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Roundtable 2: Net Zero Waste and Pollution Reduction
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Roundtable 2: Net Zero Waste and Pollution Reduction


Published on

NC Federal Environmental Symposium

NC Federal Environmental Symposium

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Hosted by: Office of Senator Richard Burr Office of Senator Kay Hagan North Carolina Military Business CenterSponsored by: Presenting Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor
  • 2. Net Zero Waste & Pollution ReductionThis roundtable will address:• Reducing and repurposing waste generated• Maximizing recycling of recyclable and compostable material• Recovery to generate energy• Minimizing release and/or transfer of toxic chemicals• Mitigating and remediating legacy pollution
  • 3. Net Zero Waste Fort Bragg InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Installation/Agency: Fort Bragg)1. Expanding direct sales2. Green Boot Program to promote waste reduction3. Increase green procurement activities9.Increase participation rates through expansion of Incentives Program and routes11.Solvent distilling13.Battery reissue program
  • 4. Net Zero Waste Fort Bragg Future NeedsFuture Needs (Installation/Agency: Fort Bragg)1. Markets for direct sales2. Products made from recyclable material to replace non-recyclable products3. Continue to look for opportunities to close the loop
  • 5. Waste Reduction Initiatives MCIEASTCurrent Initiatives (MCB Camp Lejeune)1. Procuring “Green” products at the ServMart.2. Continuing composting, concrete crushing, and woodgrinding,3. Initiating a furniture give away program.4. Conducting annual Electronics Recycling Event.
  • 6. Waste Reduction MCIEAST Future NeedsFuture Needs (MCB Camp Lejeune)1. Food waste composting.2. Pallet, oil drum, glass, printer cartridge, and antifreeze recycling initiatives.
  • 7. Net Zero Waste Cherry Point InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Installation/Agency: Cherry Point)3.Waste Management and Resource Recovery • Resource Recovery • Improved Material Management • Recharging Non-facility Fire Extinguishers • Utilizing Coal Ash at the Rifle Range5.Process Modification • Installing Drop Inlet Spill Protection Devices • Replacing Antiquated Dip Tanks • Blending Facility • Personal Identifiable Information Recycling•Green Procurement•Education, Outreach and Partnering
  • 8. Net Zero Waste Cherry Point Future NeedsFuture Needs (Installation/Agency: Cherry Point)1. Increase Capacity of Material Recovery Facility2. Incorporate New Screening Facility at Transfer Station3. Increase Construction Debris Recycling
  • 9. Net Zero Waste Ft Jackson InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Installation/Agency:Ft Jackson)1. Qualified Recycling Program – Monetary Incentives2. Tracking and Compliance – DoD Metrics3. Environmental Awareness and Training4. Installation-Wide Incentives (i.e. contests, promotions, and awards)5. Zero Waste Meetings6. Divisional Practices – Lead by Example
  • 10. Net Zero Waste Ft Jackson Future NeedsFuture Needs (Installation/Agency: Ft Jackson)1. Funding – future diversion projects/programs2. Command and civilian support3. Increase enforcement vs. increased monetary incentives
  • 11. Net Zero Waste NC National Guard InitiativesExisting P2 Prevention Equipment:• Aerosol Can Crushers • Brake Shoe Cleaner• Antifreeze Recycling • Paper & Cardboard Recycling• Aqueous Parts Washers • Wood Recycling• Bead Blast Media • Metal Recycling• Enzyme Based Parts Washer • Laundry Service for shop rags• Florescent Light Bulb Recycle • Water base paint where applicable• Non Hazardous Waste Solvent (TACOM • Metal filters recyclingApproved)• Non Hazardous Waste Solvent• Oil Filter Crusher• Oil Recycling
  • 12. Net Zero Waste NC National Guard Future NeedsBelow are items that will assist with our future needs:• New parts washers at Facility Maintenance Shops (FMS)• Upgrade antifreeze recyclers at FMSs• Replace old aerosol can puncturers at FMSs• Upgrade bead blaster at Combined Support Maintenance Shop (CSMS ) forpainting/stripping operation• Upgrade High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray
  • 13. Net Zero Waste Seymour Johnson AFB InitiativesCurrent Initiatives (Seymour Johnson AFB:)3.Aggressive reduction in hazardous material usage has reduced hazardous wastegeneration4.Contracted co-mingled recycling5.C&D diversion6.Re-evaluating economics of recycling programs by commodity
  • 14. Net Zero Waste Seymour Johnson AFB Future NeedsFuture Needs (Seymour Johnson AFB:)3.Seeking Small Quantity Generator status4.Improved and expanded markets for recyclables5.Reduced packaging/shipping materials and return options