NC National Guard Brief

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  • 1. North Carolina Army National Guard (NCARNG) COL TONI COATSCONSTRUCTION AND FACILITY MANAGEMENT OFFICER 919-664-6137 (127 NCARNG Facilities across 93 Counties)
  • 2. What Makes the NCARNG Different?• The NCARNG is a State Agency under the Department of Public Safety• The NCARNG is a dual mission organization – Federal Mission of maintaining Soldier and Unit Readiness and specific missions directed by the Secretary of the Army – State Mission of providing Domestic Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) and maintaining our facilities and real property• All NCARNG facilities are state property regardless of the funding source – 94 Facilities requiring State Matching Funds – 9 Federally Supported Sites (2 Army, 2 Air), Ft Fisher, Ft Bragg, Camp Butner Training Site, Military Complex – 18 Federally Supported Maintenance Facilities
  • 3. What Makes the NCARNG Different?• NCARNG is required to work under a cooperative agreement with the state of NC• NCARNG uses NC State Procurement procedures for purchasing goods and services• NCARNG uses NC State Construction Office contracting guidelines for Design and Construction contracts – Less than 500K = Informal contract – More than 500K = Formal contract
  • 4. What Makes the NCARNG Different?• NCARNG requests for quotes and proposals on eprocurement at and on the NC Interactive Purchasing System at• Design and Construction contracts may receive bids through request or may be advertised through the state construction office on – Depending on the amount and the reason for project• The NCARNG CFMO uses sound competitive purchasing procedures and is committed to seeking competition as much possible.
  • 5. North Carolina Army National Guard OPUS DODNC Governor US Army Dept of Public National Guard Safety Bureau North Carolina Army National Guard
  • 6. NCARNG• The NCARNG installation footprint is not sufficient to support the NCNG Operational Force (94 Legacy Facilities with an average age of 47 years)• Critical Requirements: – Unit Readiness • Human capital (Population centers / demographics) • Training • Administrative and Medical • Logistical and Maintenance support – DSCA Support – Partnership Opportunities (Inter / Intra Agency Partners)• Resolution Strategy:NCNG is developing an Installation Strategic Action Plan supported by a MILCON and basing strategy which identifies new construction, renovations, and modifications of training, administrative, and maintenance facilities to build unit readiness and project Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA)
  • 7. Background – Facility Condition 14 FAILING RCs Assessment 1. Wilmington (Infantry Rd) 8. Siler City 2 GOOD RCs 2. Durham 9. Butner14 FAIR RCs 3. Oxford 10. Roxboro63 POOR RCs 4. N. Wilkesboro 11. Morehead City14 FAILING RCs 5. Mount Airy 12. Wilmington (CBR) GOOD RCs 6. Thomasville 13. Raleigh1. Lenoir 7. Tarboro 14. Dunn2. E. Flat Rock
  • 8. Work Orders Completed FY12450400350300250 Federal WOs200 Readiness Center (State) WOs15010050 0 OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP
  • 9. Current MILCON Projects• ADD/ALT High Point• ADD/ALT Greensboro• Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (TUAS) Facility at Fort BraggNO MILCON APPROPRIATED FOR NCARNG 2013-2018
  • 10. SRM Projects FY2012 Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization ProjectsCurrently have 43 projects in progress at approx $7,000,000.00 total
  • 11. SRM FY2012 DesignProject Location Projected Const Cost • AASF #1 Flight Deck $2.8M • AASF #1 Power Assessment (FEMA) $357K • AASF #2 Fire Bucket Storage Bldg $286K • MATES Concrete Parking $450K • MATES Retaining Wall $450K • RTI Motor Pool Expansion $220K • Camp Butner Big Top Site work $461K • Camp Butner West Perimeter Rd $450K • Albemarle RC Renovation $400K Total $5.8M
  • 12. SRM Project Overview FY2012 Readiness CentersProject Location Const Cost NGB Directed Cost MOV Exp/Repair Morrisville $121K Albemarle $92K Benson Drainage/Concrete Pad $274K Relocation new SF unit Elkin $25K Monroe $50K Mocksville $67K Thomasville $45K Forest City $20K Total $602K $92K Raeford $34K Red Springs $26K MOV Resurface Fayetteville $9K Winston-Salem $54K Rockingham $30K Wadesboro $3K Concord $82K Durham $12K Total $250K
  • 13. SRM Project Overview FY2012 Logistics/ AASF/ Training SitesProject Location Const Cost Modular Unit $81K MATES FMS 11 Door Repairs $11K FMS 11 Wash Rack Installation $23K Youngsville Repairs $3K Total $118K Morrisville #1 (Flight Line Repair) $354K AASF Morrisville #1 (Hangar Repairs) $155K Salisbury #2 (Transformer, Tank, Drainage, Apron) $455K Total $964K IT Building $250K CBNC Q-hut renovations $62K Wash Rack $109K Gravel $75K Total $496K FFTC General Maintenance and Repair $40K Wiring Project $200K Total $240K
  • 14. FY 13 Future Project List
  • 15. FY 13 Project List Minor Const 500K NAME LOCATION Funding NAME LOCATION Funding Dividing wall, Wadesboro 50 /50 Add Power outlet (kitchen) New Bern 50 /50 Power connection Monroe 50 /50 EOD Motorpool Fence Washington Federal Lead abatement Clinton 50 /50 Replace shop windows Winston-Salem Federal Female Latrine Durham 50 /50 Motor Pool light upgrade Winston-Salem Federal Sink hole, POV parking lot Charlotte 50/50 Supply Room Const Wilm, FMS Federal J4 Annex Latrine Expansion Raleigh Federal Kelly Bldg Elec Greensboro Federal VSAT External Power source Raleigh Federal USPFO Window Replacement Raleigh Federal CIF cage installation Raleigh Federal USPFO Office expansion Raleigh FederalSF Team construct Team Rooms Albemarle Federal Concrete Parking Exp MATES Federal Permanent Classroom CBNC Federal MOV Parking Exp RTI Federal Add Outlets Red Spring Federal Overhead Cover Charlotte Federal FMS 8 Storage Building High Point FMS Federal Fire Bucket Storage Salisbury Federal Motor Pool Fence relocation Goldsboro Federal BigTop Pads CBNC Federal Motor Pool Repair Mt. Airy Federal West Perimeter Rd CBNC Federal Motor Pool Entrance Tarboro 50/50 Retaining Wall MATES Federal Maintenance Bldg Power Monroe 50/50
  • 16. FY 13 Project ListSustainment Repairs/Projects 2M NAME LOCATION Funding Parking Lot Sink hole Charlotte 50 /50 Motor Pool Fence Winston-Salem Federal Safety items CSMS Federal Motor Pool resurface Kinston FMS Federal Replace pneumatic system Fayetteville Federal Flight Deck Concrete AASF 1 Federal
  • 17. Master Planning Overview•TAG Narrative / Long Range Construction Plan (LRCP) • Submitted 27July 2012•TAG Top three (3) Project List supports Regional Readiness Center Concept Project Project Name Status Site Name State Priority Federal CWE TBA REGIONAL READINESS CENTER Planning TBA 1 $ 33,291,000.00 US Dollars TBA REGIONAL READINESS CENTER Planning TBA 2 $ 48,804,000.00 US Dollars TBA REGIONAL READINESS CENTER Planning TBA 3 $ 31,939,000.00 US Dollars RTI - 68W MOS TRAINING FACILITY Planning TBA 4 $ 8,000,000.00 US Dollars TBA READINESS CENTER ADD/ALT Planning TBA 5 $ 6,375,000.00 US Dollars TBA READINESS CENTER ADD/ALT Planning TBA 6 $ 6,750,000.00 US Dollars TBA READINESS CENTER ADD/ALT Planning TBA 7 $ 7,125,000.00 US Dollars TBA READINESS CENTER Planning TBA 8 $ 38,000,000.00 US Dollars AASF #1 FIXED WING AIRCRAFT HANGER Planning TBA 9 $ 60,000,000.00 US Dollars TBA REGIONAL READINESS CENTER Planning TBA 10 $ 35,000,000.00 US Dollars TBA REGIONAL READINESS CENTER Planning TBA 11 $ 39,000,000.00 US Dollars
  • 18. CFMO Challenges•Readiness Center requires State match • Currently no State funds for SRM projects•NGB Budgeted 500K for Renovation and Modernization • Not sufficient for current requests/ needs•MILCON Budget reductions•Land acquisition for Regional Readiness Center Concept•Construction projects use State Construction Procedures • Increases amount of time to execution