Alan Rosenblatt - Social Media for Advocacy


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Alan Rosenblatt - Social Media for Advocacy

  1. 1. Social Advocacy for Breakfast with Alan Rosenblatt
  2. 2. Social Advocacy for BreakfastAlan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. (@DrDigipol)arosenblatt@americanprogressaction.orgApril 21, 2012
  3. 3. Social Advocacy for BreakfastDimensions of digital communication strategy 1-D 2-D 3-D Information Action Community One-way Two-way All-way Communication Communication Communication Audience Interacts Audience Interacts Audience Interacts with Information with Campaign, with Each Other Organization, or Government Email Lists & Transactional Social Networks & Brochure Websites Websites (Information Social Media (Broadcast & Exchange, Donations, (Grassroots & Narrowcast) & Action) Grasstops)
  4. 4. Social Advocacy for BreakfastSherrington’s dog Sir Charles Sherrington (1904)  Pressure points  Stimulus  Threshold  Multiple pressure points  Sub-threshold Additive summation  Whole > Sum of the parts
  5. 5. Social Advocacy for Breakfast The way things wereCampaigns email Activists send Congress gets activists (very email to the email (but no few forward it) Congress one knows for sure) • Email is a closed communication loop • Email was the only online channel to reach Congress
  6. 6. Social Advocacy for Breakfast The way things are nowCampaigns email Activists sent to Activists send Congress can’t activists & email/petition page, email to Congress ignore becausepromote on social twitter petition, & msg via social the world can see! media Facebook wall, etc. media
  7. 7. Social Advocacy for Breakfast  It’s all about…
  8. 8. Social Advocacy for BreakfastIt’s true: social media can reach the grassroots
  9. 9. Social Advocacy for BreakfastBut more importantly: social media reaches influencers• Traditional influencers • Press • Policy Professionals • Policymakers• New influencers • State/issue bloggers, organizers, e-newsletter editors • Social network influencers• Influencers extend & enhance your influence (trusted 3rd party validation)
  10. 10. Social Advocacy for BreakfastSize isn’t everything
  11. 11. Social Advocacy for BreakfastEngagement is everything
  12. 12. Social Advocacy for Breakfast  Growing your…
  13. 13. Social Advocacy for BreakfastGet followers, then deepen your connection• Connect – Follow people you want following you • Following people who tweet about the same topics as you creates a 15-30% chance they will follow you back.• Engage – Reply to people you want following you • Not everyone notices who follows them, but everyone notices who mentions them. Reply w/ information & links you know will interest them. Ask questions & converse.• Recommend – Retweet/#FF followers you want • Recommend people you want following you to your followers by retweeting them & w/ #FF (Follow Friend).• Repeat – Repeat steps 2 & 3 after they follow you back to deepen your connection.• Remember, it is about exchanging VALUE
  14. 14. Social Advocacy for BreakfastFind influencers to follow – Directories • Directories of influential tweeters • - Progressives • – Keyword & location • – Keywords • – Location • – Twitter Lists • Use directories to search for people to follow • Register on the directories so people find you
  15. 15. Social Advocacy for BreakfastFind influencers to follow – Drilling down into Twitter Find an issue expert • Follow who they follow • Follow their followers • Follow their lists • Next iteration
  16. 16. Social Advocacy for BreakfastClean your list – Unfollow dead weight• Twitter limits • Until you have 2,000 followers, you can only follow 2,000 • Beyond that, you can follow 15% more than follow you• Purge followers to maintain room to grow • People who don’t follow you back (unless they are interesting) • People who never retweet others • People who SPAM, shills, etc.
  17. 17. Social Advocacy for BreakfastFind dead weight to unfollow • is a tool to find dead weight • Log in and run report • Review report and unfollow dead weight
  18. 18. Social Advocacy for Breakfast  Targeting…
  19. 19. Social Advocacy for BreakfastFinding government on social media
  20. 20. Social Advocacy for BreakfastTwitter petitions:
  21. 21. Social Advocacy for BreakfastAnatomy of a tweet – Targeting a senator.@ChuckGrassley read our report on repealing #DADT ( vote FOR Defense Auth Bill. FYI @desmoinesdem @OneIowa #IA#p2•140 characters is enough • 9-second soundbyte • Syllogisms • Links to more content • Haikus•3 ways to make a link in Twitter • @mention, #Hashtag, URL•Example: targeting a Member of Congress • Trackable link to measure click throughs • Use key audience hashtags • Alert watchdogs on Twitter
  22. 22. Social Advocacy for BreakfastTargeting by hashtag • How often is it used? • Busy – Large audience, lots of noise • Moderate – Best hashtag • Slow – No audience • How many people are using it? • Many people – Big public conversation • 1 or 2 people – Private conversation • What is the ratio of RTs:Tweets? • Ideal for network effect
  23. 23. Social Advocacy for Breakfast  Measuring…
  24. 24. Social Advocacy for BreakfastMetrics of success• Audience engagement • You want RT, #FF, shares, comments, likes & 1+• Audience quality & size • You want influencers, press & policymakers• Driving traffic to your website & email lists • You want clicks & views
  25. 25. Social Advocacy for BreakfastMeasuring influence
  26. 26. Social Advocacy for BreakfastMeasuring your reach on Twitter
  27. 27. Social Advocacy for BreakfastMonitoring social media
  28. 28. Social Advocacy for BreakfastMeasuring URL clicks
  29. 29. Social Advocacy for BreakfastA word on Pinterest
  30. 30. THANK YOU!To follow up with the speaker:Alan Rosenblatt, will be available at 30, 2012