Prairie Waters Education and Research Center


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Dr. Andre DeLorme, Director at Prairie Waters Education and Research Center, explains the goals, research , and educational opportunities the Center offers.

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Prairie Waters Education and Research Center

  1. 1. The Prairie Waters Education and Research Center Valley City State University
  2. 2. Goal • To establish a learning center dedicated to water education that serves a wide variety of clientele including students, teachers, and resource personnel.
  3. 3. Introduction • We have started a Center that is a statewide resource for water education, research, and management. • Four main areas of emphasis: – Educational activities for K-12 students – Workshops for teachers – Professional workshops – House the VCSU Macroinvertebrate lab and involve college students in research, education, and outreach activities related to water
  4. 4. The Site - Kathryn School
  5. 5. Educational Activities for K-12 • Bring school groups to the Center for water education – Displays for the commons area – Classroom activities – Field trips to nearby resources • Outreach programs
  6. 6. Center Use • In year one served approximately 900 k -12 students • Year two – app. 1320 • Year three – app 2000
  7. 7. River Watch • Part of our mission is to oversee the River Watch program in ND • Gives high school students experience in taking water quality measurements in their local area • Currently working with 6 schools in North Dakota
  8. 8. River Watch • We provide equipment: – YSI multiprobe sonde – Water sampling bottle – Hach Turbidimeter – Turbidity tube
  9. 9. River Watch • Training – Calibrating equipment • Funding – Cover 60% of transportation and substitute teacher costs • Host River Watch Conference twice a year • Website for data
  10. 10. River Watch • Current River Watch schools: – West Fargo High School – Sargent Central High School – Mayville Portland High School – Montpellier High School – Kensal High School – Hatton High School
  11. 11. River Watch • In 2012 we had four River Watch schools present at the North Dakota Water Quality Monitoring Conference • We plan on several schools also presenting this spring at the 2014 NDWQM Conference
  12. 12. Teacher Workshops • Provide a variety of workshops for teachers – River Watch training • Partner with other entities to provide workshops – ND Great Plains STEM Workshop – Fort Yates – North Dakota Geographical Alliance workshop – Project Wet workshops
  13. 13. Professional workshops • Work with state agencies to facilitate their needs – Workshops for Soil Conservation District and NRCS personnel – In 2013 held two workshops entitled Water 101 •One at Prairie Waters •Other in Dickenson
  14. 14. Professional workshops Working with the North Dakota Department of Health in developing Certification program for water quality monitoring • Held a workshop in May of 2013 that focused on water quality monitoring for rivers and streams
  15. 15. Macroinvertebrate Lab – Student Research • Continue providing opportunities for undergraduate experiences and research – We do water quality measurements on Lake Ashtabula for the Army Corps of Engineers
  16. 16. Macroinvertebrate Lab – Student Research • Do a variety of projects with the North Dakota Game and Fish – We currently do the Zebra Mussel sampling for North Dakota Game and Fish – -Summer of 2013 we did a search for an invasive species called the rusty crayfish – Have done various mussels surveys to examine water quality in the Sheyenne River
  17. 17. Funding • VCSU • North Dakota Game and Fish Outreach • North Dakota Department of Health 319 grant
  18. 18. Personnel • Dr. Andre DeLorme - Director • Bonita Roswick – Education Specialist • Louis Wieland – Lab Manager
  19. 19. Questions?