Fort Bragg Small Business Outreach Event_March 18, 14


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Fort Bragg Small Business Outreach Event_March 18, 14

  1. 1. Presented  by:      Fort  Bragg   Hosted  by:  North  Carolina  Military  Business  Center     &  Faye:eville  Technical  Community  College  
  2. 2. Fort  Bragg  Small  Business   Outreach  Event  (Purpose)   •  Purpose  :  To  provide  a  venue  for  Fort  Bragg  officials  to   inform  NC  businesses  about:   •  Sources  of  requirements  for  goods  and  services   •  Currently  contracted  services,  current  prime  contractors   and  dura?on  of  current  service  contracts  (where   applicable)   •  Known  current  and  future  requirements  and  trends  in   requirements  for  goods  and  services   •  Contrac?ng  processes  and  procedures  and  the  budget  and   contrac?ng  environment  
  3. 3. SPAWAR  Small  Business   Outreach  Event  (1330-­‐1730)   •  Purpose:  To  iden?fy  prime  contract  opportuni?es  for   small  businesses,  and  to  introduce  them  to  current   SPAWAR  prime  contractors  for  future  teaming.     •  Who  should  a:end?       •  Informa?on  Assurance  Professionals   •  SoKware  Engineers   •  Hardware  Systems  Integrators   •  Electrical  and  Mechanical  Engineers   •  Program  Management  Skills/experience   •  ERP  Experience   •  Lean  Six  Sigma  Experience   •  Network  Engineers   •  Technical  Writers   •  Security  Clearances   •  Mobility,  can  you  relocate?   •  Shipboard  installers   •  Some  fabrica?on  capability  requirements    
  4. 4. Fort  Bragg  Small  Business   Outreach  Event  (Agenda)   •  Agenda  Review  and  Welcome  Remarks   •  FY2014  Acquisi?on  Environment,  Trends  and   Processes     •  Construc?on,  Facili?es  Maintenance  and  Public   Works     •  Installa?on  Logis?cs  Services   •  Force  Moderniza?on   •  Public-­‐Private  Partnerships   •  Installa?on  Ac?vi?es  
  5. 5. Fort  Bragg  Small  Business   Outreach  Event   • Agenda  Review  and  Welcome  Remarks     •  Sco[  Dorney,  NCMBC   •  Colonel  Jeffrey  Sanborn,  Fort  Bragg   •  Dr.  Larry  Keen,  FTCC  
  6. 6. Fort  Bragg  Small  Business   Outreach  Event  (Agenda)   •  Agenda  Review  and  Welcome  Remarks   •  FY2014  Acquisi?on  Environment,  Trends  and   Processes     •  Construc?on,  Facili?es  Maintenance  and  Public   Works     •  Installa?on  Logis?cs  Services   •  Force  Moderniza?on   •  Public-­‐Private  Partnerships   •  Installa?on  Ac?vi?es  
  7. 7. Fort  Bragg  Small  Business   Outreach  Event  (Admin)   •  Acquisi?on  panel:   •  HOW  Fort  Bragg  acquires  goods  and  services  for   ac?vi?es  and  commands  on  the  installa?on   •  Ac?vity  panels:   •  WHAT,  WHEN,  WHERE  and  FROM  WHOM  these   ac?vi?es  u?lize  commercial  goods  and  services   •  Ques?ons:  the  good,  the  bad  and  the  ugly   •  Business  case  for  event:  industry,  government   •  Non-­‐a[ribu?on  policy  in  effect  
  8. 8. FY2014  Acquisition  Environment,  Trends  and   Processes  (0820-­‐0920)     •  Teresa  Fletcher,  Total  Government  Contract  Solu?ons,  LLC   (moderator)   •  LTC(P)  Robert  Law,  Director,  MICC  Fort  Bragg   •  Kimberly  Parker,  DCSC,  USASOC  Contrac?ng   •  Sco:  Kilgore,  Chief  A[orney,  419th  Contrac?ng  Support   Brigade   •  Deborah  Word,  Assistant  Director,  Small  Business  Programs,   MICC  Fort  Bragg   •  Donna  Walton,  Small  Business  Specialist,  US  Army  Corps  of   Engineers,  Wilmington  District   •  David  Christ,  Small  Business  Advisor,  ARO/ARL   •  Lonnie  Robinson,  Womack  Army  Medical  Center  Contrac?ng  
  9. 9. Organizational  Mini-­‐BrieFing  (0920-­‐0930)     •  Sco:  Dorney,  NCMBC         •  Tenta?ve:  Tamara  Bryant,  FTCC  SBC     •  Doug  Peters,  Faye[eville  Regional  Chamber    
  10. 10. NC  Military  Business  Center   For  more  informa?on,  visit:  
  11. 11. Fayetteville  Technical  Community   College  –  Small  Business  Center   For  more  informa?on,  visit:  
  12. 12. Fayetteville  Regional  Chamber   For  more  informa?on,  visit:     www.faye[  
  13. 13. Construction,  Facilities  Maintenance  and  Public   Works  Services:  Program,  Requirements,   Processes  and  Procedures  (0940-­‐1030)     •  Joe  Angell,  Arcadis  (Moderator)   •  COL(R)  Greg  Bean,  Director  of  Public  Works,  Fort  Bragg   •  COL  Steve  Baker,  Commander,  Wilmington  District,  US  Army   Corps  of  Engineers   •  Allen  Hand,  Resident  Engineer,  Savannah  District,  US  Army   Corps  of  Engineers   •  COL(R)  Toni  Coats,  Construc?on  and  Facili?es  Management,   NC  Na?onal  Guard   •  COL  Domenick  Garzone,  Facili?es  Engineer,  USASOC    
  14. 14. 14   Directorate  of  Public  Works   The  Directorate  of  Public  Works    is  responsible  for   the  air  you  breathe,  the  water  you  drink,  the  roads   you  drive  on,  the  buildings  you  work  in,  and  though   we  are  not  responsible  for  the  food  you  eat,  we'll   take  it  when  you  are  done  with  it“!  
  15. 15. 15   1.   Sustain  Required  FaciliXes   2.     Dispose  of  Excess  FaciliXes   3.     Improve  ExisXng  Facility  Quality     –  Restora?on  and  Moderniza?on     4.     Build-­‐out  CriXcal  Facility  Shor_alls  (MILCON)   –     Ranges   –     Organiza?onal  Vehicle  Maintenance  Facili?es   –     Other  investment  needs   Army  Facility  Investment  Strategy  
  16. 16. 16   How  We  Manage  Work   1.  Sustain  Required  FaciliXes   •  In-­‐House  Workforce  (repairs  less  than  $2,500)   •  Contract  ExecuXon  (repairs  greater  than  $2,500)  (IDIQs,  BPAs,  MATOC/SATOC)     2.  Dispose  of  Excess  FaciliXes   •  FaciliXes  ReducXon  Program  –  Centrally  Managed  by  Huntsville  Engineering  Center     3.  Improve  ExisXng  Facility  Quality  (R&M)   •  Contract  ExecuXon  –  IDIQs,  MATOC/SATOCs,  MICC   4.  Build-­‐out  CriXcal  Facility  Shor_alls  (MILCON)   •  Awarded  by  US  Army  Corps  of  Engineers  
  17. 17. 17   Sustainment,  RestoraGon,  ModernizaGon  PrioriGes   Program  Highlights:   •   Funding  Based  on  FaciliXes  Sustainment  Model   •   Approx  $120M/Year  ($50-­‐80M  in  projects)   •   FY14  Program  cut  to  55%  of  the  FSM   •   Building  RenovaXon/ConstrucXon   •   HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing/Carpentry   •   Energy   •   Paving   •   Roofing     Paving  Projects/Airfield  Maintenance   Building  ConstrucXon   HVAC   Building  RenovaXons  
  18. 18. 18   Military  ConstrucGon  Program   0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 FY18 $Million
  19. 19. 19   ALLIANCE  BUILDING  GROUP    ALUTIQ  MANUFACTURING  CONTRACTORS,  LLC.   CHARLOTTE,  NC      HUNTSVILLE,  AL   POC:    MICHAEL  RICHTER        POC:  MATTHEW  DAGGETT   W91247-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0018        W91247-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0024       CHAVIS’  INCORPORATED      CONTRACT  &  PURCHASING  SOLUTIONS,  INC     MAXTON,  NC        LAKE  PARK,  GA   POC:  FITZGERALD  CHAVIS      POC:  L.  H.  LEE  CORBETT,  JR   W91247-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0020      W91247-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0019         DIVERSIFIED  MECHANICAL,  LIMITED    FUTURENET  GROUP,  INCOPORATED   DURHAM,  NC        DETROIT,  MI   POC:  J.  DUBE  PUTZ      POC:  PERRY  MEHTA   W91247-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0021      W91247-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0022             OTAK  GROUP,  INCORPORATED   YULEE,  FL   POC:  AARON  T.  KATO   W91247-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0023   Fort  Bragg  MICC  MATOC  
  20. 20. 20   CROMWELL  ARCHITECTS  &  ENGINEERS  STANTEC   Li[le  Rock,  AR      Raleigh,  NC   POC:    Daryl  Davis      POC:  Will  Bynum   W912HN-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0011        W912HN-­‐10-­‐D-­‐0021         ZAPATA  INC      CEMS  ENGINEERING  &  ARCHITECTURE   Charlo[e,  NC      Ladson,  SC   POC:  Tom  Koning      POC:  Ron  Sprovero   W912HN-­‐10-­‐D-­‐0038      W912HN-­‐11-­‐D-­‐0030   Fort  Bragg  AE  Design  IDIQs  
  21. 21. 21   Corps  of  Engineers  IDIQs   SAS Mechanical MATOC CHAVIS INC. 204 NC HWY 71 MAXTON NC 28364-0000 DUNBAR MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, LLC 4165 BRUNSWICK RD MEMPHIS TN 38133-2136 GROUP III MGT, INC 2820 W VERNON AVE KINSTON NC 28504-3343 HAIRE PLUMBING & MECHANICAL CO., INC. 367 WINSLOW ST FAYETTEVILLE NC 28301-5554 SAS Paving SATOC Barnhill Contacting Company PO Box 35376 FAYETTEVILLE NC 28303 SAS Roofing SATOC CEBCO Construction Inc PO Box 591 Mamers NC 27552
  22. 22. 22   Military  ConstrucGon  (MILCON)  Program   $Millions  
  23. 23. 23   • Corvias  Military  Living    h[p://   • Sandhills  U?lity  Service  h[p://www.sandhillsu?   • Old  North  U?lity  Service   h[p://­‐subsidiaries/old-­‐north-­‐u?lity-­‐services-­‐ onus/about-­‐onus.htm   • Honeywell  h[p://   Partners  
  24. 24. US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG® Col Steven Baker Commander USACE, Wilmington District March 18, 2014 Ft. Bragg, Small Business Outreach Event
  25. 25. BUILDING STRONG® Charlotte Manteo Greensboro Asheville Raleigh Morehead City Roanoke VA NC Washington Wilmington District Boundaries Norfolk District Huntington District Nashville District Wilmington District Office Charleston District Ft Bragg MOTSU
  26. 26. BUILDING STRONG®26 New Acquisition Tools Needed for FY14 and beyond §  <$50M MATOC for Civil Works and Military O&M §  >$10M SATER for minor construction at MOTSU §  >$10M JOC for minor construction at Ft. Bragg §  Environmental Services (i.e. RCW monitoring) and Environmental Testing (i.e. testing for ODMDS disposal) at MOTSU §  Replacement Environmental A/E CTs for those expiring in late FY14 & early FY15 §  Replacement O&M Service CTs for those expiring in FY14 & FY15
  27. 27. BUILDING STRONG® Support to Military Customers: Project & Construction Mgmt (inc. Contract Award) Military support to Fort Bragg – Special Operations Command § Projects under construction – (34) at $274M § FY14 Projects under design – (5) at $140M § FY15-18 Future planned projects – (~27) at $500M § Additional Service CTs Military Support to Military Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point § Projects under construction – (11) at $75M § FY14- Future planned projects – O&M, Service 27
  28. 28. BUILDING STRONG®28 New Acquisition Service Contracts Needed for FY14 and beyond §  USASOC Grounds at Ft. Bragg §  USASOC Janitorial at Ft. Bragg §  Ft. Bragg DPW BOSS §  CTs at Ft. Bragg for Roof Repair, Window Repair, Hazmat, Energy §  Supply Contract for DPW, Ft. Bragg
  29. 29. BUILDING STRONG® PN PROJECT Est. Cost ($) ACQ Strategy ADV 61064 Upgrade Training Facility >10M SB - MATOC Apr 2014 68526 Engineer Training Facility 5M-10M SB – MATOC Apr 2014 76375 Civil Affairs BN Complex >10M UR – MATOC Apr 2014 76376 Language & Cultural Center >10M UR – MATOC Apr 2014 79438 Combat Medic Skills Sustain Bldg 5M-10M SB – MATOC Mar 2014 Expected Fiscal Year 2014 Work Military Program 1 of 2 29
  30. 30. BUILDING STRONG® PN PROJECT Est. Cost ($) ACQ Strategy ADV O&M USACSOC & JSOC >10M SB – SATOC +MATOC Jul/Aug 2014 O&M Ft. Bragg >10M TBD Aug 2014 O&M MOTSU 5M-10M SB – SATOC +MATOC Jul/Aug 2014 Expected Fiscal Year 2014 Work Military Program 2 of 2 30
  31. 31. BUILDING STRONG® PN PROJECT Est. Cost ($) ACQ Strategy ADV 69302 Battalion Operations Complex >10M TBD TBD 79437 Training Command Building >10M TBD TBD Expected Fiscal Year 2015 Work Military Program 1 of 1 31
  32. 32. BUILDING STRONG® §  Flood Risk Management §  Navigation (Deepdraft and Shallowdraft) §  Coastal Storm Damage Reduction §  Ecosystem Restoration §  Environmental Restoration §  Hydropower §  Recreation §  Water Supply Water Resources Development Planning, Design, Construction and Operations & Maintenance
  33. 33. BUILDING STRONG® PROJECT Est. Cost ($) ACQ Strategy ADV Carolina Beach Coastal Storm Damage Reduction 5M-10M UR Jun 14 Anchorage Basin, Wilmington Harbor Dredging 1M-5M SB Jul14 Philpott O&M Contract 1M-5M 8A competitive Mar 14 W K Scott O & M Contract 1M-5M 8A competitive Apr 14 Environmental Services IDIQ 1M-5M 8A competitive Apr 14 Environmental Testing IDIQ 1M-5M TBD Jul 14 Expected Fiscal Year 2014 Work Civil Works 1 of 1 33
  34. 34. BUILDING STRONG® PROJECT Est. Cost ($) ACQ Strategy ADV Wilmington Harbor Outer Ocean Bar Dredging 1M-5M UR Oct 14 Inner Ocean Bar, Wilmington Harbor Dredging >10M UR Oct 14 Morehead City, Outer Ocean Bar Dredging 1M-5M UR Oct 14 Morehead City, Inner Harbor Dredging 1M-5M SB Oct 14 AIWW, Maintenance Dredging 1M-5M SB Oct 14 Expected Fiscal Year 2015 Work Civil Works Dredging 1 of 1 34
  35. 35. BUILDING STRONG® Small Business Contract Awards FY 2013 • Awarded 797 contract actions at $197M • Awarded 545 (73% of actions) to Small Businesses valued at $85M USACE Target = 43.3% Small Business contract awards The Wilmington District actively seeks Small Businesses for acquisitions of supplies, services, construction (includes dredging) and A/E services. 35
  36. 36. BUILDING STRONG® Contact Information •  System For Award Management - SAM ► ►  Must be registered before getting contract award ►  SAM Handbook@ •  Federal Business Opportunities ► ►  Advertises Federal Government Procurement opportunities over $25,000 •  Wilmington District Contracting link ► ►  Link “Contracting Opportunities” (SAW) •  Donna Walton, Deputy for Small Business (910)251-4452 e-mail: 36
  37. 37. US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG® Daniel H. Davis Fort Bragg Area Engineer Fort Bragg Area Office, Savannah District 18 March 2014 USACE Savannah District Fort Bragg Area Office NCMBC FBSBOE
  38. 38. BUILDING STRONG®38 §  Overview of the Savannah District §  Overview of the Fort Bragg Area Office workload history /projections §  Summary of how most of our business is procured USACE Savannah District Fort Bragg Area Office NCMBC FBSBOE Briefing Agenda
  39. 39. BUILDING STRONG® §  Provides facilities for Soldiers, Airmen and families §  Enables free-flow of commerce §  Conserves and protects the region’s water & natural resources §  Enhances family recreation 39 Savannah District Mission Building Strong for America!
  40. 40. BUILDING STRONG®40 Our Greatest Asset: Our People §  Diverse §  Approximatlely 700 §  Multi-disciplined • Engineers, architects, project managers, park rangers, hydrologists, and many other specialists §  Customer focused Savannah District Organization
  41. 41. BUILDING STRONG® §  Has served the nation since 1829 §  Supports 7 Army and 4 Air Force installations in 2 states §  Deployed 200+ personnel for combat support since 2001 §  Maintains two deep water ports §  Operates 3 major dams for hydropower, flood risk management, recreation, water quality/supply, downstream navigation, and fish and wildlife protection §  Hosts 15+ million annual visitors to 3 major reservoirs §  Regulates and protects aquatic resources in Georgia §  Executes the Homeowners Assistance Program for DoD 41 Savannah District at a Glance
  42. 42. BUILDING STRONG®42 42
  43. 43. BUILDING STRONG® §  Supports Army and Air Force installations in GA and NC §  Provides support to more than one-fifth of the Army §  Builds state-of-the-art facilities to support Soldiers, Airmen, and their families §  Barracks §  Dining Facilities §  Training Areas and Ranges §  Command and Control Buildings §  Administrative Buildings §  Operational Facilities §  Community Service Facilities §  Medical Treatment Facilities §  Roads and Bridges 43 Savannah District Military Construction
  44. 44. BUILDING STRONG® Fort Bragg Area Office – FY14 Placement / Workload History / Projections 44 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 Apr 2012 Current
  45. 45. BUILDING STRONG®45 FY-14 Available SRM Contracts NC MATOC – 4 Participants Chavis’ Inc., Maxton, NC Billy W. Jarrett Construction Company, Montgomery, AL Trend Construction, Inc., Orlando FL Rand Enterprises, Inc. Newport News, VA UMCS & Mechanical MATOC – 4 Participants Chavis’ Inc., Maxton, NC Dunbar Mechanical Contractors, LLC, Memphis, TN Group III MGT, Inc., Kinston , NC Haire Plumbing & Mechaincal Co, Inc., Fayetteville , NC
  46. 46. BUILDING STRONG®46 FY-14 Available SRM Contracts NC / SC SATOC Boykin Contracting, Inc., West Columbia, NC 82nd SATOC Turner Strategic Technologies (TST), Virgina Beach, VA
  47. 47. BUILDING STRONG®47 FY-14 Available SRM Contracts Fort Bragg Roofing SATOC CEBCO Construction Inc., Lillington, NC Fort Bragg Paving SATOC Trend Construction, Inc., Orlando FL Fort Bragg Paving SATOC Barnhill Contracting Company, Tarboro, NC
  48. 48. BUILDING STRONG®48 FY-14 Future SRM Contracts Fort Bragg Roofing SATOC Fort Bragg 8a Mini MATOC
  49. 49. BUILDING STRONG®49 Questions? Savannah District Military Construction Fort Bragg Area Office
  50. 50. CFMO Slide Template NORTH CAROLINA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD (NCARNG) 120 Facilities in 93 Counties
  51. 51. What Makes the NCARNG Different? §  NCARNG is required to work under a master cooperative agreement with the state of NC §  NCARNG uses NC State Procurement procedures for purchasing goods and services §  NCARNG uses NC State Construction Office contracting guidelines for Design and Construction contracts -  Less than 500K = Informal contract -  More than 500K = Formal contract
  52. 52. What Makes the NCARNG Different? §  NCARNG requests for quotes and proposals for goods and services on eprocurement and the NC Interactive Purchasing System at §  Design and Construction contracts may receive bids through request or may be advertised through the state construction office on -  Depending on the amount and the reason for project §  The NCARNG CFMO uses sound competitive purchasing procedures and is committed to seeking competition as much possible.
  53. 53. FY 14-15 Capital Improvement Projects §  66 ongoing construction projects at various National Guard facilities/ training sites across the state §  72 Construction and major repair projects currently in design, will award most construction contracts prior to end of fiscal year 2015 (Est 36M) §  Project work orders for repairs to facilities across the state to reach 2.5M for contracts to local small businesses across the state during FY 2014
  54. 54. NCARNG Military Construction §  NCARNG was able to increase facility improvement projects 40% during FY 13 §  NC State government has appropriated several million dollars toward NCARNG capital improvements and renovation and repair
  55. 55. NCARNG Military Construction §  94 Facilities requiring State Matching Funds §  8 Federally Supported Sites (2 Army, 2 Air), Ft Fisher, Ft Bragg, Camp Butner Training Site §  18 Federally Supported Maintenance Facilities
  56. 56. Installation Strategic Action Plan §  The NCNG is addressing this infrastructure issue with an Installation Strategic Action Plan (referred to as the ISAP) that will align and posture our future forces to reflect 21st century NC Demographics and ensure cost effective, efficient infrastructure for a ready, reliable, responsive and relevant NCNG. §  We envision decreasing from 93 facilities with an average age of 47 years old, to 40-48 Readiness Centers that will include 8 new “Regional Readiness Centers” anchored on the main I-95, I-40 and I-85 corridors while maintaining our ties to rural NC with 36 to 40 smaller Readiness Centers that will give us tactical staging areas to respond any NC state emergency or contingency.
  57. 57. Organizational  Mini-­‐BrieFing  (1030-­‐1040)     •  Jack  Roberts,  Society  of  American  Military  Engineers  (SAME)       •  CJ  Scarle:,  NC  Vet  Biz   •  Joy  Thrash,  NC  Defense  Business  Associa?on  
  58. 58. Society  of  American  Military  Engineers   For  more  informa?on,   visit:    
  59. 59. NC  VetBiz   For  more  informa?on,   visit:  
  60. 60. NC  Defense  Business  Association   For  more  informa?on,   visit:  
  61. 61. Installation  Logistics  Services  (Materiel   Maintenance,  Transportation,  Supply  &   Services):  Program,  Requirements,  Processes   and  Procedures  (1040-­‐1110)     •  Joe  Adamczyk,  SDV  Command  Source  (Moderator)   •  Lloyd  Navarro,  406th  Army  Field  Support  Brigade   •  COL(R)  Bob  Franks,  Director,  Logis?cs  Readiness  Center  -­‐  Fort   Bragg   •  Mike  Saulnier,  Program  Manager,  Logis?cs  Readiness  Center  -­‐   Fort  Bragg,  L-­‐3  Communica?ons  
  62. 62. U.S. Army Materiel Command |U.S. Army Materiel Command |Army Sustainment Command Fort Bragg Logistics Readiness Center 62 MISSION   WE  PROVIDE  THE  CUSTOMERS  OF  FORT  BRAGG   WITH  SUSTAINABLE,  FULL  SPECTRUM  LOGISTICS  IN   THE  AREAS  OF  TRANSPORTATION,  MAINTENANCE   AND  SUPPLY  &  SERVICES.  
  63. 63. HHC 4th BSTB 1-508th PIR 2-508th PIR 4-73d CAV 2-321st FA 782nd BSS 4th BCT 4 82d CAB HHC, CAB 1-17th CAV 1-82d ARB 2-82d AV 3-82d GSAB 122nd ASB 82 CAB 3d BCT HHC 3d BSTB 1-505th PIR 2-505th PIR 5-73d CAV 1-319th FA 82nd BSB 3 1st BCT 1 HHC 1st BSTB 1-504th PIR 2-504th PIR 3-73d CAV 3-319th FA 307th BSB 2d BCT HHC 2nd BSTB 1-325th AIR 2-325th AIR 1-73d CAV 2-319th FA 407th BSB 2 HHC, DSTB HHC, DIV 82d Band DIV HQ HQ 82D Airborne Division HHB BDE 1st 321 FA 3d 321 FA 3d 27 FA D/26 TQAB 206th SIG Co 188th BSB 18th FIRES BDE AR 5-9 Support (100 NC and 15 VA counties) Fort Bragg Customers 7 3d SFG 1st Bn 2d Bn 3d Bn 4th Bn HHC 3rd GSB 3 528th SUST (SO) USASOC (as of 11 Mar 14) 2 Commissaries Air Force – Pope Field Air Mobility CMD AF SOC Air Combat CMD Air ED & TNG CMD AF Reserve CMD 21 STS 24 STS 427 SOS 66 AOS Det 43 Air Wing 440 Air Wing 342 TRS18 ASOG NCO Academy WTB 4th ROTC BDE 406th AFSB AFSBn- Bragg MDB ASOTD 10th MP BN (CID) AAFES 82d STB 7th TRANS 264th CSSB 82 SUSTXVIII CORPS STB, XVIII HHC, XVIII 20th ENG 108th ADA 525 BFSB 16th MP 44th MED XVIII ABN CORPS USARC WOMACKDENTACJSOCFORSCOM USAG 192d EOD BN Fort Campbell, KY USACAPOC1st CA/PO Tng BDE USAJFKSWCS NEC Golden Knights 139th INF REG (NCNG) 95th CA BDE 3rd MP GRP CID Fort Stewart, GA USACIL Fort Gilliam Health Services/MEDCOM 189th INF BDE (NCNG) 1st SWTG SWMG 7th SFG 1st Bn 2d Bn 3d Bn 4th Bn HHC 7th GSB 7 1st TSC ARCENT (Shaw AFB) 50th SIG BN MISOC 4th MISO Grp 8th MISO Grp USASOAC
  64. 64. U.S. Army Materiel Command |U.S. Army Materiel Command |Army Sustainment Command Major Services by Division LogisXcs  Readiness  Center   Supply  &  Services   Transporta?on   Materiel  Maintenance   AmmuniXon  Supply  Point  (ASP)   Unit  Movements  &  MCC   TacXcal  Equip  Maintenance   Retail  Supply  &  Garrison  ASL   ITDSA  and  TVAA   Non-­‐TacXcal  Equip  Maintenance   Hazardous  Material  Tracking   ITO  AIR  &  A/DACG   Fire  Truck  Repair   Hazardous  Material  Store   Railhead  OPS  &  RSA   Armament-­‐  Small  Arms  &  NVD  Repair   InstallaXon  Property  Book   Container  Management   CommunicaXons  &  Electronics  Repair   Central  Receiving  Point  (CRP)   Pope  AF  Air  Cargo:    8  hour    response  Xme  for   un-­‐programmed  Air  missions                                         Allied  Trades  –    Carpentry,  Paint  Shop,  Machine  &  Welding   Bulk  &  Package  Petroleum   TransportaXon  Motor  Pool  (TMP)   Shop  Stock  Management     Laundry  &  Dry  Cleaning   Personal  Property  Shipping  Office   Army  Oil  Analysis  Lab   Central  Issue  Facility  (CIF)   Personnel  Movements   Container  Repair  Program   Packaging  &  CraXng   Freight  Outbound     Special  Purpose  Equip  Maint  –  AF-­‐  Ground  Support   Chemical  Defense  Equipment  -­‐  JLIST   Commercial  Travel  Office  (CTO)   Food  Services  -­‐  SSMO   Pope  AF  Air  Crew  Shu:le   DFAC  Management   InstallaXon  Shu:le    
  65. 65. U.S. Army Materiel Command |U.S. Army Materiel Command |Army Sustainment Command Contract Providers by Service MulXple  LRC  Contractors  Providing  over  40  Major  Services   Supply  &  Services   Transporta?on   Maintenance   L3 Installation Supply Functions, Supply Support Activities (SSA) and Supply Subsistence Management Office (SSMO) L3 Sub to Data Solutions & Technology (DST) 24/7 ITO Air Mvmts ; PPSO, Freight. Personnel Mvmts, Unit Moves, MCC, ITDSA/TVAA, Pope Cargo , Container MGMT L3 Pass Back - Sustainment / Field Level, Load Testing, RESET, LBE & PDTE, Backup Maintenance Support, Army Warranty Program, Paint Facility, New Equipment Processing, Class XI repair, Mob/De-Mob Support, Allied TradesData Solutions & Technology (DST) Central Issue Facility (CIF) and Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) A+ Moving & Storage Relocation – Local Moves Direct Procurement Method (DPM) Household Goods Shipments (HHGs) Premier CIPBO Nilson Van and Storage Outbound, Area I, DPM HHGs Outbound, Area II, DPM HHGs Employment Source Dining Facility Attendant Services (DFAC) Ken Krause Inbound, Area I, DPM HHGs North Carolina Business Enterprise Program Full Food Services (FFS) All American Relocation Inc. Inbound, Area II DPM HHGs Willbros Inc Installation Ground Fuel Shiloh Services 24/7 TMP MGMT; Pope Mvmt Air Crews, Installation Shuttle, Mvmt Govt Pers. & Baggage up to 200 mile radius D&S Textile Laundry Services
  66. 66. U.S. Army Materiel Command |U.S. Army Materiel Command |Army Sustainment Command LRC     Outsourced  Services  &   Local  Purchases  
  67. 67. U.S. Army Materiel Command |U.S. Army Materiel Command |Army Sustainment Command Outsourced Services & Local Purchases LogisXcs  Readiness  Center   Supply  &  Services   TransportaXon   Materiel  Maintenance   Purchase  of  General  Supplies   (Using  Government  Purchase  Card)   Purchase  of  General  Supplies   (Using  Government  Purchase  Card)   Purchase  of  General  Supplies   (Using  Government  Purchase  Card)   Purchase  of  Kitchen  Supplies  -­‐  GPC   (Paper  Plates,  Flatware,  plasXc  wrap  etc)   Charter  Bus  &  Van  &  Aircraq   (Local,  Regional,  and  NaXonal  movements)   Purchase  of  specialized  parts   (Fire  Trucks,  K-­‐loaders,  Containers)   Purchase  of  Select  Food  Items  -­‐  GPC   (Dining  Facili?es)   Moving  &  Storage  Services   (Household  goods  and  Personal  Property)   Purchase  of  specialized  Tools   &  Safety  Equip   (Non-­‐Standard  items)   Repair  of  Kitchen  Equipment     (Dining  Facili?es)   Shipping  Services   (Small  &  Large  packages)   Repair  of  Unique  equipment   (Fuel  Tanker,  Engine,  Card  Board  Bailer)   Trucking  Services   (Full  Trucks  &  Less  than  truckloads)   FabricaXon  of  parts   (Non-­‐Standard  items)   GSA  Vehicle  Repair  &  Cleaning   (Sedans,  Vans,  Trucks,  &  Buses)   Paint  Removal  (BlasXng)   (All  types  of  Equip)   67
  68. 68.   The  North  Carolina  Secretary  of  State,     The  Honorable  Elaine  Marshall   (1110-­‐1125)    
  69. 69. Force  Modernization:    Program,  Requirements,   Processes  and  Procedures  (1125-­‐1145)     •  Brandon  Conover,  Prac?cal  Scien?fic  (Moderator)   •  LTC  Thomas  Holland,  USASOC   •  MAJ  William  Davis,  XVIII  Airborne  Corps  and  Fort  Bragg  
  70. 70. Public/Private  Partnerships:  Program,   Requirements,  Processes  and  Procedures   (1145-­‐1200)     •  Gordon  Rose,  Call  Sign  Engineers  (Moderator)   •  Mike  Melia,  Corvias  Military  Living   •  Brannon  Richards,  Old  North  U?lity  Services   •  Jeff  Brown,  Sandhills  U?lity  Services  
  71. 71. 71 Water and wastewater provider for Fort Bragg and Camp MacKall, including Simmons Army Airfield and Pope Army Airfield •  50 year privatization contract •  Own, operate and maintain the existing water distribution and wastewater collection systems •  Capital construction and operations and maintenance Old North Utility Services, Inc. 910-495-1311 Serving Those Who Serve TM March 17, 2014 Presenter: Brannon Richards, Utility Manager
  72. 72. 72 •  ONUS contract supported through Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) •  Work performed by ONUS •  Routine operations and maintenance •  New Capital Upgrades – MILCON, OMA •  Rehab and Replacement (R&R) •  FY 14 – 18 outlook •  Reduction in MILCON related work •  Increase in OMA awards •  Steady R&R and O&M •  To learn about upcoming opportunities •  Get qualified with ONUS and ASUS •  Register at
  73. 73. 73 Subcontracting opportunities: 1.  Water and wastewater construction and maintenance 2.  Water & wastewater rehab and replacement 3.  Lift station construction and maintenance 4.  Electrical design and construction services 5.  Generator installation and maintenance 6.  Storage tank cleaning, painting and inspection 7.  BFP Certification 8.  Professional engineering and consulting 9.  Surveying 10.  Geo-technical services 11.  CCTV and cleaning services 12.  Right-of-way and tree clearing 13.  Asphalt and concrete restoration 14.  Inspection
  74. 74. 74 •  ONUS awarded over $11,750,000 to Small Businesses in 2013, more than 79% of all work awarded •  ONUS small business target for 2014 is 85% ONUS Small Business awards through February 2014
  75. 75. 75 Oversee water and wastewater operations at nine military installations via 50 year privatization contracts. Other ASUS Subsidiaries: Fort Bliss Water Services Company – Fort Bliss, TX Old Dominion Utility Services – Fort Eustis, Story & Lee, VA Palmetto States Utility Services – Fort Jackson, SC Terrapin Utility Services – Joint Base Andrews, MD ASUS Small Business Utilization 73.7% of all work awarded in 2013 went to small businesses Small Business target for 2014 is 85%
  76. 76. Fort Bragg Small Business Outreach Event March 18, 2014 JEFF BROWN CEO SANDHILLS UTILITY SERVICES, LLC
  77. 77. Sandhills Utility Services, LLC Ø Utility Privatization Contractor (Electrical) Ø Own, Operate, Maintain, and Construct the electrical distribution system on Fort Bragg Ø Contract goods and/or services § Materials for construction § Lawn & Janitorial Services § Environmental Services § Vehicle Maintenance
  78. 78. Sandhills Utility Services, LLC Ø Existing Contract Vendors Ø Fastenal Ø City Electrical Ø Lafayette Ford Ø PowerMaster Electric, Inc. Ø Fayetteville Janitorial Services Ø EHC Environmental, Inc. Ø Lee Electrical Construction Ø MasTec
  79. 79. Sandhills Utility Services, LLC Ø Point of Contact Information for goods and/or services: Ø Material, Vehicles, Building & Ground Ø Kim Newton – (910) 496-2225; E- mail: Ø Contract Labor Ø Kathy Brown – (910) 496-2208; E- mail:
  80. 80. Sandhills Utility Services, LLC Ø Point of Contact Information for goods and/or services: Ø Material, Vehicles, Building & Ground Ø Kim Newton – (910) 496-2225; E- mail: Ø Contract Labor Ø Kathy Brown – (910) 496-2208; E- mail:
  81. 81. Opportunities  with  Installation  Activities:   Program,  Requirements,  Processes  and   Procedures  (1200-­‐1215)     •  Ron  Haynes,  Worldwide  Language  Resources  (Moderator)   •  Jonee  Hobson,  MWR/NAF  Contrac?ng,  Fort  Bragg   •  Dave  Shaw,  Defense  Commissary  Agency   •  Tracy  Luna,  Exchange,  Fort  Bragg   •  Cheryl  Chavis,  Exchange,  Fort  Bragg  
  82. 82. Presented  by:      Fort  Bragg   Hosted  by:  North  Carolina  Military  Business  Center     &  Faye:eville  Technical  Community  College