/value comparison to CED</li></ul>Voice Self-Service<br />CTI Routing<br />Infrastructure<br />Call Transfer, CTI Attached Data Proper Routing<br />Carrier Capacity, Infrastructure Capacity, QoS, Data Security <br />Licensing, App Server Load, Backend Host Availability<br />Voice Portal<br />Voice Gateway<br />Voice Switch<br />Routing Infrastructure<br />Hammer Technology<br />Voice Quality<br />VQ Agent<br />Data<br />VXML IVR Applications<br />Speech Recognition<br />Backend Host<br />Text-to-Speech<br />IP Phones<br />IP Network<br />Carrier<br />CTI Adapter<br />IVR Application Testing<br />Attacks<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Confidence in routing infrastructure
    48. 48. Positive customer experience with reduced costs</li></ul>Data<br />CTI Testing<br />CTI VAS<br />Edge Technology<br />Attacks<br />
    49. 49. Phase 4Desktop Screen-pop Validation<br />CRM Desktop<br />Voice Self-Service<br />CTI Routing<br />Infrastructure<br />Testing Scenarios<br /><ul><li>CRM-to-CTI integration
    50. 50. Screen pop performance
    51. 51. CTI call control</li></ul>Testing Measurements<br /><ul><li>Time to screen pop
    52. 52. Screen pop data
    53. 53. Comparison to CED</li></ul>Call Transfer, CTI Attached Data Proper Routing<br />Screen Pop Performance, CTI Adapter Capacity, CRM Call Control<br />Carrier Capacity, Infrastructure Capacity, QoS, Data Security <br />Licensing, App Server Load, Backend Host Availability<br />Voice Portal<br />Voice Gateway<br />Voice Switch<br />Routing Infrastructure<br />Hammer Technology<br />Voice Quality<br />VQ Agent<br />Data<br />VXML IVR Applications<br />Speech Recognition<br />Backend Host<br />Text-to-Speech<br />IP Phones<br />IP Network<br />Carrier<br />CRM Application Server<br />CTI Adapter<br />Back Office Host<br />IVR Application Testing<br />Attacks<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Confidence in completesystem working properly
    54. 54. Positive customer experience with reduced costs</li></ul>Data<br />CTI Testing<br />CTI VAS<br />CRM Virtual Agent<br />Edge Technology<br />Attacks<br />CTI Testing<br />
    55. 55. Call Answer and Response Technology<br />CRM Desktop<br />Voice Self-Service<br />CTI Routing<br />Infrastructure<br />Call Transfer, CTI Attached Data Proper Routing<br />Screen Pop Performance, CTI Adapter Capacity, CRM Call Control<br />Carrier Capacity, Infrastructure Capacity, QoS, Data Security <br />Licensing, App Server Load, Backend Host Availability<br />Call Generation Technology<br />Voice Portal<br />Voice Gateway<br />Voice Switch<br />Routing Infrastructure<br />Hammer Technology<br />Voice Quality<br />VQ Agent<br />Data<br />VXML IVR Applications<br />Speech Recognition<br />Backend Host<br />Text-to-Speech<br />IP Phones<br />IP Network<br />Carrier<br />CRM Application Server<br />CTI Adapter<br />Back Office Host<br />IVR Application Testing<br />Attacks<br />Data<br />CTI Testing<br />CTI VAS<br />CRM Virtual Agent<br />Multi-Modal and Vulnerability Technology<br />Edge Technology<br />Attacks<br />CTI Testing<br />Getting it Right the First TimeTest Through the Layers<br />
    56. 56. Overall Benefits<br />Improve containment and triage of issues<br />Prevention of customer experience failures<br />Automate repeatable and objective<br />Validates IVR performance, speech recognition, routing strategies, CTI data<br />Removes human perception and delay in recognition<br />Holistic visibility<br />Track application performance in real-time<br />Visual correlation of key events/metrics<br />Capacity planning<br />Customizable alerts, reports, and views<br />Enable organization of information by any attribute preferred: Application, Line of Business, Geography, Technology, etc.<br />Restrict data access (views) as necessary on a per user/group basis<br />Event-based alerting, action plans and escalation<br />Confidence that the network works as it should<br />
    57. 57. We Deliver Confidence<br />Early validation and ongoing assurance up through ‘Day 2’<br />Maximize communication technology investment get it right the first time<br />Maximize business value confidence that “it works”<br />Great customer and agent experienceretain and grow revenue<br />Effective communications operations quality from end to end<br />Quality is a positive customer experience, end to end.<br />Is End-to-End Quality Assurance important to you?<br />
    58. 58. As Contact Centers Evolve to Multi-modal Capability<br />Evolve to IP network infrastructure<br />Add multiple channels<br />Unify all communications<br />Evolution of your contact center should only improve your customers and agents’ experience<br />Are you evolving your communication network to a converged IP/UC infrastructure?<br />It’s all about your customer’s communications experience<br />
    59. 59. Virtual Agent<br />CRM<br />Web Server<br />End to End Testing/Monitoring<br />CRM<br />App Server<br />Database<br />CTI<br />Driver<br />Virtual Agent Pool<br />Virtual Agent<br />Routing<br />Database<br />CTI<br />Automated Agent<br />IIVR<br />PSTN<br />Gateway<br />ACD/PBX<br />Attached Data and Measurements<br />Sync Server<br />
    60. 60. Managed Services Delivery Method to Meet Customer Requirements <br />PSTN/IP<br />Service Delivery Methodology<br />Contact Center<br />FullyHosted<br />On Premise Delivery<br /><ul><li>Security policies
    61. 61. Unavailable test data</li></ul>Contact Center<br />Contact Center<br />PSTN/IP<br />Mixed<br />Unlimitedcapacity<br />
    62. 62. Brazilian service provider fined $750K in Jan 2009 for failing to comply with Government standards for contact center customer service <br />Severe problems following a website and call center upgrade cost clothing retailer JCrew $3M in addition to lost sales and dissatisfied customers<br />- Sept 2008<br />US Telco delays rollout of new CC technology due to application and system errors. Lost ~ $800Kin troubleshooting and opportunity cost<br />- May 2008 <br />Contact Center Issues Directly Impact Bottom Line<br />In a production environment when self-service isn’t working properly... the cost jumps from $0.50 to $7.00 per transaction*<br />*Yankee Group<br />
    63. 63. Why Voice Quality is Important<br />Voice quality is vital because it is what we expect<br />One of the most important criteria for VoIP systems is that the voice quality be at least as good as that provided by the traditional switched telephone network. <br />Phones are the lifeblood of organizations so they cannot afford to deploy or maintain systems with: <br />Garbled or underwater sounds<br />Dropped calls<br />One way audio<br />Long connect times<br />When customers call, voice quality can improve or ruin the relationship<br />Poor voice quality should never become an issue in CSAT scores or AHTs <br />
    64. 64. Customers are encountering problems and poor performance<br />Hanging up<br />Frustration with menus and system<br />Lots of tools targeted at individual systems and applications<br />You can’t get a good indication of user experience from all the tools<br />System failures are detected after customer complaints<br />Conference calls are needed among system experts to diagnose and repair problems<br />Performance history is lost<br />Do Your Customers Have These Problems?<br />
    65. 65. Contact Center Products Overview<br />Hammer Test System<br />Automated Contact Center Application Testing<br />The unsurpassed industry standard solution for testing contact center applications. This system verifies operational performance under real-world call traffic conditions prior to the deployment of any new or upgraded application. <br />Proactive Monitoring of Contact Center Applications<br />These on-going contact center monitoring solutions emulate the experiences of customers and agents to help ensure the consistency and performance of voice applications and systems.<br />Now with the Voice Quality Assurance Solution<br />OneSight for Contact Centers™<br />Custom End-to-End Testing Solution<br />Designed for any size contact center environment, this solution delivers unlimited TDM and IP call capacity, uniquely measuring the quality of experience between customers and agents - resulting in the highest quality testing of the entire infrastructure. <br />Empirix Testing as a Service™<br />Leverage our Expertise<br />Delivered by Empirix experts using our hosted Hammer equipment, our managed services offerings cover the entire deployment lifecycle from benchmarking and base lining, through pre-deployment testing, to on-going post deployment monitoring. <br />Managed Services<br />
    66. 66. Automated solution for testing contact center applications <br />Thorough approach to acceptance, regression and load testing <br />The Hammer Test System is a total hardware and software solution consisting of:<br />Hammer CallMaster for test development, debug, scheduling and reporting<br />Hammer G5 or FX for call generation to test VoIP and TDM systems<br />Graphical tool for scripting and scheduling; rich set of reports<br />Dynamic prompt and speech recognition testing for testing vendor independent speech applications<br />Testing for measuring and characterizing voice quality over VoIP devices and networks <br />Hammer Test System<br />
    67. 67. Reduction of project cycle times per application deployment<br />Test automation is faster than manual testing<br />Increased efficiency of full time employees per testing cycle<br />Test automation can do the work of many manual testers<br />Manual testers therefore focus only on failed automation tests (<10%), not all tests (100%)<br />Increased test coverage<br />Automation increases the breadth and depth of testing, because of its efficiency<br />Automation is the only way to effectively conduct scalability testing<br />Higher quality applications deployed to production environment<br />Fewer production outages<br />Decreased cost of support <br />Business Benefits of Hammer Test System<br />
    68. 68. Assure the quality of the customer transaction: identify when problems occur before the customer and agent complain<br />Detect problems early: determine where the problems are in the contact center and what you can do to fix them<br />Identify trends: performance management reports provide a view into what is impacting the performance of your contact center<br />What OneSight Does For You?<br />
    69. 69. Tailored to YOUR Business<br />Real Time Views of Your Contact Center<br />
    70. 70. OneSight Voice Quality Assurance (VQA) Solution<br />VQA Solution Components<br />The OneSight Voice Quality probe is a software solution based on Empirix Hammer G5™ technology. When installed on a server or workstation, the voice quality probe registers as a phone extension within your IP-PBX and places monitoring calls to other voice quality Probes or the <br />OneSight Voice Engine. <br />(VQ) Probe <br />Default VQ Dashboards and Reports <br />Pre-built default dashboards and reports that focus on voice quality, including Successful/Failed VQ calls, Lowest MOS score; VQ Metric Trends.<br />VQ Prompts are recorded using built-in audio diagnostics. A recording of the VQ Prompt clip for the latest monitored call is attached to each VQ transaction monitored. “Originate” and “Answer” VQ monitoring clips are separately recorded.<br />VQ Recording <br />SIP, Cisco SCCP, Avaya H323, Nortel UNISTim and narrow band Codecs(G711, G723, G729)<br />Protocol Support<br />The VQ Probe has a separate installer from OneSight. The VQ Probes can be installed anywhere inside the customer’s voice network.<br />Separate Installer <br />
    71. 71. How Does the OneSight VQA Solution Work?<br /><ul><li>VQ calls are placed between VQ Probes or an OSVE to a VQ Probe
    72. 72. VQ Probes are placed at user/agent locations; i.e. “where the phones are”
    73. 73. Actual calls are placed in order to completely replicate the customer or employee experience
    74. 74. “Pre-canned” scripts (wait for/ place a call) are available in VQ Probe
    75. 75. More sophisticated call routing scripts such as IVR navigation requires an OSVE
    76. 76. OneSight schedules the VQ monitoring calls
    77. 77. VQ Probes can be configured to originate, answer or both for VQ calls
    78. 78. All VQ Prompt clips are recorded using built-in audio diagnostics
    79. 79. Listen to the actual call for further investigation on VQ issues</li></li></ul><li>VQA and Network Metric Linkage<br />Correlate VQA reference-based VQ scores to other activity on the Network<br />Network Metrics linked with VQ (PESQ/MOS-LQ) Scores:<br /><ul><li>Jitter
    80. 80. Round trip time
    81. 81. Dropped, lost and duplicated packets
    82. 82. Out-of-sequence packets
    83. 83. Transmitted packets
    84. 84. Received packets
    85. 85. Recorded audio clip</li></ul>Easily pinpoint where the VQ problem is located<br />
    86. 86. Nothing is more effective at identifying whether voice quality is acceptable than listening to the monitoring call <br />Audio Diagnostics<br /><ul><li>VQ prompts may be recorded using built-in audio diagnostics
    87. 87. Recorded VQ prompt clip of the latest monitored call is attached to each VQ transaction
    88. 88. Originate and answer VQ prompts are separately recorded
    89. 89. Easy one click access to recorded VQ Prompt
    90. 90. Reference audio clip is provided to for comparisons</li></ul>By recording the VQ prompt, administrators can easily listen and verify voice quality issues of the actual placed call by clicking on an icon on the OneSight monitor status display<br />
    91. 91. OneSight VQA Benefits<br />Which means the customer can …<br />OneSight® Voice Quality Assurance<br />Proactively determine when they have a voice quality issue and diagnose the problem before users complain<br />Places active monitoring calls to measure voice quality<br />Accurately compare a received voice clip with a known reference, a method much more accurate than measuring IP packet impairments<br />Probes reports the PESQ method of determining voice quality<br />Look at lost packets, packet jitter, and packet delay, to identify what is causing poor voice quality and narrow the list of possible sources<br />Reports packet information as well as MOS scores<br />Quickly see the voice quality across the enterprise and customize reports to meet their unique requirements<br />Voice quality dashboards and reports<br />Identify infrastructure components that have an impact on voice quality and identify which ones are not performing correctly<br />Intellisearch<br />
    92. 92. Empirix Testing as a Service™ - ETaaS<br />Empirix Testing as a Service™ - ETaaS<br />a quality assurance solution for business-critical contact centers that have recently installed new platforms or are upgrading to new technology<br />This flexible and customizable offering <br />enables contact centers to:<br /><ul><li>Accelerate deployment time of their contact center investment
    93. 93. Assure an outstanding quality experience for their callers
    94. 94. Prove that their infrastructure will perform under load from end-to-end</li></ul>ETaaSworks within OPEX budgets to combine the power of Empirix testing products with the expertise of our consultative services to ensure the ROI of a Contact Center investment<br />
    95. 95. Benefits to Our Customers<br />Which means the customer can …<br />Empirix Testing as a Service™<br />Measures quality of experience between customers and agents<br />…be assured that the results of testing are describing how their contact center infrastructure is working from the customer and agent point of view quantitatively<br />…be assured that their contact center will function properly at full call capacity because the entire infrastructure will be exercised<br />Provides unlimited TDMand IP call capacity<br />Provides customized testing solutions for any size contact center environment<br />…be assured that their unique business needs aremet, and that they can realize the full ROI from their infrastructure<br />…be assured that the test solution, the plan, the execution of the test and the preparation of the results are being completed by a company with experience testing contact centers for many industries<br />Leverages nearly a decade of contact center testing experience <br />Provides a cost model focused on OPEX versus CAPEX<br />…be assured that the testing will fit into their operational budget as capital expenses are being slashed<br />
    96. 96. Business Differentiators<br />How Is This Solution Different from Other Vendor and Empirix Solutions?<br /><ul><li>Flexible deployment model</li></ul>Technology Differentiators<br /><ul><li>On premise and/or remote call generation to completely saturate a contact center infrastructure
    97. 97. Two-way voice quality to focus on the call between the agent and the customer
    98. 98. Interoperability of new IP technologies and VoIP protocols
    99. 99. Additional media types (video, IP fax, etc)</li></li></ul><li>Hosted application testing for IP and TDM environments<br />Hammer On-Call helps ensure that voice applications and infrastructure will scale to meet performance goals and customer experience <br />Focuses on testing the self-service technologies of a contact center: <br />Service providers network, telephony systems, through backend systems down to the agent desktop<br />Provides precise performance measurements including:<br />Variation in IVR/database response times<br />Variation in calls time-to-connect<br />Prompt errors or poor prompt quality<br />Speech recognition errors and response times<br />Busy signals or dropped calls<br />Hammer On-Call™ Hosted Testing Solutions<br />
    100. 100. Proactive hosted customer experience management solution<br />Monitors the end-to-end performance of your voice applications and infrastructure from the caller’s perspective – from the PSTN, through the IVR, and out to an agent<br />Measures carrier performance, host and database response times, prompt correctness, dynamic data accuracy, call quality, call routing, queue times, screen pop accuracy and timeliness<br />Regular periodic calls<br />Alerts when threshold is met<br />Performance metrics from each monitoring call posted to web site<br />Including audio recordings of failures <br />Quickly diagnose and fix urgent problems<br />Automatically generate summary management reports and detailed technical reports <br />Compare performance benchmarks and issues <br />Help identify opportunities to continuously improve performance<br />Voice Watch® Monitoring Service <br />
    101. 101. Reports Turn Data Into Information<br />
    102. 102. Hammer Fleet Overview<br />Next Generation Testing at the Edge<br />A sophisticated and advanced next generation multiservice test system that emulates realistic behavior of users, devices in secure and unsecure network topologies, and predicts user experience within these realistic scenarios<br />Hammer Edge™<br />The industry’s First SIP Trunking Service Turn-up Test Tool<br />Easy-to-use, portable test tool that cost effectively verifies media quality, provisioned capacity and Quality-of-Service (QoS) metrics for establishing Service Level Agreement (SLA) with enterprise customers<br />Automated Functional and Performance Testing for IPand TDM Communications Products<br />Flexible, scalable, and comprehensive solution to verify core IP and TDM network devices, applications and services<br />HammerG5™ and FX-TDM<br />HammerSIP TT™<br />Flexible IP Network Device Emulation <br />Advanced VoIP and IMS device emulation delivers significant test cost savings and scenario flexibility over using real devices<br />HammerDEX™<br />Troubleshooting, Debug and Analysis for VoIP/IMS Networks<br />Intuitive VoIP protocol, media analysis and diagnostics test tool designed to minimize debug time as well as identify and solve problems faster<br />Hammer Call Analyzer™<br />
    103. 103. We Deliver Confidence<br /><ul><li>Hammer Test Engine™ worldwide standard, 30+ patents issued/filed
    104. 104. VoIP & IMS leader voice, video, mobile, web, fax, IM, presence, UC
    105. 105. Products fieldproven for quality, scale, and performance
    106. 106. Deep technical expertise & focus
    107. 107. Recognized and respected
    108. 108. Industry-leadingprofessional services teams
    109. 109. Simply easy to work with</li></ul>“Unrivaled Innovation in End-to-End Testing of IP Communications”<br /><ul><li>Obsessive about understanding & meeting customer needs
    110. 110. Consultative approach, tailored solutions
    111. 111. Proven track record of customer success
    112. 112. Thousands of customers worldwide</li></ul>“Unmatched Expertise Applied”<br />“Unabashed Customer Intimacy”<br />