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Internet marketing presentation 03
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Internet marketing presentation 03


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  • 1. Web Strategies for Neighborhoods Brad DiBaggio
  • 2. How can we make the internet work for your neighborhood?
  • 3. • Understand the what new web mediums offer and how they work together • Assess your own organization’s needs • Plan to implement strategies • Study results and adjust • Stay informed and be ready for change
  • 4. Internet Marketing Mediums 1.Web Site - Operations 2.Email Blasts - Sales 3.Social Networking - Public Relations •All inform audiences, extend branding, and build communities
  • 5. 1) Web Site • Use a Content Management System (CMS) Joomla,Wordpress, Drupal, Open Source • About, Leadership, Events, News, Contact • Include Functionality • Include Email sign up; link Social Networks
  • 6. Web Site Functionality • Membership Management • Directory Lists • Database Access • Integrated Social Networking • Integrated Emailing • Forums, RSS Feeds, etc.
  • 7. 2) Email Blasts • Use an e-mailing service like • E-news, e-invites, e-announcements • Get detailed reporting • BuildYour Opt-In email list, segmented • Seamlessly integrated with web site • Link to Web Site and Social Network
  • 8. Emailing Features • Custom or ExistingTemplating • Pay by the email or by the month • Automated List management • Existing templates are easy enough for non-techs to use • Advanced - Synced with web site database
  • 9. 3) Social Networking • Create accounts on Facebook and Twitter • Follow like minded people & organizations • Build your own following • Broadcast updates of interest • Link to Web Site and Email Sign Up
  • 10. • Earlier forms were Chat Rooms to share personal information and ideas • Then came Blogging to leave comments and message others interactively • Now Social Networking is used between those who share interests and activities • Now Community Building for org’s Social Networking Evolution
  • 11. • Broadcast up to the minute updates • Build relationships with individuals and special interest groups • Listen to what is being said about your organization and contribute to discussion, respond to concerns • Requires commitment and study Uses of Social Networking
  • 12. Facebook • Permission-based Friends • Anyone can join open groups • Photos, Comments, Invitations (Evite gone?) • Games to keep people coming back • Minimal page branding • Assign multiple Administrators
  • 13. Twitter • Listen to anyone’s Tweets • BroadcastTweets • Listen to key words • Customizable page • Assign an Administrator
  • 14. Components Web Site E-Mail Blasts Social Networking
  • 15. Components Web Site E-Mail Blasts Social Networking
  • 16. Components Web Site E-Mail Blasts Social Networking
  • 17. Components Web Site E-Mail Blasts Social Networking
  • 18. GatherYour Resources •Logo •Tagline •Mission •Branding •People •Time •Needs •Budget
  • 19. Web Site Plan •Enlist the best talent to make it happen •Web Developer •Domain Name •Web Site and Email Hosting
  • 20. Web Site Plan •Know what you want the site to do •Content Management •Membership Management •Display/Download Lists
  • 21. Emailing Plan •Take control of your communications •Prepare your email list •Create a account •Set up templates •Send emails
  • 22. Social Networking Plan • Get out there and build a community 1. Set up accounts on and 2. Follow others and find groups so that you may be found 3. Read, be consistent, dedicated
  • 23. Content Management Systems (CMS) • Database drivenWeb Site Framework • Easily Content Manageable Articles • Modules and Components add functionality • Expandable and Dynamic
  • 24. Membership Management • Community Builder • CBSubs • jomsocial • AEC:Account Expiration Control
  • 25. Examples
  • 26. •Logo •Mission Statement •Web Site with Membership •Facebook and Twitter •Emailing Neighborhood Package