The BIG Assist Conference - Impact by Alex Whinnom, GMCVO


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Alex Whinnom (Chief Executive, GMCVO) talks about demonstrating the impact and value of infrastructure.

This presentation was given at the Big Assist Conference on 4th July 2013.

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The BIG Assist Conference - Impact by Alex Whinnom, GMCVO

  1. 1. Demonstrating the Impact and Value of Infrastructure BIG Assist Conference 4th July 2013 Alex Whinnom Chief Executive, GMCVO
  2. 2. Impact: a high degree of force or shock exerted over a short time period Weathering: the effect of a small force or multiple small shocks exerted over a long time period
  3. 3. “Thou canst not stir a flower Without troubling of a star” (‘The Mistress of Vision’, Francis Thompson,1913)
  4. 4. Effort put into making an impact is pointless unless you know what effect(s) you are having and what effect(s) you want to have.
  5. 5. Making the world a better place • Enabling social, economic and political inclusion • Reducing inequalities • Improving the quality of life of local people • Helping people and communities who are disadvantaged • Encouraging the involvement and leadership of communities, both geographical and interest-based, in addressing and resolving the issues that affect them
  6. 6. • Improving and preparing • Growing or tending • Promoting the growth of • Nurturing or fostering • Forming and refining • Seeking the acquaintance or goodwill of Cultivating
  7. 7. Relationships c3,000 groups pa actively engaged 1,536 newsletter subscriptions 9,326 visitors to St Thomas Centre 1,537 members of policy networks 17,022 interventions with users 15,200 contacts 464 members of GMCVO 307 members of Combine (community building managers) 99 members of VS research network 1,471 responses to surveys 636 delegates to GMCVO events 360 members of BME network 88,000 unique visitors to websites 1,300 Twitter followers
  8. 8. Ideas 945 management and leadership qualifications (since becoming accredited centre) Early adopter / pioneer of: • Consortia • Fiscal shield • Cross sector partnerships • Open source software • CRM system • PRINCE2 methodology • Community hubs support • Green energy • Group purchasing scheme • Outcomes stars • Trading / sustainable funding • Social media • Volunteer policy interns 24 speeches at external events Third Sector Futures dialogues GM State of the Voluntary Sector survey 44 regular publications pa Impact of Cuts on Communities survey Round table with DCLG GM rep 11 reports Evidence from 200 organisations to GM Poverty Commission
  9. 9. Monitoring... REQUIRED BY FUNDER(S) • Key performance indicators (KPIs) • Outcomes triangles / outcomes stars • Quality standards • Gross value added (GVA) – economic impact • Social impact ALSO USEFUL • CRM system • Narratives and case studies • Surveys, questionnaires, evaluations • Key performance indicators (KPIs) • Outcomes triangles / outcomes stars • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) • Benchmarking and league tables? • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)? NOT HELPFUL • Social audit • Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodologies • Cost benefit analysis (CBA)
  10. 10. Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation Alex Whinnom: 0161 277 1004 St Thomas Centre Ardwick Green North Manchester M12 6FZ Registered Charity No. 504542 Company Ltd. by Guarantee No.1223344 Funded by AGMA