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Acec 050112 Acec 050112 Presentation Transcript

  • NC Military Business Center DoD MilitaryConstruction Trends and NC Program May 1, 2012
  • Agenda• Department of Defense budget trends• Army construction and engineering trends• Army NC FY12/FY13 snapshot• Navy construction and engineering trends• Navy/USMC NC FY12/FY13 snapshot• NCMBC resources, events and questions
  • DoD Budget• Budget Control Act of 2011 – $487b cuts over 10 years; higher than Bush budget – Sequestration: additional $500-$600b over 10 years – “Slowdown in spending – no procurement holiday”• Strategic guidance (Jan 2012): shapes military post- IQ/AF, post-Budget Control Act• President’s budget submittal, FY2013: $613 billion – $525b base; $88b overseas contingency operations
  • DoD Construction•, “Federal Construction” page• SAME FY2013 DoD Program Briefings – NAVFAC – Army Corps of Engineers – USAF – DoD Energy Security
  • NAVFAC TrendsFY2013 Program:• MILCON: $1.7b; Housing: $102m; BRAC: $165m• MILCON: Down from $3.8b in FY2012• 58% Navy, 42% USMC• MIDLANT: 22% of workload, tied 1st (w/SW)• Acquisition strategy: – “the method in the DD1391…is the way it will happen” – MACC TO’s: “if can’t negotiate to budget w/#1, go to #2”
  • NAVFAC TrendsDelivery method:• Design build (60%), Design bid build (40%)• Shift to more in-house (IH) design (shift AE to IH) – Maintain/enhance core competencies – Lowest cost; reduced funding for contracted services – Reduced workload facilitates transition – Design staff stay at FY2010 levels; 5% of design IH – IH RFP prep for all DB projects; IH design some DBB
  • NAVFAC TrendsBIM:• Implementing “snale’s pace”• Issue is Navy IT system inadequacies• Two pilots: NAVFAC SE (FY12), NAVFAC SW (FY13)• NAVFAC not only designs/acquires; must run and maintain facilities
  • NAVFAC TrendsTotal Ownership Cost (TOC):• New tri-service tool to evaluate TOC of DB proposals• Uses automated Excel spreadsheets; replaces Energy and Sustainment technical factor• Focus on 7 facility types and major cost drivers: – Initial design and construction; 40 year energy costs; 40 year sustainment costs• Two FY12 pilots; implement FY13
  • NAVFAC TrendsEnergy Technology Clearinghouse• High demand for insertion of new technologies• Streamline integration of proven technologies• Help AEs/Government to select technologies• Regionally organized based on climate zones• Clearinghouse available APR 2012 (• Future tri-services/DOE clearinghouse in development
  • NAVFAC TrendsOverall trends• MILCON continue trend down to $1.2b to $1.7b annually (FY08 level)• OICC MCIEast is “winding down”• O&M-funded, SRM projects remain constant• Heavy focus in O&M projects on: – Energy efficiency – Security
  • Remaining NAVFAC FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesPN138 BEQ Wallace Creek Camp $ 27,214,000 Stand Alone Single Bids due 11 May Lejeune Phase Price anticipate award Performance Trade- June 12 OffP705/710 Camp $79,000,000 Stand Alone In final Lejeune discussions due 4 May 12P1285 SOF Armory Facility Camp $6,670,000 BVSS, LPTA To be award lateExpansion Lejeune May 12P-30 Auto Infantry Squad Camp $16,821,000 BVSS, LPTA, To be advertisedBattle Course Lejeune anticipated award 1 May 12 early 4th qtr
  • Remaining NAVFAC FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P-Q1440 SOF G3X Training Camp $10,000,000 Acquisition MAC- AnticipatedFacility Lejeune General Construction award 1st Qtr FY 13
  • NAVFAC FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P003-Staff NCO Academy Camp $ 28,986,000 To Be advertisedfacilities Lejuene Aug/Sept 13P-601 Armory MCAS $ 11,581,000 To be Cherry Point advertised Spring of FY 13P-163 Marine Air Support MCAS $34,310,000 To be advertisedSquadron Compound Cherry Point Nov/Dec 12 P 711- Personnel Admin New River $8,525,000 To be advertisedCenter Dec 12
  • NAVFAC FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesP 1425 Overhead Range Camp $3,000,000 To Be advertisedBaffle System Lejuene Oct/12Q1218 SOF Marine Battalion MCAS $ 53,399,000 To beCompany/Team Facilities Cherry Point advertised Sept 12 SOF Survival Evasion Resist Camp $5465,0,000 To be advertisedEscape Training Facility Lejuene Sept 12P 8144 Medical Clinic New River $21,200,000 To be advertisedReplacement Center Spring 2013
  • NAVFAC FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesP-25 Replace Delalio MCAS New $23,000,000 Sometime in FYElementary School River 13
  • USACE TrendsFY2013: “A Year of Transition”• Mission, force structure changes driving strategies• Facility Investment Strategies: – Sustain required facilities – Dispose of excess facilities – Improve energy / cost savings – Improve facility quality – Build-out critical facility shortfalls
  • USACE TrendsFY2013 Program• USACE MILCON program: $4.9b (FY12: $9.1b) – Army MILCON: $2.1b (FY12: 44.3b, -55%) – DoD MILCON: $2.4b (FY12: $3.3b, -6%) • SOF, DeCA, DoDEA, DLA, Medical, etc. – Overseas contingency construction -80%• O&M funded, SRM projects: stable from FY12
  • USACE TrendsEnergy and Environmental• Energy Initiatives Task Force (EITF): – Huntsville District lead – Engage private capital – Supports goal, 25% renewable energy by 2025 – Purchase up to $7b in energy over 30 years• Net Zero master planning initiative: energy, water and waste
  • USACE TrendsProject Delivery:• Centers of standardization, MATOCs evolving• Updating standard designs for energy• Establishing IDIQs based on region, not facility type• Multiple delivery methods: DB, DBB, adapt build• Adapt build: moving to energy as driving factor• LCCA: if provide enhancements, must provide LCCA for the enhancements
  • USACE TrendsProject Delivery:• Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA): required for all proposed enhancements• LEED: FY12 National Defense Authorization Act prohibits government from paying above silver• Congress wants competition, “Better Buying Power” – “More SB involvement, more local contractors” – If not two bidders on task order, will recompete
  • USACE Trends“Paradigm Shift”• Surge era to post-surge era• MILCON focus to SRM focus• Energy as consideration to energy as driver• MILCON transformation to innovation• Corps as service supplier to systems integrator
  • Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesPN 70351 Hospital Fort Bragg $ 57,600,000 Stand alone Projected awardAlteration (Grow the Army) Construction, est. date 6/1/12 advertising date (USACE 2/24/12/ Savannah) PN 60272 SOF Fort Bragg $10,758,000 MATOC, adv. 4/20/12 Projected awardCommunications Training date 7/11/12Facility PN 69758 SOF Brigade HQ Fort Bragg $19,000,000 MATOC adv. 4/13/12 Project awardFacility/95th CA date 7/4/12 PN 71224 SOF Admin- Fort Bragg $ 26,000,000 MATOC adv 3/8/12 Project awardCompany Ops Ph 2/4th date 5/28/12MISOG
  • Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates PN 60821 SOF Squadron HQ Fort Bragg $11,000,000 MATOC adv. 1/18/12 Projected awardAddition date 5/20/12 (USACE Wilmington)PN 76364 SOF Battalion Ops Fort Bragg $41,000,000 MATOC, adv. 4/13/12 Projected awardComplex date 7/7/12PN 69458 SOF Battalion Ops Fort Bragg $23,478,000 MATOC adv. 2/28/12 Project awardComplex (4th MISOG) date 6/7/12PN 69277 SOF Access Fort Bragg $ 2,300,000 MATOC adv 4/9/12 Project awardControl point/SOTF date 6/14/12
  • Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates PN 43335 NCO Academy Fort Bragg $42,000,000 MATOC Adv. 4/15/12 Projected award date 5/30/12 (USACE Savannah) PN 69835 Unmanned Aerial Fort Bragg $54,000,000 MATOC, adv. 4/30/12 Projected awardVehicle Maintenance Hangar date 6/30/12 PN 70751 (ACP) Brigade Fort Bragg $18,000,000 MATOC adv. 3/15/12 Project awardComplex Facility date 7/15/12
  • Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesPN 76373 SOF USASOC HQ Fort Bragg $12,000,000 MATOC adv. 2/3/12 Projected awardAnnex/USASOC date 5/25/12 (USACE Wilmington)P9770500 DDESS Facility Fort Bragg $ 3,138,000 MATOC, adv.6/1/12 Projected award date 8/30/12P-AMD02051, Replace Fort Bragg $23,086,000 MATOC adv. 6/1/12 Project awardMcNair Elem School date 8/30/12P-AM10081 Replace Murray Fort Bragg $22,000,000 MATOC adv 6/1/12 Project awardElementary date 8/30/12
  • Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P80087 General Purpose Fort Bragg $13,800,000 MATOC adv. 7/2/12 Projected awardWarehouse date 8/31/12 (USACE Savannah)P 371417, Transpired Solar Fort Bragg $ 1,500,000 MATOC, adv.5/11/12 Projected awardCollectors date 7/18/12Unrestricted DB/DBB UNK $499,000,000 Adv. 7/1/12 Project awardMATOC date 9/30/12Two 8(a) DB SATOC UNK $100,000,000 adv. 2nd QTR Project award date 8/30/12
  • Remaining USACE FY12Project Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates6 Unrestricted Full Service UNK $12,000,000 UNKAE DesignTwo restricted Full Service UNK $ 4,500,000 UNKAE DesignFour Unrestricted Full UNK $ 12,500,000 UNKService Installation SpecificAE DesignOne SB Environmental UNK $ 45,000,000 UNKMATOC
  • USACE FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key DatesP-69287 SOF Battalion Fort Bragg $ 40,481,000 March 2013Operations Facility anticipated award date P-69493 SOF Sustainment Fort Bragg $ 24,693,000 March 2012Brigade Complex anticipated award dateP-69382 SOF Civil Affairs Fort Bragg $31,373,000 March 2012Battalion Complex anticipated award dateP-65052 SOF Support Fort Bragg $3,875,000 March 2012Addition anticipated award date
  • USACE FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates P-55121 Aerial Gunnery Fort Bragg $ 42,000,000 Dec 2012Range anticipated award dateP78499 Infrastructure Fort Bragg $ 30,000,000 May 30 2013 anticipated award dateP-80112 Unmanned Aerial Fort Bragg $31,373,000 February 2013Vehicle Complex, Phase 2 anticipated award date
  • Agency FY13 ProgramProject Location Value Acquisition Tool Key Dates Replace Pipeline DLA $1,850,000 Seymour Johnson AFB TRICARE Management Seymour $53,600,000Activity Medical Clinic Johnson AFBReplacement
  • Senior Leader PerspectiveDorothy Robyn, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense• Facility energy strategy: reduce demand, expand renewable supply, improve energy security• DoD installations, test-beds for energy technologies – Microgrids, efficient integrated buildings, nano- technology HVAC, on-site generation• DoD taking new technology risks ESCOs will not• Civilian renewable energy siting challenges
  • Senior Leader PerspectiveUSACE and Air Force• 3 good things: – SRM will remain 90% of current program – Major increase in investment in energy projects – Barracks and QOL are still priorities• Worries – Cost, government buildings 35% higher than civilian – Selecting right technologies – and maintaining them
  • Senior Leader PerspectiveRear Admiral Mossey (NAVFAC)• 3 good things: – SRM will remain 80% of current program – Major increase in investment in energy projects – MILCON is down – but $1.75b is still huge for Navy• Worries – Government may not be ready to own technologies that industry can provide, or maintain the facilities
  • Upcoming NCMBC Events• Consolidated Construction Teaming Forum (8 MAY)• Defense Contractor Academy (JUN – AUG)• NC Federal Environmental Symposium (13 JUN)• NC Federal Advanced Technology Symposium (17 JUL)• Defense Trade Show (7 AUG)• NC Aerospace Supplier Conference (14 AUG)• 2012 Federal Construction Summit (10-11 OCT)
  • Contact Information• Scott Dorney, Executive Director, Phone: 910-678- 0190,• Sue Kranes, MILCON Initiative PM, 336-601-0446,• Paulanne Page, MILCON Specialist, 910-330-8560,• Carolyn Bunting, MatchForce Administrator, 910- 578-2579,
  • NCMBC Resources
  • NCMBC Resources• Business Development Team• MILCON Specialists• Websites:,• Federal construction page ( – Market entry checklist – Capability matrices (contractor, designer, supplier) – Spreadsheets (Forecast, MACC/MATOC, Primes) – Current bidding projects list – Summit, other event materials• Federal Construction Events
  • Checklist Presentations Spreadsheets
  • Forecast SpreadsheetJustification Data
  • Future MILCON Projects
  • Current Prime Contracts
  • Current Multiple Award Contracts
  • Current AE IDIQ Contracts
  • Construction Opportunitiesin NC - Updated Daily
  • Pre-Award Support and Resources• Notification to Contractors of Project Forecast• Networking, Team Building and Strategic Planning• Monitoring & Notification of Project Solicitations & Opportunities• Solicitation Requirement Interpretation & Support• Proposal Support & Review• Proposal Revision and Clarification Support• Debriefing Support for unsuccessful offers
  • Post Award Support and Resources• Project Management Team Execution Training & Support – FARS/DFARS and Contract Requirement Interpretation – Partnering and Client Communications – Resources for subcontractors and vendors – Quality Control Plans & Program Execution Support – Safety Plans & Program Execution Support – Submittals & Project Deliverable Requirements – Schedule Development & Issues – Schedule of Values Development – Invoicing, Change Orders, Certified Payroll & Project Admin Support