What a few rands can buy   by Nomfundo Mogapi
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What a few rands can buy by Nomfundo Mogapi



What a few Rands more can buy for mental health and violence prevention?

What a few Rands more can buy for mental health and violence prevention?



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What a few rands can buy   by Nomfundo Mogapi What a few rands can buy by Nomfundo Mogapi Presentation Transcript

  • What a few Rands more can buy formental health and violenceprevention?By Nomfundo MogapiCentre for the Study of Violenceand Reconciliation 09 November2011
  • AIM• Highlight what the value investing in violence prevention• SA based on our experience in responding to mental health needs of victims of violence in lat two decades
  • INTRODUCTION• SCOPE OF VIOLENCE IN SA• 2 121 887 serious crimes were committed in the 2009/2010 calendar year.• Over 30% of these were contact crimes, and over 25% were property related crimes.• 30% of all crimes were assault with grievous bodily harm,• 10.1% were sexual offences (I in 9 report).• Violence is the second largest cause of death on SA
  • CONSEQUENCES OF VIOLENCE• HEALTH ▫ Disability ▫ Chronic illness related to stress-high blood, diabetes ▫ Injuries• MENTAL HEALTH ▫ Post Traumatic stress ▫ Impact on indirect victims ▫ Other cormobid: depression, other mental problems• ECONOMIC ▫ Trauma and violence are seen as the single largest loss of productivity in SA (work days loss, PTSD at work affecting performance) ▫ Worse in it is a death of a bread winner• OTHER SIGNIFICANT AREAS OF FUNCTIONING ▫ Parenting ▫ Education and schooling ▫ Workplace functioning
  • THE COST• BURDEN ON THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ▫ Trauma Unit- Groote Schuur Hospital study on 969 patients with gun shot injuries in 1993 showed a cost of R3 858 331 to the hospital (van der Spuy and M Peden ,1997)- 13% of the cost ▫ 87% cost due to disability, premature death (R 10,828,219 ). ▫ Total cost of about: R 12,446,229 in that area only• PSYCHOSOCIAL AND MENTAL HEALTH: Civil society service provision vs. development and democracy• SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Victim empowerment programme, funding NGOs• COST OF POLICING: (trauma training, victim empowerment centers, burnout, police violence)• PRIVATE SECURITY: Multibillion industry
  • TICKING BOMB• From our experience: Country is unable to sustain the investment in addressing the consequences of crime ▫ Civil society closing down ▫ Overburden health system ▫ Over loaded social dev-shortages of social workers and psychologists ▫ Increasing frustration from victims who resort to ultra legal systems (mob justice) ▫ Current focus on policing as the key driver of violence prevention is not helpful ▫ Overburdened prisons (universities for hard core criminality) ▫ Overburdened police
  • SOMETHING NEEDS TO SHIFT• Desperately need to invest in a public health approach violence prevention initiatives that look at: ▫ Research: protective and risk factors ▫ Linking research with interventions ▫ Investing in localised interventions that could be scaled up ▫ Evaluation and impact studies on what works• Benefits of this: - Reduce the health, CJP costs towards other developmental priorities such as education, job creation - Reduced focus on mental health problems of mental health functioning that promotes successful and thriving individuals - Higher numbers of economically active people who contribute to the growth of the economy