2013 District Meetings


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PowerPoint presentation from the April 3 NCACC District Meeting in Randolph County

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2013 District Meetings

  1. 1. ‘STAYING CONNECTED’NCACC District Meeting Randolph County April 3, 2013
  2. 2. 2013 General Assembly Where are we now? David F. Thompson, Executive Director
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  4. 4. Where are we now - leadership Sen. Phil Berger Governor Rep. Thom TillisSenate President Pro Tem Pat McCrory Speaker of the House Republican Republican Republican First time since 1896 election Republicans have held Governorship and both chambers 4
  5. 5. Where are we now – General Assembly Number House Senate Republicans 77 33 Democrats 43 17 No. needed to override veto 72 30 1st term members 44 12 2nd term members 28 16 Last time Republicans in majority 2010 1898 5
  6. 6. Where are we now – General Assembly605 – number of years of Legislative experience lost8 – number of current/former County Commissioners whowon seats 1 in Senate 7 in House26 – Former county commissioners in the General Assembly
  7. 7. Where are we now – counties580 – County Commissioners303 – Republican County Commissioners271 – Democrat County Commissioners6 – Unaffiliated County Commissioners121 – New Commissioners53 – Republican majority boards45 – Democrat majority boards2 – no majority
  8. 8. Where are we now – Counties• 60 legislative goals adopted by membership – 12 defense (stopping something bad from happening) – 48 offense (advocating for something good)• Bills have been filed to further 17 of 48 NCACC offensive goals• Other goals being addressed via administrative fixes• Defensive goals not advancing at this time – save lottery
  9. 9. Where are we now – Competition/Complexity• 818 advocates• 868 Lobbyist Principals• 170 legislators• 1,075 bills introduced through April 2• 213 bills being tracked by NCACC (20%)• 580 commissioners• 100 counties
  10. 10. Where We Are Now – Key dates• Local bill filing deadlines have passed• Senate bill filing deadlines have passed• House public bill filing deadline is April 4• Crossover deadline is May 16• Senate expected to pass budget by mid-April• House expected to pass budget by mid-May• Budget to be finished by early June• Session to adjourn by late June
  11. 11. We need you … 11
  12. 12. We need you …• To stay focused on goals and key issues• To educate new legislators on the role of county government• To continue to be the best advocates for county government in North Carolina• To come to Raleigh – Walk the Hall Wednesdays – County Assembly Day
  13. 13. Governor McCrory’s Proposed Budget
  14. 14. Governor’s InitiativesEconomy, education, and efficiency• $20.6 billion, $400 million higher than 2012-13 – Most state agencies at 1-3% cut – 1% pay raise & 1% retiree COLA• Focus on economy – Nearly doubling of state rainy day fund – Additional funding for state repairs and renovations – Reserves for Medicaid, IT, disaster relief • Focus on shoring up Medicaid and cost overruns
  15. 15. Governor’s InitiativesEconomy, education, and efficiency• Focus on efficiency – Closes poorly visited historic sites & dilapidated prisons – Sweeps up off-budget revenues including Golden Leaf, Parks & Recreation Trust Fund, scrap tire, white goods – Creates NCGEAR—government efficiency & reform• Focus on education – Digital learning – Pre-K – Partially restores textbook cuts & instructional supplies – Eliminates teachers assistants in grades 2-3• No new initiatives outside digital learning
  16. 16. Revenue/Spending Picture• Medicaid cost overruns….again• State revenues slightly above target – Except sales taxes• Modest revenue growth of 3.6% – Historical above 5% – Sales at 3%• State agencies asked to tighten belts – $225 million overcollections/reversions
  17. 17. Budget Impacts to CountiesGood….• County legislative goals included• No shift of state responsibilities to counties• Minimum cuts to county programsBad….• No restored lottery funding• Permanent take of corporate tax set aside for school construction• No restored community mental health funding
  18. 18. Budget Impacts to Counties NCACC Goals• Restores drug courts• Increases state crime lab funds• Increases funding for Justice Reinvestment, including additional probation & parole officers• Provides state funding to draw down $4 million in federal HAVA• Increases commitments to community college workforce investments• Increases Pre-K funding slots by 5000 but… – Uses county lottery dollars for funding
  19. 19. County School Construction Funding• Permanently redirects corporate income tax set aside for county ADM school construction to state general fund – Estimated loss of $75 million per year
  20. 20. County School Construction Funding• Restricts county school construction lottery funds at $100 million recessionary levels – Counties due $180 million (40% of net proceeds) – Proposal keeps 2012-13 excess for digital learning – Proposal dedicates county lottery dollars to digital learning & pre-K
  21. 21. Lottery Dollars—Where Funding Should Go• Prizes >= 50% of total annual revenues• Education funding >= 35% – 50% = Early grades class size reduction & academic pre-k programs for at-risk four-year-olds – 40% = school construction & school debt service – 10% = college and university scholarships• Lottery retailers <= 7% of ticket face value• Lottery admin <= 8% – If <8%, increase prize payments or public purposes – Advertising <=1%• Unclaimed prize money = 50% to enhance prizes & 50% education funding 21
  22. 22. Lottery Dollars—Where Funding Is Going Statutory Actual % & $ Purpose %&$ 2013 BudgetEarly grades class size reduction & academic 50%; 64.3%;pre-k programs for at-risk four-year-olds $221M $284M 40%: 22.7%;School construction & school debt service $176M $100M 9.3%; 10%; $41 M +College and university scholarships $44M all excess 2012 revenues = $26M 3.7%;LEA funding to offset budget reductions 0% $16 M 22
  23. 23. County School Capital Funding Losses Lottery/Corporate Income Tax Appropriations since 2009-10 (in millions) Lottery $ Lottery Year rec. 40% due Loss ADM loss Total loss2009-10 $147.2 $147.2 $0.0 $60.5 $60.52010-11 $113.7 $176.5 $62.8 $64.5 $127.32011-12 $100.0 $170.0 $70.0 $72.1 $142.12012-13 $100.0 $176.5 $76.5 $74.8 $151.32013-14 $100.0 $180.0 $80.0 $75.0 $155.0Totals $560.9 $850.2 $289.3 $346.9 $636.2 23
  24. 24. Next Steps on Budget• Joint approps meeting to understand proposal – Talk of keeping House and Senate together for consensus proposal• Senate leads first in 2013-15 biennium – Anticipated budget mid to late April• House receives Senate proposal – Anticipated budget mid-May• Consensus to finalize by early June
  25. 25. Our Next Steps on Budget• Alerted counties to inadequate lottery funding• Alerted counties to overall impacts• Meeting with county caucus to discuss county priorities• Meeting with Senate approps chairs to discuss county priorities• Need you to discuss county priorities—focus on lottery funding
  26. 26. County Legislative Hot Topics
  27. 27. County Inmate Medical Cost Containment• S321 sponsored by Sens. Jim Davis (County Caucus co-chair), Buck Newton & Thom Goolsby (JPS Approps co-chairs) – House companion H448 per Cumberland Co. legislative meeting• Provide parity with state prison medical cost containment initiatives – Payments to providers limited to 70% of prevailing charges or twice Medicaid rate – Enables counties to pay Medicaid rates for in-patient medical care • Counties to fund non-federal share of cost
  28. 28. Tax Reform• Awaiting Senate/House plans for tax reform – Governor to propose changes to personal & corporate tax in concert with legislative proposals• S363 to revamp franchise & privilege license taxes – Replaces with revamped franchise tax – Repeals municipal authority to levy franchise & privilege license taxes• S394 to revamp franchise, privilege, expand sales tax base, reduce corporate & income – Assessing county impacts
  29. 29. Public Records Issues• S125 (Public Meetings/Records Law Violations) – Makes it a misdemeanor to withhold a public record• S331 (Sunshine Amendment) – Put open government in state constitution• S332 (Government Transparency Act) – Requires counties to disclose personnel performance files on each employee & general description of actions
  30. 30. Goal Updates• Electronic public notice – Bills in House and Senate• Motor vehicle property tax collection – Implementation of new system in May• Expand use of 911 funds – Bills to study system, re-work board
  31. 31. Goal Updates• County to have option to own and construct school sites and facilities – Senate bill accomplishes this goal• Local control of school calendar – Numerous local bills and 1 statewide bill• Extend sales tax hold harmless – Bills in House and Senate
  32. 32. Walk the Hall Wednesdays • Sign up on NCACC Website • Contact Alissa Willett • First Come First Serve – Limited to 2 Counties per Wednesday• Chance to Visit your Delegation, Attend Legislative Committees • Prepare to be Flexible • Wear Comfortable shoes!
  33. 33. County Assembly DayWednesday, May 22, Raleigh