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A click by click presentation of NEAD & Brightside Advertising.

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Brightside App...every-click

  1. 1. Would you like to... Increase customer loyalty and build your brand Increase sales Save money Go GREEN as a company Improve customer service And more... .....If you answered YES to any of the above, then we have what you “NEAD”.
  3. 3. PUT A MODERN FACE ONYOUR BUSINESS People are using mobile phones to replace the things they once did on their computers. Just like many people donʼt do business with companies that donʼt have a website, expect that more potential customers will start excluding businesses without Apps as time progresses. Is your business missing out? Currently in the US 25% of mobile Web users are mobile-only.
  4. 4. PUT A MODERN FACE ONYOUR BUSINESS 4 out of 5 U.S. smartphone owners, use their phone to help with shopping, according to Google (April 2011) 40% 28% looked for promotions used a discount coupon and discounts on their phone
  5. 5. PUT A MODERN FACE ONYOUR BUSINESS Mobile will become the most common way to access the internet in In the future, having a mobile application will be just like having a website, so donʼt let someone else claim your territory! App names are like website domain names...once the name is gone, it is gone!
  6. 6. The NEAD Stay ahead of the competition
  7. 7. NEAD Platform Your App features YOUR ...including authentic logos, designs and style.
  8. 8. NEAD Platform
  9. 9. NEAD Platform
  10. 10. NEAD Platform
  11. 11. NEAD Platform
  12. 12. NEAD Platform and coming soon
  13. 13. NEAD Platform
  14. 14. NEAD Platform
  15. 15. NEAD Platform See It Live BREAKING NEWS. Tap for info More Juice Close View 50% off tonight only! View CloseJohn Live Show Special Show tonight View Close Ticket Shows Shoes for Less More tickets released Month End Special! Close Joey’sView Shop Close View New stock on sandals! Close View LINKS Design 4 U Our new website is up! Close View
  16. 16. NEAD Platform Save Money. Your App is paperless and always up to date. GO GREEN!
  17. 17. NEAD Platform Reach your customers where they are RIGHT NOW with important news and specials, not when they get home to check their mail or are in front of a computer to check their email. Occupy that valuable real estate on usersʼ phones 24 hours a day. With the tap of an icon, your users are in your app.
  18. 18. NEAD Platform
  19. 19. More Features Team Members - Tell about the people who FAQ/Glossary/User info - We make it easy to make your organization special! share basic user information, space for FAQs, even a customized glossary containing terms specific to your business or industry! Important Links - Have some websites you think your customers/clients/fans will appreciate? User Wall - Let your customers/clients/fans create their own App community on your Wall. They can share photos and comments and Advertisement Bars - you have the ability to have messages posted to their Facebook or sell ad space for added revenue. Twitter pages. You can connect with them and they can connect with each other! Surveys - Gain insight into what your customers or clients REALLY want. Add ons & extras - If you are interested in features that are not listed, donʼt worry, the Videos and Pictures - Share your photos and NEAD platform is easy to build on. Games, videos with the world custom features, music or video players, animations... just contact us and share your idea. Anything is possible. Appointment Scheduler - Allow clients to schedule appointments on your App 24/7.
  20. 20. Simple (CMS) Content Management System The NEAD BRAIN is our proprietaryContent Management System that allows you to easily create and update your App contentin real time. Log in to your account through our online CMS to change background andbutton design images, to edit, delete and add content, or send notifications to your usersinstantly. The system is designed to be easier than using your email.
  21. 21. • Easy to use Content Management System • Scheduler• Custom Style • User Wall/Message Board• Profile-Contact info • Viral Spread• Unlimited Push Notifications • Social Feeds/News/RSS• Maps and GPS Functionality • Events/Shows• Coupons and Offers • Advertising revenue• Media-Pics & Videos • User Info/Glossary/FAQ• Lead Generator • Calendar• Services • Links
  22. 22. Platform Pricing
  23. 23. How do I market my app? 1 QR codes on all marketing (Ads, Menu, 2 Word of mouth Catalogs, Business cards, Cash Register) ho comes in ryone w tell eve v
  24. 24. How do I market my app? 3 Offer specials to download the app in-store 4 Window displays-let people access your business even when you business is closed
  25. 25. How do I market my app? 5 Social Media 6 App Store
  26. 26. Sign Up Now!Your Brightside Advertising Rep can get you started today!