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Right image for success


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  • 1. Do You Have theRight Image forSuccess?Attitude, demeanor, conduct, dress andappearance reflect who you are and the departmentyou represent.
  • 2. Purpose of Presentation Professional image encompasses many aspects of job performance. Visible cues create an impression about competency. This program will focus on appropriate clothing that will reflect well on your professional ability, and indicate your knowledge, confidence, and skills that will inspire trust, leadership and success.
  • 3. Professional Presence Encompasses  Conveys  Attitude  Professional skills  Dress  Ability  Appearance  Trust  Demeanor  Knowledge  Posture  Leadership  Conduct  Confidence  Verbal skills  Success
  • 4. Social Media Be aware of who you are at all times. Put only images and words in cyberspace that will make you proud 30 years from now. Your eMails are a sign of your respect for the recipient; use correct English grammar and spelling. Telephone etiquette is important too
  • 5. Posture – Play the Part
  • 6. During An Interview Your clothes play a supporting role  Take the process seriously  Compliment to the person you meet  Create self confidence; inspire confidence  Understand the nature of the industry  Customer contact and image presented to the customer are critical Basic professional attire does not change with fashion – no extremes  Appropriate and well fitting…not center stage  Not a social event! Do not worry about changes in fashion
  • 7. Best choice: a two piece matched suit Women  Conservative colors, navy, gray, (black for women) are safe  Solids and subtle weaves  Wool and wool blends (quality micro-fiber for women)  Cost and quality  Clean, pressed, coordinated  Conservative jewelry, make-up and little or no perfume
  • 8. Conservative suits Men  Conservative colors, navy, dark gray recommended  Solids and subtle weaves  Wool and wool blends  Cost and quality  Clean, well pressed, coordinated  Conservative ties  Long-sleeved shirts- white, light blue or conservative stripes.  Dark socks mid-calf  Shoes polished
  • 9. A Powerful Business Tool: Your Image Goals:  Enhance the Library or Information Center Image  Gain personal recognition or promotion  Empower yourself  Self confidence Reflect the corporate or academic culture  3 basic styles of business clothing  Traditional or Formal Business Attire  General Business Attire  Business Casual NOT Weekend Casual
  • 10. “ Dress gives one the outward sign from which people can judge the inward state of mind. One they can see, the other they cannot.” Queen of England to Prince Charles
  • 11. Business Presence Look the Part  Attire - all aspects of your clothing Intelligent selections, including accessories such as shoes, jewelry, eye-glasses, etc. Resourceful  Hair - style, color, condition, length Authoritative  Grooming - overall cleanliness, and personal presentation, including fragrances Can easily manage and inspire use and abuse other people  Posture - confidence in the way you hold yourself Capable of handling any  Demeanor - mannerisms, and body business situation, including language conflict and curve balls.  Business Accessories -such as briefcases, pens, technology tools, etc.  Communication Skills - articulation, eye Sherry Maysonave contact, and effective listening  Etiquette Skills - the right handshake, business protocols, and courtesies ness_casual_tips/ ml
  • 12. Inspire Trust Grooming Clothing and Accessories Friendly, positive demeanor
  • 13. Dress One Step Up “Dress for the position you want not the one you have.” If the business or academic culture is casual, dress in a general business style. Always dress in a neat, clean, and respectable manner.
  • 14. Power Colors  Rich, dark tones of black, blue, green, red, and brown.  Black and navy reflect an air of authority.  Blue tones affect perception of trust.
  • 15. “Style Is Synonymous With Appropriate” Bill Blass  General Business Attire  Men –  tie  dress shirt  tailored sport coat  dress trousers  Women –  tailored pantsuits  businesslike dresses  coordinated dressy separates  a jacket
  • 16. Business CasualKnow the difference Not weekend casual Classic or middle-ground trendy Well groomed No cleavage or other inappropriate exposed body parts No visible body piercings or tattoos Crisp, neat, appropriate Appropriate footwear Conservative accessories
  • 17. According to Bloomberg Top Five Office Fashion Faux Pas Hooker earrings Chest plumes Exposed bra straps Tattoos Toes (& Piercings)
  • 18. Not trendy, Not extreme, Not sexy, Not messy
  • 19. Professional Image Empower yourself and your department Choose an outfit that speaks for you; use it to your advantage Have fun with your clothing Wear only clothing that makes you feel good regardless of whether it’s business casual, general business, or business formal.
  • 20. Be conscious of what you wear andhow you carry yourself. Your attitude, demeanor, conduct, dress and appearance reflect who you are and what you represent. Use your appearance to enhance your job performance, leadership, and credibility. Appropriate clothing will reflect your professional ability, knowledge, confidence, and skills. Others will notice even when you don’t.
  • 21. Perception Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink
  • 22. Review & Questions Thank you for your kind attention.