2013 NCC Annual Meeting: Report Out and Next Steps


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  • One way to do this is ask the audience what they think the themes were
  • 2013 NCC Annual Meeting: Report Out and Next Steps

    1. 1. NCC ANNUALMEETING2013 Report Outand Next Steps February 21, 2013
    2. 2. Meeting Themes/Key TakeAways Yesterday’s health plan panel A B C Today’s dual protection panel 1 2 3
    3. 3. Provider Education Committee Include Ct screening measure in required quality measures for other federally funded programs  Research all the federal programs with quality measures requirement (EHR, Meaningful Use of Data)  Have organizations such ACOG, AAP, SAHM and others issue a joint statement recommending that these programs choose the CT measure as part of their suite
    4. 4. Provider Education Committee Strengthen relationship with NCQA  Pursue an acknowledgement category that has a broader umbrella such a adolescents, or sexual health  Pursue rescreening measure State-based, targeted outreach to quality improvement people in targeted health plans Re-sequence the resources in the provider toolkit  Screen, treat (patient), treat (partner), test (retest), treat
    5. 5. Public Awareness Committee(PAC) Two main objectives for 2013 1. Promote SHRE (pronounced as “share”) site 2. Chlamydia consumer messaging for health plans and coalition members Discussed committee membership and capacity for outreach
    6. 6. PAC: Promoting SHRE Site Name change from CRE  SHRE Step 1: Upload challenge for NCC members  Goal:have 20 coalition member organizations upload materials by March 31st, in preparation for STD Awareness Month  Rewards/recognition for those who upload Step 2: Promote SHRE site through networks and among partners Step 3: Promote SHRE (for uploads and downloads) through wider channels
    7. 7. PAC: Chlamydia Messages Purpose: Our proposed plan 1. Scan to see what’s available 2. Query health plan contacts and NCC members to determine what would be valuable, seek input from Provider Ed. Committee 3. Define core content and format(s) 4. Pre-test with consumers and professional review with health plans and other users
    8. 8. Research TranslationCommittee Will review responses from yesterday’s survey Made plans for Expert Commentaries and Hot Topics Decided to include short talking points alongside each product, which can be used for shorter messaging  Thesewill primarily be aimed towards a provider audience Will continue to work towards maximizing readership and impact within our NCC audience
    9. 9. SPG: Adolescent Confidentiality No policy levers this group can influence at this time Will continue information sharing and awarenessRecommends integrating confidentialitymessages into provider education and public awareness Recommends sharing our updates on
    10. 10. Next Steps Review all these great ideas and plans Consider in combination with time and resource constraints Report out on next steps on our next, respective committee calls