Corps of Engineers - Wilmington District


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2011 FEDCON Summit

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  • Introductions…
  • We expected to solicit most of the FY12 construction projects using existing MATOCs or SATOCs from our sister Districts of Charleston and Savannah, however a couple may be awarded unrestricted.We expect SOCOM work to stay stable compared to the downturn of regular MILCON funding.
  • Military projects for FY 12 continued
  • Here’s a preview of what we expect in FY13. We have not solidified an acquistion strategy for these projects yet. In addition, we plan to try to award a new MATOC in the beginning of FY13 for the Wilmington District’s use.
  • Corps of Engineers - Wilmington District

    1. 1. NC FEDCON SUMMITSamuel J. ColellaChief, Project Management20 October 2011Wilmington, NCUS Army Corps of EngineersBUILDING STRONG® BUILDING STRONG®
    2. 2. District MissionWilmington District serves the Armed Forces and our Nation…• Civil Works • Water resource services • Regulatory services • Emergency management•Military Construction • Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) • US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)-Ft Bragg, NC • Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)-Ft Bragg, NC 2 BUILDING STRONG®
    3. 3. District Boundaries 2 Deep Water Ports & multiple Roanoke Huntington inlets District5 Multi-use Reservoirs Norfolk District VA NC Manteo Nashville District Asheville Raleigh Washington Ft Bragg Morehead Charleston District City Multiple coastal storm damage reduction projects MOTSU Wilmington3 Lock and Dams District Office 3 BUILDING STRONG®
    4. 4. Support to Military 4 BUILDING STRONG®
    5. 5. Expected Fiscal Year 2012 Work Military Program 1 of 2 ACQ PN PROJECT Est. Cost ($) Strategy ADV60821 Squadron HQ Addition 2M - 10M D-B-B MATOC Jan 201276373 Administrative Annex 5M - 15M D-B MATOC Feb 201271224 Group Headquarters 10M - 30M D-B MATOC Mar 201260272 Comms Training Facility 2M - 10M D-B MATOC Apr 2012 5 BUILDING STRONG®
    6. 6. Expected Fiscal Year 2012 Work Military Program 2 of 2 ACQ PN PROJECT Est. Cost ($) Strategy ADV69758 Brigade HQ Facility 5M - 20M D-B MATOC Apr 201276364 Battalion Ops Facility 10M - 50M D-B MATOC Apr 201269458 Battalion Ops Complex 10M - 30M D-B MATOC Mar 201269277 Access Control Point <3M D-B-B MATOC Mar 2012 Maintenance Dredging,------- MOTSU 5M-10M UR Mar 201279655 Training Facility <2M D-B-B MATOC Aug 2012 6 BUILDING STRONG®
    7. 7. Expected Fiscal Year 2013 Work Military Program PN PROJECT Est. Cost ($) 69382 Battalion Operations Facility 10M - 25M 69493 Brigade Complex 10M - 25M 69287 Battalion Operations Facilty 10M - 40M 65052 Support Addition 2M - 5M 7 BUILDING STRONG®
    8. 8. Contact Information• Central Contractor Registration ► ► Must be registered before getting contract award ► CCR Handbook @• Federal Business Opportunities ► ► Advertises Federal Government Procurement opportunities over $25,000• Wilmington District Contracting link ► ► Link “Contracting Opportunities” (SAW)• Donna Walton, Deputy for Small Business (910)251-4452 e-mail: 8 BUILDING STRONG®
    9. 9. Questions? 9 BUILDING STRONG®