Nicole Van Winkle & Cheryl Salazar "Hiring Practices" NDPA Symposium 2012
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Nicole Van Winkle & Cheryl Salazar "Hiring Practices" NDPA Symposium 2012






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Nicole Van Winkle & Cheryl Salazar "Hiring Practices" NDPA Symposium 2012 Nicole Van Winkle & Cheryl Salazar "Hiring Practices" NDPA Symposium 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Nicole Van WinkleCheryl SalazarRiverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District
  •  58% of Parents do not consider drowning a threat to their children. -National Safe Kids Campaign 19% of drowning deaths involving children occur in public pools with certified lifeguards present. –Drowning Prevention Foundation Drowning is the leading cause of death for infants and young children between the ages of 1-4. -U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007
  •  “Inattentional Blindness occurs when people fail to notice stimuli appearing in front of their eyes while they are preoccupied with another visual task.”– US Lifeguard Standards released in Jan 2011
  •  Why do people drown in lifeguarded pools? ◦ The things we can control:  Lifeguards lack vigilance  Lifeguards lack proper training  Lifeguards lack proper supervision  Lack of rules or enforcement of rules  Ineffective hiring practices
  • Preventative Lifeguarding Updated certification programs Focus on training Holding staff accountable for vigilance Psychic Ownership
  • What are we working with? Technologically-savvy generation “It’s not my fault, you didn’t remind me.” Strong-willed ◦ Positive and Negative effects Overstimulated environment Job vs. School confusion SO… how do we reach them?
  • Evaluation-Evaluation- Where do we begin? Hiring Practices ◦ How effective are your hiring practices?  Where do you recruit potential lifeguards?  Is the application process clear?  Do they require teamwork?  Do they require skill?  Do they require endurance?  Do they involve interaction with a superior?  Do they demand leadership skills?  Do they require social skills?
  • Recruiting 1-2-3 Lifeguard Shortage? Are you sure? Contact: ◦ HS Swim Teams ◦ Swim Clubs ◦ HS Lunches ◦ College Swim/Polo Teams ◦ College Career Fairs and Career Websites
  • Application Process Submit Resume or application ◦ Aquatics specific? ◦ Include certification information Schedule physical assessment ◦ Wufoo! Attend Physical Assessment Interview Rookie School Physical/Background
  • Summer Hiring Practices- Day 1 Practices-  Endurance ◦ 500 yard swim  Skill ◦ Standard Brick Tow ◦ Treading Water
  • Summer Hiring Practices- Day 1 Practices- Interview ◦ Do the questions give you insight? ◦ Do they provide scenarios? ◦ Do they evaluate character? ◦ For lead staff, do the questions give you insight into their leadership potential? ◦ Do they allow the experienced lifeguard to demonstrate their knowledge and experience?
  • Summer Hiring Practices- Day 2 Practices- Rookie Schools  What is it?  Why is it important?  What information will I gain?  Is it too basic for evaluating lead staff?  How is this different than information I gain at an interview?
  • Rookie School Format Lifeguard Olympics Theme ◦ 3 teams ◦ As many events as you desire ◦ Medals given out for each event  Skill  Professionalism/Teamwork ◦ Teams led by current lead staff  Form bonds with future colleagues and superiors
  • Rookie School Format cont’d. Potential Events: ◦ CPR ◦ Rescue Skills ◦ Spirit Competition ◦ Team-Building Activities ◦ EAP Drills ◦ Real-Life First Aid ◦ Relays
  • Rookie School Format cont’d. Event Formats: ◦ Stations (our favorite)  By team  By pairs ◦ Group Events  Relays  Spirit Competition  Team-Building Activities
  • Rookie School Evaluation Evaluation Tools: ◦ Skill level- assessed at each station ◦ Interaction with team  Do they step up as a leader? (lead staff)  Are they confident in their knowledge? ◦ Interaction with their supervisors  Do they accept constructive criticism?  Can they correctly adjust their actions?
  • Rookie School Fun!
  • Questions? Nicole Van Winkle Cheryl Salazar (951)360-1974