2020 tour afternoon presentation part 2


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Part two of the afternoon presentation from the 2020 Tour.

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  • Can we save costs and improve surplus, for example increase revenue through Chip & PIN at NNS, or save costs with on-line seller registration.Such as Baby First Aid & The Big Push which we piloted in 2011. Can we develop Major Donor Fundraising.
  • Many members join at the time of booking antenatal classes and may be overwhelmed, and not ready to renew NCT membership 12 months later. An extra six months will allow time to demonstrate the benefits of NCT and they may even have started attending or volunteering at NCT events.Friends membership: Where there is less immediate need for direct engagement, but NCT is still a charity you want to support, you can be a “friend”.
  • For example for a research or education programme. There will always be a need for such funding and people often like to select a destination for their donations.Donating by text in support of particular events or campaigns for example.
  • Making sure we secure an appropriate level of funding for association with NCT, locally as well as NCT wide.Some of our partners already reach people we don’t yet reach, so can they help us to engage? For example, we are working with Pampers Village – piggybacking a major campaign by Pampers across all media which signposts NCT and encourages people to sign up for information from us.
  • All profits go to the charity.For example, – Bednest, a bedside cot, which offers a very safe solution for co-sleeping
  • Individuals and commercial supporters are more likely to give again if they can see that they are making a difference and improving lives. As well as the numbers we need to be able to tell our stories: - why we need NCT. ..
  • 2020 tour afternoon presentation part 2

    1. 1. Informed and Engaged Supporters Allan SutherlandFundraising Operations Manager
    2. 2. What we’ll do• Making it easier for people to give NCT money• Making our use of donations more transparent• Diversifying our donor and supporter base through different opportunities
    3. 3. Raising more income to support NCT Objectives2 routes1 – obtaining more income from existing sources by enhancing or adding new ways to engage2 – developing new sources and mechanisms
    4. 4. Enhancing our membership offering• Value for money and longer term engagement - 18 month membership• Reduced price for volunteers, students and practitioners• More members getting support• Friends helping us reach more parents
    5. 5. Offering choice• Giving people the opportunity to restrict donations to work areas• Giving people the opportunity to donate through other means
    6. 6. Working with commerce• Ensuring we value NCT’s brand• Developing more relationships which help people come to NCT for support
    7. 7. Selling solutions• NCT trading provides income for the charity to use without restriction• NCT trading will focus on products which solve dilemmas for parents
    8. 8. Demonstrating need and impact• Existing supporters have a right to know what impact the charity is making• Those who boost our bank balance need to know how they help us help parents
    9. 9. The flip sideThere won’t be a need for NCT…..
    10. 10. …whentraumatic birthexperiences are a thingof the past
    11. 11. …whenchoice of place of birth is areality and not a postcodelottery
    12. 12. …whenfeeding support isavailable for all parents
    13. 13. …whenno new parenthas to experienceloneliness andisolation
    14. 14. …whenbecoming a parentdoesn’t push familiesinto poverty
    15. 15. …whenhalf of new parentsdon’t experiencerelationshipproblems
    16. 16. …when15,000 newmothers are nolonger referred forpsychiatric careevery year
    17. 17. ….whenour society andgovernment valueparents
    18. 18. Until thishappens NCTwill be therewhenever anew parentneedssomebody
    19. 19. If you have any questions,please email 2020@nct.org.uk
    20. 20. Onwards and upwards Sue Saxey NCT President
    21. 21. This strategy and today has all been about: 202020 Reaching 20 million parents by 2020 It may seem a mammoth task…
    22. 22. 2011 But we have until 2020 2012 2013 Things will change but not all 2014 at once 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
    23. 23. What’s next?Over the next 8 years we will be planning foreach step of implementation and reviewingwhen its completed.
    24. 24. Over to you• Recruit members and supporters• Recruit volunteers• Help us have a long relationship with people- tell us who you support• Continue your fabulous work
    25. 25. We hope you enjoyed the presentationPlease give us your feedback onlinehttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/G LGXPF7