Maximising your leadership capacity


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This presentation was given by East Herts Citizens Advice Service's Laura Hyde.

Laura Hyde covered Maximising Leadership Capacity.

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  • Been asked to talk about my own leadership journey and also to look at my experience of developing leadership at a local levelUntil recently I have had most of my leadership in students’ unions, as chief executive and Deputy chief executiveIn 2011 I was successful in being appointed Clore Social Fellow and embarked on Clore Social Leadership Programme – this is a leadership development programme . CSLP is offers fully-funded Fellowships tailored to meet the individual development needs of aspiring leaders in the social sector. It includes 360 degree assessments, residential events, action learning, secondment, coaching and mentoring and practice-based research
  • I wanted to share this picture that I was asked to do as part of a coaching exercise on Clore.It shows that for a good part of my career there were lots of highs, until I became a general manager for the first time. This was a really difficult time for me and I left after 2 years feeling that I had failed – this feeling stayed with me, effected my career choices and last for 10 years.I felt that I had failed as a leader, that I couldn’t be the leader that I saw around me – charismatic, hierarchical, maverick (Goffee & Jones Why should anyone be led by you?)I wanted to use the CSLP opportunity to find out whether I could be a leader and what my own person leadership style was – to me this felt like looking for the holy grail, something that would unlock my own potential.
  • In search of the holy grail – my personal leadership style – who am I? What is important to me?Development & self discovery – all helped me to understand more about myself and where I wanted to go360 degree feedbackMentoring – Brand wheelCoaching – be kind to your selfFormal and informal learning – Action Learning, mediation and mindfulness, learning log, work shadowing, secondment
  • Found an acceptance of past achievements, strengths, blending work and non work lifeStill have self doubt but formed mechanisms and approaches and network of support and challenge
  • Part of CSLP I conducted research which examined the strengths of the student movement and the mutual benefits from enhancing the relationship between students’ unions and the wider voluntary sectorSM – excellent building leadership capacity by providing opportunities to students, helping them to recognise their achievement and to articulate it“students’ unions are just… an unbelievable opportunity to make mistakes”“what [it] gives you… is the opportunity to do things at a stage in your career that you would never get to do anywhere else”Part of national movementComparatively good resourcesDevelopment one of course principlesCurrent organisation – East Herts Citizens AdviceVery small - £300k turnover, 100 volunteers, 8 FTE staff, across large district (184 sq miles) in HertfordshirePart of national network of around 350 CAB in England and Wales, and national association – Citizens AdviceFew resources to dedicate to leadership development – but similar approach – giving people the opportunities then through internal coaching help them recognise and articulate. Informal learning like shadowing and coaching used more then formal developmental programmes – although they are available
  • Maximising your leadership capacity

    1. 1. Laura Hyde Maximising Leadership Capacity
    2. 2. My Leadership – the highs the lows
    3. 3. In search of the Holy Grail Know yourself Be yourself Look after yourself Dame Mary Marsh
    4. 4. Did I find the Holy Grail? strong values social change creating opportunities for people organised strategic manager nurture ideas creating practical solutions lead through building relationships seek genuine user engagement change is best driven from the grassroots people are at the centre of my world
    5. 5. Building Leadership at Local Level Student Movement hyde.aspx East Herts Citizens Advice “We’re here with advice when someone needs us, whatever the problem. In person, online and over the telephone.”